Incorrect error about mod files when publishing

I try to publish mod altering enhanced decay graphics, but neither website nor ingame mod manager lets me do it, instead saying that “Incorrect File format. Only zip files containing AOE mod files accepted.”
This error message makes no sense, because I successfully published mod altering normal decay graphics (“decayA_x1.smx” files). Enhanced graphics version has files with different names (“decayA_x2.smx”), but they are similarly placed in zip file.

I would like this bug to be fixed quickly, so I can publish enhanced graphics version of my mod (especially when it is mentioned in normal graphics version description). If it is complicated to fix, then quick way to temporarily fix it would be to simply remove check for mod files.

Enhanced decay graphics mod zip file (available for one week at that site).

@DodoNotDoDo, can you help?


Ah that explains why i cant find the enhanced version of your decay mod which i really want.

have you tried uploading the file unzipped through the game? that seems to work for me

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Yes, I tried both website (zipped) and ingame mod manager (unzipped) and got similar error.

Hopefully this issue gets fixed quickly, because I believe that many people get puzzled at why they can’t find enhanced version. I am even waiting with letting people know about my mod till I have both versions properly published.

Also I am glad to see interest against my mod :slightly_smiling_face:

I think I might know what the problem is. Can you try again and it should either work now or help me isolate the specific error location.

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I tried to publish through website, but unfortunately got same error again :slightly_frowning_face:

Ok, thanks. I’ll check the error and see about getting it fixed ASAP.

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Please try again, I believe I fixed the issue. I was able to successfully upload your file now in my testing.

I restarted the browser and now I get this error: “Error submitting mod! Please verify your data and try again.”

Another bug fixed, please try again. And thanks for exercising the service more than it apparently has been so far!

It seems, that I can help in testing efforts with another error message :smiley:
This time it is simpy “Mod failed to publish.”. Hopefully logs give more information.

Maybe size of the mod is a problem? Zip is 450 MB.

It got further through the process, but looks like maybe it timed out publishing to our backend storage. I’m checking with that team to see if they can shed more light. I was able to successfully publish your 450mb zip, so that shouldn’t be a problem, but may have taken too long or something this time. I’ll update once I hear more.

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Now I got “Error submitting mod! Please verify your data and try again.” again :slightly_frowning_face:

When did you try? I don’t see any errors. Did it highlight anything on the form in red?

I’m still waiting to hear back on the error you received previously. The other team was going to look at it today.

I tried few minutes before I posted reply. Nothing on form was highlighted in red except error message.

Oh, I managed to finally publish the mod :open_mouth:
I suspected, that total size of zip + images might be causing problems, so I added only 1 image instead of 5. This way publishing worked :+1:
Later I added other 4 images using edit.

Maybe if zip + images total size exceeds 500 MB, then publishing fails, although limit should only apply to zip file?
Also I suggest to make mod size limit infinite or at least very large number, because my mod was very close to the limit and for example whole “resources\_common\drs\graphics” folder is 7.39 GB.

Btw, links to other mods get converted to shorthand format, which leads to wrong place. I have to edit all such links afterwards to proper shorthand form.

@awesomedude9398, I have enhanced version of visible corpses mod published now :slight_smile:

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Good catch on the combo of zip + images, you are correct. I’ll adjust it to account for that.

We’ve considered making the limit larger or removing it. The main concern is wanting people to be aware of the size before the subscribe in game given some people are on metered internet connections. We’ll discuss further.

For the links, what do you mean by shorthand format?

Glad you were finally able to get it published!

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You might display a confirmation dialog when person tries to subscribe to very large mod, so he is aware of the size before deciding to confirm.

I meant, that when I add to mod description link to other mod, like “”, then it gets converted to “…/…/2832/”, while really the correct form is “…/2832/”. I used wrong term, it is actually relative, not shorthand url.

Now I am having trouble updating normal graphics version of Visible Corpses mod.
I am tring to update using this zip file, but get error “Error submitting mod! Please verify your data and try again”. Seeing more precise error message would help.

Also in case of uploading/downloading mods with big size it would be really helpful to see progress indicator (percentage/bar, etc). Otherwise user has no idea if download/upload is getting anywhere and how long does he have to wait (especially if it lasts for minutes).

EDIT: Update succeeded on second try, although I did not change anything. Just clicked “Submit” again. This means, that mod upload is a little unstable and might fail for no apparent reason?

EDIT 2: It appears, that update date for the mod (“LAST UPDATED”) and update date in change list can be out of sync.
Like can be seen from here update dates are 1/25/2020 and 1/24/2020, although I made single update.

@DodoNotDoDo I tried to update Visible Corpses (Enhanced Graphics) mod, but got error “Error submitting mod! Please verify your data and try again”. Could you help?

Only couple of files have been changed compared to previous version. I already successfully updated Visible Corpses (Normal Graphics).

EDIT: Wow, meanwhile my mod has somehow successfully updated itself. Has even proper update date. Although I saw error message every time I tried to update. How did that happen? :open_mouth:

having problem publishing mod, any way for you to help look into it?