If you could include new mechanics, features or functions in AOE-3, what would you implement?

For example, Spanish civ on Canadian map???
You mean it?

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Exactly. You can only give historical meaning to the game up to a certain point.

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New great historical battles would be nice, the current ones while fun do not reach the greatness of something like Waterloo.
The point that we would need new civs for many European battles is moot though. If we take a base European civ and change the flag. And then disable or enable a few choice units, you can basically represent any EU nation without actually adding them in the base game. If we needed say Bavarians for a cool battle, would we really need them added as a full fledged civ? These civs have pre created decks anyway, no need for a full design.


It is not very important to adapt revolutions to specific maps. It would be completely sufficient to adapt the revolution to the continents. For example, you would regroup all maps to 5 continents, each of them would have 10 revolutions. It would be simple, transparent, and above all, it would be logical and maximally correct.

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We need brand new civs to do something like this.

You can have fun adding new flags, making changes to the tech trees to create a new civ for Historical Battles, but we still lack civs that would be the basis for creating this.

Considering that in AOE-4 you can restore the wonders, because this function could not be implemented in AOE-3 under certain restrictions as I argue in my survey. Being able to rebuild factories and wonders.

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I would buy a pack of HB at that price. Although, probably would want more than 3… perhaps five.


To this they could add new achievements - for completing the Historical Battle and fun achievements.

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A new modality:
Being able to create a custom faction where you can choose the type of infantry you want to use, the type of cavalry and the type of artillery. Being able to choose units that only appear in campaigns.

Also to be able to remove the limit of construction of towers or forts.
Allow to build the fort wall, (very recurrent in campaigns).

Being able to choose heroes or villains from the campaigns as explorers.
Remove the ship limit as suggested Valagos2

On huge maps, you can choose how big you want the oceans to be and the amount of dry land.

Obviously none of this is to include within the meta, but not everything can be reduced to competitive.

If AOE-4 is successful, people who previously did not know the AOE saga, and are hooked on AOE-4, will usually be curious about previous games, and if they take a look at AOE-3 it is very likely that they also get hooked.


1: Batalla de bailen: España vs Francia
2: Batalla de Cartagena de indias: España vs Inglaterra
3: Batalla de castelnouvo: España vs Otomanos

(se lo se, puse muchas batallas donde participa España, pero seré sincero España tiene un montón de batallas con victorias épicas

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Being able to have a list where they show you all the cheats and cheat units, and how to apply them in the games that allow cheating.

Give daimyos and Mansabdar the ‘heroic unit’ stat to make them vulnerable against spies, trackers, and ninjas.

It would also be fine for campaigns and historical battles just like AOE-2 does.

In the future if we include DLC covering the rest of the continents and missing regions it would be a very ideal function.

To be able to choose the region of the world that we want to play and many more additional configurations.

Archers can stand on city walls, ships, or even elephants

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Well, if it’s just to speculate and have fun, I would add meteorological phenomenon.

For example, if you are playing on a Desert map, a sandstorm could appear randomly. Or if you are playing on a map with a River, some sort of flood could happens.

Or something along those lines.


I also want the introduction of some fundamental functions in RTS:

Patrolling: Why is this not in the game? It is very useful to be aware of the map situation and protect the economy from unanticipated attacks.

Another function would be to give the artillery the ability to maintain position. Sometimes when you are careless they automatically go to the mouth of the wolf exposing themselves and trying to attack by themselves.

Attack Move List: In SC-2 you can have units attack all enemy units and buildings they come across; that is, the function of attacking automatically, but in a list of orders on the map.

It would also be useful for units to prioritize attacking other units within their line of sight and not buildings. In case you designate them to attack automatically.

This mechanic would be very interesting. What could it be called? I would say ‘taxes’ (?). Have 3 options similar to the consulate.
All civilizations could have it.

  1. Population limit choosable as AOE 2, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600.
  2. Reducing all costs, units, buildings, improvements, age ups to make the game faster without messing with speed, or increase base resource gather rates.
  3. Tree improvements, make them have more wood, able to build over them, have tree farms, cherry orchards, mango trees and the like to be infinite or renovable.
  4. Improvement of gather rate cards, less cards with more %, unified food cards (berries, huntables, mills), gold cards (mines and plantations)
  5. Improvement of walls to have resistances as units and be stronger vs non artillery.
  6. Improvement of defensive buildings, either be able to build more or that they have better attack, or multi attacks.
  7. Mercs to not use population or have instead a build limit like natives.
  8. Improve explorers, mostly Europeans to have horses and have better mobility
  9. Make European factions more unique as you have said, changing age up mechanic, maybe something like USA and African were we allign with subfactions, be it natives or other Europeans, ex. French with Napoleon and thus unlocking new units, buildings or improvements.
  10. Each 5 or 10 levels to increase the limit of deck cards by 5 per example

For the casual game it would be good. Before you could alter the code to play on LAN and you could have 44 cards.

I like the trade between markets, but as they would put it in the game without the commercial posts losing importance…

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Bearing in mind that AOE-4 will have ‘bow cavalry’ attacking on the move. Why couldn’t bow cavalry in AOE-3 do the same? It would have a formation in which it can attack while moving.
With this attack mode activated, they reduce their cadence by 20% perhaps?
Since the ‘gunpowder cavalry’ is significantly superior, this would make them more competent.

Culverins could have an upgrade in the advanced arsenal in the Imperial era that allows them to get a little more reach. (This to better counter mortars and monitors)

I would also like construction carts to be garrisoned in urban centers or defensive buildings

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And Pavia (1525):France vs Spain/Holy Roman Empire and Italy cities,Kalhenberg (1683):Ottoman Empire vs Poland-Lithuania and the Holy Roman Empire and well already mentioned Waterloo (1815):Napoleonic France vs the Seventh Coalition (GB,Prussia and Holland)…the other battles would be Lützen (1632):Sweden vs Holy Roman Empire and Maule (1485):Incas vs Mapuches…or also redo existing battles in aoe 2 such as Lepanto (1571):Ottoman Empire vs the Holy League (Spain and Italian cities),Kyoto (1582) (it would be a fight between Japanese sides) and Noryang (1598):Korea vs Japan…