If you were to choose 2 civs? (Possible European DLC)

If a new European DLC comes and if you were to choose 2 civilizations, which combination would you pick?

  • Italians & Poles
  • Italians & Danes
  • Italians & Austrians
  • Poles & Danes
  • Poles & Austrians
  • Danes & Austrians
  • Italians & Maltese
  • Poles & Maltese
  • Danes & Maltese
  • Austrians & Maltese

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Italians were planned for the original game so they would make the most sense. They already added the Swedes that were also already planned for the original game.

Poland-Lithuania was the larges country in Europe at the beginning of the AoE3 time frame so they have to be in the game.

Denmark-Norway would be an option too but I think not as important.
Germany is basically already Austria. If anything they should add Prussia instead.

Malta should be a minor civilisation. It makes no sense to make them playable.


Why Maltese???

Replace it a Prussians civ.


i agree
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I wasn’t gonna add Austrians at all since Germans are there. I only wanted to increase the options. I don’t think that Devs consider to divide Germans. It is too luxury in my opinion.

Why Maltese? Ehhh, I don’t know, just because they are there in campaign. However, I agree, they can’t anything more than a minor civ.

Is it possible to edit poll after people started to vote? I wouldnt want to miss the results. Maybe just taking Austria as Prussia would be ok. Or we can consider that people want Germans divided into 2 civs

Danes and Poles obviously.

Most of Italy was under Spanish or Austrian control during most of AoE3’s timeline so it’s irrelevant.


I would say Poland and Austria. Denmark I didn’t think was that big of a power.

so first of all im not sure why a DLC would only have 2 factions, it seems pretty obvious based on current content that if they make a european DLC it will most likely include all 3 factions: Danes, Italians and Poles.

as for Malta then i cant see why they would add them as a faction, beyond a meme unit what point is there?

Austria is in the game, as the devs have made that very clear.


I wish what you say comes true. However, do you really expect that they give us 3 European civs at once while they gave 2 civs with African expansion, 2 civs with the release of DE and 1+1 dual pack Americans & Mexicans. It seems it is the new standard for MS. Same is happening for AOE2DE.

It was a colonial power with holdings in India, the Caribbean, and West Africa, so it makes more sense for them to be in the game, as Asia, America, and Africa are where the maps are set.


the african factions had like what 15 units each and like 10 new mercenaries etc.

european fations realistically would be between 4 and 10 units each, not to mention you can reuse assets for buildings etc.

a Danish faction wont need 20 new buildings, they only will need what is unique to them and otherwise use western European set. same with Italians and poles, most of their stuff is already in the game.

like realistically what will we see from the different factions?

Poland like 4 or 5 units? maybe 3 unique buildings at max?

Denmark like 11 if we go overboard with a completely unique ship set. maybe like 5 unique buildings at max

Italy like 6 with galleas? a couple unique buildings maybe.

Hausa has 8 unique unit and on top of that shares 10 units with Ethiopia so to simplify it they basically have 13 units add for the faction. Ethiopia is the same, on top of this both factions have a completely unique set of buildings.

like there is just a lot less models needed to make those factions.

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I want all three too. If that makes us greedy because we want more content for our favorite game than so be it. Aim high or don’t aim at all. I want this game to be supported for the next couple years. Is that too much to ask? I don’t know but I hope not.

There are less than a few games I will throw $ at and AoEIIIDE is one of them.

Now Microsoft please stop buying all these studios and invest more so AoEIIIDE. Thank you.
That was meant to be tongue and cheek. :slight_smile: Maybe.

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Luckily I did not add Italians, Poles, Danes Trio in the poll, otherwise the result would be certain from the beginning :upside_down_face: These 3 civs are my favorite too.

I have voted for Danes and Poles they are the most relevant, Italians are overrated.


canada and brazil … asadsadasdasd

I still wish Austria and Prussia can be separated although they are both Germans. Therefore I vote for Austrian and Poles (+Lithuanians).


Actually apart from Italians, others will hit 2 birds with one stone which is great.

Poles will be with Lithuanians
Danes will be with Norwegians
Austria will be with Hungarians

I am very optimistic for these 3 civs options.


How many times had we had this topic now? Anyone keeping count?

Asking for Austrians seems like folly to me, it’s the only civ that has been basically confirmed as never coming.
Likewise, asking for Maltese seems like trolling to me at this point.

Poles and Italians are viable options for new civs. However they lack the status of great powers in the time period the game represents. It’s not impossible to add them, but they seems unlikely to become anything beyond mercenaries and/or natives. Though I do think a Polish civ would be cool.

The Danes are really the most likely addition considering their status as a colonial power, which seems to be a requisite for addition in the game. At least for Europeans. And if they will add new Europeans at all.


After Mexico, Austria wouldn’t be a surprise.

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