If you could include new mechanics, features or functions in AOE-3, what would you implement?

I think so, but the AoE 3 timeframe was full of great and interesting battles on every continent - unfortunately it is not possible to include all the interesting European HBs in one or two DLCs. Maybe in the future there would be DLC adding only new Historical Battles - e.g. 3 HB at the same price as the USA civ DLC.

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We all want more civs but another interesting proposition is historical battles DLC. I think people would gobble these up just as much as civs. This would satiate us singleplayers and those that complain AR didn’t have a campaign.

The most frustrating thing about this game is that it is overshadowed so much by its predecessor it’ll never get the recognition from people it deserves. AoEIIIDE is a gem.

All we can hope for is more content will draw people in. We may be small in number but we are passionate. Once this upcoming civ drops I’m gonna start hounding the devs wherever possible we still want more content.


This idea of replenishing hunts slowly over time if not overhunted is awesome. Also, a similar mechanic could be applied to tree patches. Perhaps they could slowly regrow if the whole patch is not fully harvested. It would provide a chance for more micro and add sustain to a late game civ that played a sound ecological strategy in their early game.

In a sense, it would even help create ecological awareness on players in a non-preachy, practical, and rewarding way.


Due to the fact that we currently do not have both European maps (including the European Minor Nations) and the lack of European Historical Battles, it is safe to say that a typical European-Continental content would only start thanks to the European DLC.

The first (in the old style like TWC and TAD) European DLCs would focus on the Napoleonic Wars period - the new civs in this DLC would be based on the 19th century: Austro-Hungary, Prussians and Italians.
This DLC would add a whole lot of new content and make a big refresher for old European civs (new buildings for all European civs - Hospital and potentially 1 Wonder available in Imperial Age), 1-2 new Unique Units for all European civs, new mercenaries, new resource produced by Factory and Arsenał - Progress (that could be exchanged for powerful upgrades, new Unique Units, additional Factories, or for Wonder). Brand new European Revolutions only available for European civs on European maps would be added (Finland, Romania and Hungary as revolution options would only be available on European maps. They would be replaced by new revolutions) - a US, Brazil or South African revolution on European maps would be ridiculous. New game modes would be added, such as the Holy City - teams fight to gain and keep a place. Brand new European maps would be added - mainly Western European and South European maps and show the number of Minor Nations. 6-7 new Historical Battles.

The second European DLC would be much more modest in content - it would add 2 new civs (Danes and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth), 3 Historical Battles and Eastern European and Northern European maps (along with the new Minor Nations).

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Well. Most revolutions are ridiculous in terms of geographic position.
Restricting it would be impractical.


Perhaps the wall can be built in a linear fashion, but only include pillars when creating a gate or finishing the wall. It is the most useless building in the game because it is only for “decoration”.

Other historical battles I would love to see:

  1. Battle of Cartagena de Indias (1741) Spanish defending against British naval siege
  2. Siege of Diu (1538) Portuguese defending vs Ottoman and Indian naval siege
  3. Battle of Borodino (1812) French vs Russians
  4. Battle of Nieuwpoort (1600) Dutch & British vs Spanish

It would be more extreme to create a unique architecture for each European civ (Asian, American and African civs have each individual). Of course it would mean a lot of work, but I think it could pay off for the developers in a huge DLC.

Otherwise, there could be new architecture sets for 2-3 civs groups. The current “Mediterranean” would be used by Italians civ, Portuguese civ and Spaniards civ; “East” by civ Danes and civ Swedes; “West” by British civ, French civ and Dutch civ.
Completely new sets of architecture would be: Central European (for Prussians civ, Austria-Hungary civ and Germans civ), East European (for Polish-Lithuania civ and Russians) and Ottoman (exclusive for the Ottomans).
Each of the architecture sets would also have its own look for models of the default units such as Musketeer, Hussar or Skirmisher.


Yes, they are funny so far. So far, only American revolutions (in the Americas) are well presented. In the future, there could be more African and Asian revolutions - then they could also be limited to the corresponding connental maps, e.g. South American revolutions only on South American maps or African revolutions only on African maps.

This process could be started with a European DLC.

Why? It would make more sense and it would not be absurd after all.

Cool, there could be additional Historical Battles appearing in the next DLCs (containing only HB).

I think 3 HB for the price of the USA civ DLC would be just right.
After all, after these two proposed DLCs, there would be no more European civs to add. But there are never too many Historical Battles;)
Maybe the successes of HB DLCs would convince the creators to create new Campaigns ???

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I understand your point, but what if a civilization revolts where it never had colonies like most of the time in the game?

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For example, Spanish civ on Canadian map???
You mean it?

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Exactly. You can only give historical meaning to the game up to a certain point.

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New great historical battles would be nice, the current ones while fun do not reach the greatness of something like Waterloo.
The point that we would need new civs for many European battles is moot though. If we take a base European civ and change the flag. And then disable or enable a few choice units, you can basically represent any EU nation without actually adding them in the base game. If we needed say Bavarians for a cool battle, would we really need them added as a full fledged civ? These civs have pre created decks anyway, no need for a full design.


It is not very important to adapt revolutions to specific maps. It would be completely sufficient to adapt the revolution to the continents. For example, you would regroup all maps to 5 continents, each of them would have 10 revolutions. It would be simple, transparent, and above all, it would be logical and maximally correct.

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We need brand new civs to do something like this.

You can have fun adding new flags, making changes to the tech trees to create a new civ for Historical Battles, but we still lack civs that would be the basis for creating this.

Considering that in AOE-4 you can restore the wonders, because this function could not be implemented in AOE-3 under certain restrictions as I argue in my survey. Being able to rebuild factories and wonders.

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I would buy a pack of HB at that price. Although, probably would want more than 3… perhaps five.


To this they could add new achievements - for completing the Historical Battle and fun achievements.

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A new modality:
Being able to create a custom faction where you can choose the type of infantry you want to use, the type of cavalry and the type of artillery. Being able to choose units that only appear in campaigns.

Also to be able to remove the limit of construction of towers or forts.
Allow to build the fort wall, (very recurrent in campaigns).

Being able to choose heroes or villains from the campaigns as explorers.
Remove the ship limit as suggested Valagos2

On huge maps, you can choose how big you want the oceans to be and the amount of dry land.

Obviously none of this is to include within the meta, but not everything can be reduced to competitive.

If AOE-4 is successful, people who previously did not know the AOE saga, and are hooked on AOE-4, will usually be curious about previous games, and if they take a look at AOE-3 it is very likely that they also get hooked.


1: Batalla de bailen: España vs Francia
2: Batalla de Cartagena de indias: España vs Inglaterra
3: Batalla de castelnouvo: España vs Otomanos

(se lo se, puse muchas batallas donde participa España, pero seré sincero España tiene un montón de batallas con victorias épicas

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