Inconsistency in Architecture Sets

The following units/buildings are missing variants for all architecture set. We have 11 architecture sets as of now and unfortunatelly not every architecture set is treated equally. Can we please get the proper variants for all the sets?

  • Ship Sails: Currently only South Asian Set doesn’t have unique sails.

  • King: South Asian, East European, Mediterranean and Central European need unique King graphics.

  • Monks: Architecture Sets other than Mesoamerican and West European need new monk models.

  • Trade Carts: Architecture Sets other than Mesoamerican and West European need new trade cart models.

  • Merchants: We only have 5 models for it: European, Middle Eastern, East Asian, American, and African versions. It would be good to get 6 other variants that are missing.

  • Fortress, Harbour, Feitoria, Krepost: Just like the Trade Workshop and Fortified Tower these buildings are very useful in mods and scenarios, getting architectural variants for them will be very useful.

  • Queen: It will be good to get some variants for this unit as well in my opinion.


Trade Carts? There are Aztec and regular ones. :slight_smile:


of course i wouldnt say no to getting these things but the stuff you’re talking about is one of the highest work amounts (graphics) for least reward in game(most people would rather have bugs fixed, pathing, balance etc)… so im doubtful devs would put much attention into it all

so hopefully some modder adds these things otherwise doubtful you’ll ever see em…

thanks for the reminder. edited the original post.

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It would be nice if every civ has it’s own unit style / building architecture.

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Modders can never match the original unit quality especially the UHD graphics. You will have to wait years and it may still never come. So this excuse is the same as saying NO to it.


Is it really that important to create different graphics of rarer units like kings, monks, trade carts, merchants, etc for all architecture sets while most of the units, including very common ones like knights, archers, etc look the same in all architecture sets? Having different knight graphics for all architecture sets would have much greater impact than different merchant/queen graphics.


Not saying you’re wrong but FE did go out of their way to include missing variants of the Trade Workshop. A building that has no role.

I do agree with what you say nonetheless even though both would be nice if for the sake of consistency.


I don’t agree for the special treatment of selective common units, knights, archers only. I mean it will just make it even more messy. If they want to make regional units they will have to make it for all unit lines. But overall that’s a different topic.

For kings, monks, merchants, tradecarts it’s just the completion of game logic. It is already providing unique skin to some sets. They just need to expand it to complete all Sets.


How will giving special treatment to common units make game more messy, but giving special treatment to kings/monks/etc won’t? Because they are seen much more rarer? But the rarer is unit seen, the less point there is of developers spending their efforts on it.

No because they already get special treatment by years old game logic.

And it just feels weird how they ignored some stuff here and there when making new sets. Some stuff here in architecture sets is inconsistent and it should be addressed.


The two extra models of monks(imam and chand bardai) available in scenario editor are useless because they don’t have the relic carrying graphics.

Also it is kind of bugged. If you place Imam on map and ask him to pick a relic, he can pick it but as soon as he picks it, he becomes a default “monk with relic” unit. When he puts the relic back he becomes a default “monk”! doesn’t turn back into imam graphics. On the other hand chand bardai simply cannot pick relic so the bug doesn’t apply on him.

I don’t really understand what you mean. They have a different picture on their sails. Most european ships have the same sails, just a different picture too.

No they don’t have any different picture. Check it if you like.

They have an elephant?

What I actually do want for the sails is to have their moving graphics back.

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Can’t actually open my game right now, but I know the battle elephant civs have an elephant head on their sails while the original asian civs have some kinda bird.

South Asian ≠ South-East Asian

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Then whatever that is?

South Asian Set doesn’t have Unique Sails. You are referring to South East Asian.

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I know 3 different asian sets:

chinese, mongols, koreans and japanese (also now also vietnamese)
khmer, malay and burmese

So which one are you referring to?