[Suggestion–rework] 🕗 Treaty game

I believe that the treaty requires some general adjustments to make it more fair and efficient to play. That is why I propose the following:

Being able to build gates on the trade route.

I think it is necessary to be able to build gates on the trade route for better defense and to prevent infiltrations. This poll shows that most agree.

Stealth units are not affected by the ‘Spies’ capitol upgrade.

It is a skill that loses function over time and even more with the improvement of spies. That’s why I think units that use this ability don’t rebel with ‘spy’ technology.

Captured mortars cost 4 population and not 8.

Once you reach the imperial era captured mortars cost only 4 population. The card would continue to fulfill the current function in case you do not want or cannot advance to imperial in supremacy.

Take the stress out of card slots at age 2.

Currently there are many important cards in age 2, but they don’t need to be there. For example, cards that improve mills and plantations. The mill cards could be moved to age 3, and the plantation cards to age 4 for better distribution.

Extensive Fortifications: Move to age 1. I see no problem with this in supremacy.

Battlefield Construction: It is for more advanced games, so it is not necessary for it to be at age 2. It can be moved to age III or IV.

Sustainable Agriculture: I rarely see this card used in supremacy. I don’t see a problem with moving to age III.

Cigar Roller: Move to age III.

If there are any early strategies in Supremacy that involve farming, a rework to the Advanced Plantation and Advanced Mill cards will replace the absence of these cards at early ages.

Many natives will now cost food+coins instead of food+wood.

Native units using firearms, metal weapons (such as pikas, nagigatas, swords or halberds) or cavalry cost food + coins and not wood. This with the purpose of making its use viable in the late game where wood is scarce. This would also apply in supremacy.

Equitable Alliances:

Civilizations without arsenal technologies, such as the Aztecs and Incas, will be able to improve the natives like European civilizations. Better explained here, but I will leave some examples:


All this could be available from age IV or age V.

Native TPs are now not restricted to the build area of influence:

It seems difficult to me, but I think it is possible somehow. Now that TPs can be captured there might be a way you can access upgrades/techs even if it’s out of range.

I propose that it works as follows:

TPs start captured from the start and each team starts with one of each type of native. You will be able to access the technologies without the need to build TP (although you will be able to).

If there are multiple players, they will be able to research the upgrades/techs even if the TP is captured by an ally, or even if your ally built a TP. This would eliminate the need to relieve TPs by demolishing them for your ally to use.

The enemies will not be able to capture the native settlements that correspond to you.

Improvements in the Imperial era for mercenaries and outlaws from non-European civilizations:

The Europeans can further empower these types of units. There should be a way for other civilizations to do it.

Allow monopoly in the treaty:

It could work differently than it does in supremacy. Instead of being 5 minutes, it could be 15-20 minutes. I consider that it is enough time to act.

[Suggestion] Please consider adding Monopoly Victory to Treaty

Rework to the walls:

The wall pillars are practically a nuisance. I know there’s a way to remove this before building it, but I think it’s silly. The wall pillars could be built only in the corners like it happens in other AOE games.


Walls need a rework

Being able to rebuild important buildings:

Being able to rebuild factories and wonders, obviously not as easily as I explain here.

Let us have 5 additional cards, for a total of 30. (On average)

Some cards that could further enhance the faction you play are left out, even with the mod I suggested above. It could work as follows:

You can choose 5 additional cards that will be unlocked once you reach the imperial era.

Idea taken from here.

Consider returning the old graphics:

For limited PCs it’s nice to have the option to play with the old graphics of the original game for more fluidity.

The minimum settings of the AOE3-DE game should look like the maximum of the legacy game. The polygons were never noticeable until you got too close. I played 4v4 smoothly and very smoothly in the legacy game with everything maxed out and it looked great.

Some requests that are easy to implement for this year

Enable treaty in Ranked Match Finder again.

Re-enable this room, showing how many people are looking for the same game mode. In this way we will know if it is worth it, or if it is in vain to wait.