Im opening this post for devs to read i feel there is a unfairness against ottoman(with proof)

Hi devs welcome i will try to explain you the unfairness against ottoman unique units i hope this enlightens you i will star from less complicated to comlicated.


This one is so simple they have fortitude ability when they activate they attack faster but also take %50 more melee damage.I think that %50 more damage taken removed and ability must last like 5 seconds because we are not seeing anything like that at other unique units for example french knights get bonus damage for 3 second when they charge to enemy and they dont get any penalty for it and they are stronger than normal knights and they cost same here is the comprassion:

I found this very unfair while some other unique unit costs the same and they are much stronger then their origins and they dont get any penalty for it.Its like that for other unique units too but when it comes to ottoman sipahi you guys are trying balance something i dont find it right thing to do.So that %50 melee damage taken need to be removed and they must cost same as normal horseman or i will think this is not fair and you guys are picking sides.(Also english archers get same kind of ability too(%70 attack speed) and they dont get any penalty for it)


Great unit looks so cool act so cool but there is a thing they do less dps to buildings than normal bombard i can tolarate this because unit is cool but it still seems wrong to me here is why:

They cost 500 resource more and 1 more population and in return they get ver cool features but why do they deal less dps to building why is this taken from them while the other thing getting paid.
Normal bombard dps to building(without chemistry):510/4.25=120
Great bombard dps to building(without chemistry):770/7,75=100
so in my opinion they need a +100 more damage to buildings but even if we add that normal bombard still do more damage:
but at least it is getting close im ok to even that some people now gonna say “but you can put units ###### #### to shoot faster” cheapest military unit 80 resource and 1 population should i need to pay more?I already paid them a ton so this thing here just seems not right to me.And they both die to 2 shots from culverin(they can die i have no problem with it but damage to building bothers me i wanted show health wise they dont have much difference).
Edit:I made a mistake normal bombard attack speed was 5.38 so correct math is this

Great Bombard DPS VS. Buildings = (190+580) / 7.75 = 99.355
(PUP version)Bombard DPS VS. Buildings = (100+410) / 5.38 = 94.796

In that case im totally fine with great bombards.


castle age janissaries become a problem for me they are so weak so im going to compare them to crossbows resource wise:

crossbow 80f 40g =120 res , 80 health , 14 max attack ,5 range , attack speed 2.15 (castle age)
janissary 60f 100g=160 res , 90 health , 16 max attack , 3.5 range , atttack speed 1.75 (castle age)

Health of janissary what it should be: 80x160/120=107
Attack of janissary what it should be: 14x160/120=19 jan has 1.75 attack speed so 19/2,15x1,75=16 also they have 1,5 less range
as you can see castle age janissary should be like this

if we do the imperial verison it is:
janissary health:127 (normally 105)
janissary attack:20 again they have 1.5 less range but luckly you added janissary guns tech which give +3 damage

thats what it should be you devs made the attack math but you forgot to give them health to a unit with such a low range.Janissary is a unique unit like the other unique units i would expect them to be stronger but if we do these things they are resourcefully equal of the crossbow at least at castle age may be you can make a 2 janissary gun tech that first one at castle age gives +1 damage, imperial one gives +2 damage like the blacksmith tech does.
And im not comparing them to another unique unit Streltsy they have everthing and they are also better against horseman than janissary

Guys what is this maybe russians getting their unique unit late but you killed the janissary in comparison and i dont want them to be super strong like streltsy just give them the health boost they deserve i dont know what to say maybe they can get a melee armor too since they get countered by range they need to stay strong against melee units and i hope that %50 thing doesnt apply to siege weapons because i saw one mango shot lowered their health to 1.If they take %50 more damage from siege too nobody is gonna make them and this is very sad while other unique units costs the same and far more stronger version of their origins this is unacceptable.

This is not a complaint more like a request Ottomans are a horse archer civ this guy made a very good post about it so i will share it here too:Ottomans Lacking Horse Archer [Serious]
If you guys are not gonna add horse archer if you are saying its too much work we need a new model for it ext. ext. i have a solution at age 2 stables are gonna have tech to turn scouts in to horse archer called akinci and they will be able to shoot while moving,they will have 4 range,their attack will be same with scout(2) with same attack speed but they will do +3 more damage to villagers,at castle age they will get a another thech which give them another +5 damage to vills and one more of the same thing at imperial age best part is they will not gonna get upgrade they will only kill villagers i think this is a amazing idea or just add a proper horse archer this unit is a must without a horse archer this is not a ottoman just a civ devs randomly created

Despite you ruined the unique units of ottoman i thank you units look amazing,architecture looks on point and amazing,im so suprised by the sound of the ottoman units you did very very good job i wasnt expecting from you i wish that if you just made the ottoman unique units better like the other unique units i would be so happier i hope you right your wrong but i really like the look and sound you obviously have put a great efort to this so i thank you

If im wrong you guys can explain me where im wrong


Well it should be a complaint.


Unfairness comes with first Ottoman landmarks. They are worst in the game. Devs have made awesome landmarks for every civ but they have made the worst landmark for Ottomans. Then these ottoman units. Devs wants Ottomans for B tier so these units stats are good for the B tier civ.


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They don’t want a discussion, they just want to complain


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Very well substantiated post.
It’s not only the Janissary. Ottoman unique units are atrocious.
I register my deep indignation too.


with which post are you gonna merge this other posts saying their opinion my post shows facts with proof the one who enter to this post needs to see this proofs at first you are wanting this to get lost between other posts probably i dont find your intentions good


They dont like mathematics and these posts. You like or not, this is the truth. After free dlc is released, we see that Ottoman civ are empty built, Jans battle role is useness, otto siege are worst than Rus which is not siege civ, Ottomans will be defeated against by Hre, French, England, Rus, with no effort and full tank units. We wil try to save Jans and GB with micro but there is no hope for them. There is for two weeks, not much time left.


It’s preposterous what they have done with the Great Bombard, doesn’t make a sliver of sense. They’ve bombarded the game itself, bombarded the fun.


Good points you made I’d like to see the stats of the Sipahi as well because according to the article about the Sipahi on the Age of Empires Wiki, the HP is 135 for Regular and Veteran and 105 for Elite and if that’s the case, then things are even worse for the Sipahi.


Losing health when going to elite? That’s obviously incorrect.

The Sipahi is straight up a better horseman even without Fortitude. It has more health than the regular horseman.

RivCrnPumpkin is 100% another alt account.

Yeah honesty at this point just combine literally any Ottoman post into one megathread.

And descendants of the greatest most bestest empire ever in existence will all hang their heads in shame, children will weep, and the harm done by this video game will echo through the ages for generations to come.

Or… they’ll probably end up somewhere near the 48-52% winrate range just like all the other civs.


I totally see what you mean. I went from liking the Ottomans to now really not wanting to play the ottomans at all for this very reason. It dosn’t go a single day without a new ottoman thread get created.

While this thread approaches the Sipahi differently (not complaining about its historical relevancy and misnomer)
And actually game mechanics. It would be great to have a single Ottoman thread by now.
Or at least 1 janissary thread, and 1 sipahi thread, and 1 general ottoman stuff. Instead of a entire forum page.


Great bombard is the best unit presented for ottomans so far its just lack little building damage

:D:D:D bro there is no way it can be true i looked it and its really like that they write it wrong probably

i totally agree with you but their fortitude ability works against them

this threads speaks on different stuff with proofs and i needed to see devs this or it will be get losted at the swarm of comments now first time who opens this can read something about things in the game now


That’s what I thought too. They most certainly did get that information wrong.

Ottomans are not even out yet and the same 3 people causing a ruckus over something that they have been corrected on (in multiple threads mind you) for the 90th time.

I am not even sure we need to merge them at this point, might as well straight up delete these threads, because we are reading the same things over and over again. My eyes are bleeding from Ottoman posts.
Don’t you go and kill my enthusiasm for this civ.

Just don’t play Ottomans, if you don’t like their units, don’t play them.
It’s real easy.


this is my first post i dont know what 3 people are you talking about and i have bested the people i have argument about janissary they are not talking now and there is no other thread like this you are making accusations without reading the post you just saw it says ottomans and making comment blindly

did you not like this post then dont enter this forum again.
It’s real easy.

which part of this post you see nationalism im doing unit comprasion people like this making comments blindly without reading it when they see its about ottomans

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Make all the necessary discussions guys, I’m sure the developers read and serve all these posts, no matter how repetitive they seem. That yes, always discuss with respect, we are reading them!


And like this should not have been flagged, it’s a result of getting frustrated with what’s going on here on the forum


The update isn’t even out and some people started complaining again. I played many games with ottomans during the PUP and it’s already one of my favorite civs so far. I don’t think they are bad at all, they just need to figured out more.

Fortitute is actually quite powerful if you use it against archers or if you are raiding, it’s not meant to use against melee units.

I agree that GB’s cost too much but aren’t even as useful as regular bombards. They are also pretty easy to take down.

I disagree because Janissaries are doing better against cavs and that’s their strength. But other than that they should get less armor (maybe even negative armor) instead of getting +50% bonus damage, it just does not make any sense otherwise. They should cost less and they should have a bit more range. But even in their current state I don’t think they are that bad as an anti-cav.