If Auto Queue is not in age of mythology retold, we have a problem

I seen from the recently released gameplay that it looks like there is no auto queue for retold at the moment. The developer that was speaking during the gameplay where it showed there to be no auto, was talking about implimenting an automated system to make your villagers gather resources to gear towards advancing. Why would we leave out such a good quality of life feature (auto queue) and add a new AI for newer players to have their villagers go to resources on their own. I think having auto queue is a must have and I hope it is in retold due to my future career involving this game. Everyone that still plays age of mythology the titans, plays with auto q, I understand its not in age of empires, however, this is its own game. I think not having auto q is going to take so much of your attention off of the actual strategy involved in the game and youre forced to constantly create villagers/ army. Having auto q lets me fully focus on the other parts of the game


I’d rather have no auto-queue and no auto-macro than have both.


Agree with kilu, keen gang! :sunglasses:

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I love the fact that remembering to create a villager every 12 seconds is skillz


Also, I wrote this right after losing a team game to a wonder… I was pissed, not very well put to gether but you get the point lol. Was furious at the time of writing this.

Remembering is not. Macroing, on the other hand…

Macro is a difficult thing to master for sure… With or without auto queue.

I really hope they add it or at the very least make it a game option, I’ve been playing the game for years this would take some time to get used to.

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IMO, if you need autoqueues in your RTS games, you’re just bad at them.

Ew. Why even play the game then lol.

So what if he’s bad at the game? A bad player can’t enjoy the game? Very valid opinion.


Maybe I am bad at playing the same game I’ve been playing for 20-something years. I just said it would take time to get used to on top of the other changes the devs are making. I just want to enjoy a stressfully casual game after a hard day at work. If people don’t want to play with auto queue then that’s fine, I just think it should be at least optional.


Fair enough. I guess I shouldn’t judge.

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You’re fine, some people are just heated about these topics.

Because removing that mechanic will make people who already like the game not like the game. Now, auto-queue is already in the game. Auto-macro, on the other hand…

Yes, I like the AQ in AoM to spam troops quickly (although I like the batch training of AoE 3 more) but it doesn’t change me the story either considering that in Retold will we have the AI ​​selector of the workers at the top left so that the villagers have a type of behavior…

other evidence to implement the automatic queue, the competitive one, the community is not interested

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I completely agree, and I would add that in addition to the retold apparently not having auto, the maximum number of villagers is 100! These two errors can kill the retold to the point where only 1% of players play competitively

AomR changed villager max to 100,now removed AQ,maybe should call it Age of empires 3 Mitology
Plz Devs AOM is a already loved game do not need to change its essence,do not make AQ optional eiter make it standard everybody like AQ, if someone dont like it make a mod to remove it or make a game mode vanila along with death match, ligthning ,or regicide, you cant make the game for 1% Inconsistent Pro players and forget the majority average players.Furthermore, it will create a huge imbalance in the game, making the Atlanteans 100% pick because there are only 25 villagers to manage, it will be absurdly easy compared to other civilizations with 100.plz dont remove AQ you can kill the game doing this