Idée et question

Je me pose quelques questions, est-ce qu’il y aura un changement majeur via une mise à jour dans le jeu (les nouveautés sont le rajout de nouvelles civilisations) ? Je trouve que c’est gai de rajouter de nouvelles civilisations ( les bohémiens sont intéressants avec leur canon à bombarde amélioré). J’ai une idée qui me passe par la tête, ce serait d’ajouter les charrettes de commerce et les bateaux de pêche dans le nombre de «villageois», dans le compteur en haut de l’écran de jeu. Après mon avis est mitigé sur ce point, les charrettes de commerce ne sont pas en soi des villageois, ni les bateaux. Il faudrait trouver un mot englobant ces unités (unités civiles ou unités de collecte de ressources, abrégé en UCR par exemple, en changeant le dessin à côté du mot villageois pour mieux représenter cet entité (villageois plus bateaux de pêche plus charrettes de commerce). En tout cas je laisse l’avis aux experts. Il ne faut pas que ce soit équivoque. En tout cas je pense que cette idée est un peu farfelue, entre trouver le mot exact (unités civiles peut englober les moines…).

I have some questions, will there be a major change via an update in the game (the new features are the addition of new civilizations)? I think it’s fun to add new civilizations (the bohemians are interesting with their improved bombard gun). I have an idea that comes to my mind, it would be to add the trading carts and the fishing boats in the number of “villagers”, in the counter at the top of the game screen. I have mixed feelings on this point, as trading carts are not in themselves villagers, nor are boats. I would have to find a word that encompasses these units (civil units or resource collection units, abbreviated as RCU (UCR in french, If it passes, I hope that the languages will be respected) for example, by changing the drawing next to the word villagers to better represent this entity (villagers plus fishing boats plus trading carts). In any case I leave the opinion to the experts. It should not be equivocal. In any case I think this idea is a bit far-fetched, between finding the right word (civil units can include monks…).

The idle economic unit (that’s what they are called) counter already counts them (and they are selected by the respecting hotkey)

Also I’m 99% sure that the “units in each resource” number on the top left already counts them too
(Fishing ships count as food and trade carts/cogs count as gold)

Is that what you were referring to? maybe I misunderstood because of the language barrier

And yes, there are major updates besides DLCs and new civs, balance changes, bug fixes, and the occasional new feature (Auto scout wasn’t in DE at release, for example)

I made a bug report about this idea, because I see this suggestion as a bug in the current game, which should be fixed.

The current counting of # of units collecting a resource doesn’t make any sense to me and needs a fix. Based on the replies in my thread, not everyone agrees with that opinion. Some people found it logical if some units aren’t counted and others do…

Je viens de regarder, les navires de pêche, les charrettes de commerce sont comptées comme des villageois inoccupés. C’est seulement dans la figurine à gauche du compteur de villageois inoccupés, que le chiffre ne prend pas en compte les navires de pêche et les charrettes de commerce.

I just looked, fishing boats, trade carts are counted as unoccupied villagers. It is only in the figure to the left of the unoccupied villagers counter, that the number does not take into account fishing boats and trade carts.

Yes, trade carts and fishing boats are counted in the number of units of each resource, but not in the total (at the bottom of the villager figure), which only takes into account villagers from the forum.

It’s a very good idea; fishing boats and trade carts should be included in the total villager count.

I disagree, and because there are people of both opinions, I think the game should have a toggle so you can decide for yourself what you want shown.