In game music is broken. Menu music is also broken

Game Version:

  • Build ((23987))


Game music stops playing around the 7 minute mark. If menu music is supposed to loop it doesn’t. Also, any time I go to a results screen that music plays all the way through regardless of if I stay on that menu. So if I lose a game then hit replay the “defeat” music will play over the normal game music. This makes for extremely obnoxious couple minutes, and then once I hit the 7ish minute mark it makes for a very boring game.

Reproduction Steps:

I guess just play the game. I’m playing through the campaign and started with the Egypt Tutorial campaign and I noticed this happened on every map when the game was lasting long enough for it to happen on. I’m not doing anything special, just playing the game.


I seemed to solved the issue. I did a full reinstall of the game and now it all works just fine. Not sure why the issue was present to begin with. So I guess if anyone else has this issue, that might work for you too.

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At most times a cold reboot solves this problem too.

I think you also can reproduce this issue if you would switch to another account and start the game below that account shortly after the game below the primary account was closed and that user did not sign out.

This part in AOE DE is still a bit buggy I agree.

Same problem here. Saving and loading typicaly solves issue at least for a while

This definitely needs fixing. At start it will play a soundtrack, but one only. Ofcourse I could listen to the YT soundtrack in the background, but this needs to be fixed and I’m surprised this bug still exists after a year of release!

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I start Spotify, Spotify have a better quality than the Sound in the game

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The first match you play the music will work fine. If you start a second match, the music will stop playing after the first track.

So just exit and relaunch the game after the first match, it fixes the problem.

I have the issue, too. Restarting fixes the problem, but when I am in a match I don’t like to restart. Would be nice if this is fixed.

I have also the same problem, but rebooting the game doenst work. will there be a fix?

i reinstalld the game, now the music bugs is for me fixed

I also reinstalled the game; the music is working in the first match, then it disappears in the next match. So this is still an ongoing issue in my experience. Let’s hope this gets fixed in a new update.