Idiotic maps week in team games?

What the hell is this map rotation ? All of the maps are cheap copy of other maps : Too annoying and complately braindead. Who votes for this stupid maps ?


20 characters is annoying.


This seems to be the issue. Everyone can vote. They need to change this system so only those who play frequently play in ranked should be able to vote.


Why are we voting for rotation. Just choose unique maps and rotate them. If you want to add new maps, test them and add. If you give people voiting right, noobs will vote for chill maps and others have to play that nobrain maps.


God sake. I want to play 1 or 2 game to for relaxing and wasting my time for braindead nile delta and michi maps. I am wondering which idiot thought this maps are good map for team game. Totaly useless 1 hour waste games.


I sometimes like nile delta, landings are possible, sharing same island with enemy etc. Michi is dogs*** tho, should start in castle age with 100 villies and 3 tc-s or something, dark age and feudal age doesnt exist there.


nile delta is unfair map. Player who start islands close to mainlands have early tc and dock adventage.


Tested Slinky Newsflash man, all maps should be played equal and people atleast try michi and nile delta

Simple conclussion

Ban them or git gud

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People should vote what I like, if they don’t, they shouldn’t be able to vote. This is awfully close to real life :grin:


The hell you mean? I mean people can vote what they want to play nobody really has to bend to any majority

I think @Lepigozzus is referring to ############### , Not to you
Why is that Username getting censored? 11

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voting troll here. I am a 1v1-only player, and deliberately vote the worst TG maps for TG players, partly because I hate the notion of TGs, partly because I think TG players should l2p on maps different than Arabia aka “I go Archers you go Knights”, Arena aka “we boom and pick a bunch of Castle drop civs” and BF aka “we boom and send a few Archers on the flanks”.

There is so much more to this game, such as hitting Castle Age Ballistics Xbow timing, 1 TC Knights all in, it’s time TG players stop doing the same 3 strats over & over and learn how the real game works. Ideally, TG players one day will also dramatic drums learn to use trash units where appropriate and not spam the same 5 double gold comps, Paladin + CA and Battle Elephant + Onager/Archers. Going with Onagers in a chokepoint and pressing Attack Ground where you think the Paladins will run is hard only the first 3 times you do it.


This one is really interesting. Finally I find someone who is doing exactly the opposite to me. I am a TG-only player and deliberately vote the worst 1v1 maps for 1v1 players, for the last 3 rotation I guess.

I just found that your idea is same as me but in exactly opposite direction. I think solo player should l2p on some specify map and find the best stratgy in those specify map. There are so many strategy in 1v1 which is just not work in team game.

And again it prove that 1v1 player think Team Game players are noob and vise versa. Just because team game and solo game are just two totally different game. Feels like a 1800 rank team game player only is just a 1400 rank solo player, and 1800 rank solo game player only is just a 1400 rank team game.


I mean i just vote the one i vibe the most with and its for both 1v1 and tg the maps the most player cry about

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Totally agree. At least it should be EW setting

Indeed I was referring to the OP

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I think normal Michi also brings a good expierence

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Don’t blame me :wink:.

I don’t vote because I don’t play ranked.

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Well if 000s of ‘noobs’ want to play chill maps, why should a few hundred ‘pros’ get to decide that they can’t. Combined with the dev picks seems like a good move to me.

I do wish they would show the number of people who voted though, I want to see how it compares to the forum voting. Like is it 600votes forum now 6000votes in game or only 1000votes in game.


Pros dont play michi.