Improve the animation of the trees

The trees have an animation that simulates the movement of the wind, but they do it in a coordinated and synchronous way, which does not make sense.

The branches of each tree also move at the same time as if it were a choreography.

To make it look natural, each tree must move at a slightly different rate from its nearby trees, and at a much different rate from the trees further away.

The branches of each tree seem to move inward and outward at the same rate. What should be done is that some move inward while others move outward.

Also give the option to deactivate this animation in the graphic settings menu.

I try uploading some gifs, but to no avail. If you load a map and look closely at the trees, you will know what I am talking about.

HI @OperaticShip743 !

Thank you for reporting this issue related with trees. We are now tracking it :heart:

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