Incorrect Translations for Age of Empires IV the Sultans Ascend DLC

As a fellow Korean, I appreciate the precision of the translations in all three scripts.
There are certain issues that significantly impact the gaming experience, especially for new players.

For instance:

The use of verbs as object names is confusing. It’s awkward to see phrases like “Vill is building a ‘making’.”. The script ensures consistency in using appropriate nouns.

Inconsistencies in expressions and names throughout the game are causing confusion and disorder.

Some descriptions are difficult(x) impossible(o) to comprehend due to mixed expressions and grammatical errors.

I confirm the posted script addresses all the issues mentioned above.


Not only the in-game translation but also the event challenges were translated incorrectly. I can’t even guess what exactly it means.


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I sent a summary of all the original text and corrections for this event challenge.

In addition to mistranslations, I also changed all parts that were not smooth so that they were consistent. I hope to get feedback as soon as possible before the event ends.

original text official version modify reason
(Take your Time) Play a Skirmish or Multiplayer match that results in a Wonder victory. (여유를 가져라) 컴퓨터 대전 게임 또는 멀티 플레이어 매치를 불가사의 승리로 플레이하세요. (여유를 가져) 컴퓨터 대전 게임 또는 멀티 플레이어 매치를 플레이하여 불가사의 승리하세요.
(Wrap It Up) Win a 1v1 Skirmish match in less than 15 minutes against the Japanese. (바로 바꾸기) 일본으로 15분 이내에 1대1 컴퓨터 대전 게임 매치에서 승리하십시오. (마무리 해) 일본인으로 15분 이내에 1대1 컴퓨터 대전 게임 매치에서 승리하세요. In the Korean version, Japanese civilization name is translated as “일본인” rather than “일본”
(Welcoming) Convert 40 units in a Skirmish or Multiplayer match while playing as the Mongols. (환영합니다) 몽골로 플레이하면서 컴퓨터 대전 게임 또는 멀티 플레이어 매치에서 유닛 40기를 전향시키세요. (따뜻한 환영) 몽골로 플레이하여 컴퓨터 대전 게임 또는 멀티 플레이어 매치에서 유닛 40기를 전향시키세요.
(Stop Them) Defeat 2 enemy Traders using your Villagers in the Siege of Kiev mission on any difficulty. (막아내기) 난이도에서 키예프 공선전에서 주민을 사용하여 적 상인 2명을 처치하세요. (막아라) 아무 난이도 상관없이 키예프 공선전 임무에서 주민으로 적 상인 2명을 처치하세요. Details about difficulty level are missing.
(Friendly Game) Win a 3v1 Custom Match with 2 friends on your team against one Hard A.I. (친선전) 하드 AI를 상대로 친구 2명과 친구 2명과 함께 3대1 사용자 지정 매치에서 승리하세요. (친선전) 친구 2명과 함께 어려움 AI를 상대로 3대1 사용자 지정 매치에서 승리하세요. “친구 2명과” is displayed repeatedly. And in the Korean version, it is translated as “어려움” rather than “하드”
(All Unique) Win a Multiplayer match in witch you produced a Counterweight Trebuchet, a Springald and a Bombard unit while playing as the Rus. (모든 유니크) 루스인으로 플레이하면서 평형추 트레뷰셋 투석기, 스프링갈드, 사석포 유닛을 생산하는 멀티 플레이어 매치에서 승리하세요. (모두 다 유일무이) 루스인으로 평형추 트레뷰셋 투석기, 스프링갈드 사석포 유닛 한 기만 생산하여 멀티 플레이어 매치에서 승리하세요. The challenge requires you to produce only one specific unit, but it’s not clearly explained.
(Long Trip) Play a 2v2 Empire Wars Multiplayer match. (긴 여행) 2 V2 제국 전쟁 멀티 플레이어 매치를 플레이하세요. (기나긴 여정) 2대2 제국 전쟁으로 멀티 플레이어 매치를 플레이하세요. In the Korean version, “2v2” is translated as “2대2”.
(Off to a Good Start) Produce 15 or more units before reaching Age II in Skirmish or Multiplayer match. (시작이 좋아) 컴퓨터 대전 게임 또는 멀티 플레이어 매치에서 Age II에 도달하기 전에 15명의 유닛을 생산하세요. (순조로운 시작) 컴퓨터 대전 게임 또는 멀티 플레이어 매치에서 제 2시대에 도달하기 전에 15명의 유닛을 생산하세요. In the Korean version, “Age II” is translated as “제 2시대”
(Say It) Use a Taunt during a Multiplayer match. (말하라) 멀티 플레이어 매치 중에 도발을 사용하세요. (말해 봐) 멀티 플레이어 매치 중에 도발을 사용하세요.
(Destroy It All) Wing a Skirmish match that results in a Landmarks Victory against a single Intermediate A.I. (모두 파괴) 컴퓨터 대전 게임에서 기념비적 승리를 올려 한 번의 중급 AI를 상대로 결과를 내세요. (모조리 파괴해라) 컴퓨터 대전 게임에서 중급 AI 하나를 상대로 랜드마크 승리하세요. Landmarks Victory is translated into Korean with different meanings.
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Good evening! I found a translation error when I looked at the introduction to Chinese civilization: the Chinese samurai effect should actually be “higher movement speed, lower level armor”. But in the Chinese translation they write it backwards. If you can see this post, please help the staff modify it! Thank you very much!


I found that in the Simplified Chinese version, the Chinese translation of the final level upgrade at the mining site is incorrect, and it lacks a percentage sign.


[Latin American Spanish Bad Translation] “Ordinance Company” isn’t “Compañía de Artillería”

Good afternoon, I wanted to report that the technology “Ordinance Company” of the Civ Joan D’Arc is incorrectly translated as “Compañía de Artillería” in the Spanish Language of Latin America or Hispanoamerica.

I emphasize again that it is a wrong translation, because “Compañía de Artillería” means “Artillery Company” in English, and not “Ordinance Compány”. The bad translation occurs both in games and in the technology tree.

Bad Translation Compañía de Artillería

The most appropriate translation would be: “Compañía de Ordenanza”. That’s all. My greetings.

La traducción más apropiada sería: “Compañía de Ordenanza”. Eso es todo. Mis saludos.

Nota: Es en Español de Latinoamerica, no confundir con Español de España, no se si el problema estará igual alla.

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Ordenanza es un conjunto de órdenes y preceptos. Como ejemplo, ordenanzas municipales y ordenanzas militares.

Ordinance es ordenanza

Ordnance son pertrechos militares como municiones o protectiles, o bien, artillería

Edit: ni AoE2 ni AoE3 tienen soporte para bugs de lenguaje. No sé como será acá

Oh, in that case, I suppose that then the error was in translating the word Odnance (english), instead of “Ordinance” (english), which is the word that most closely resembles “Ordonnance” in French.

The technology refers precisely to the French “Compagnie d’ordonnance”, the first medieval permanent army, which although it is preferred to leave it in its original name, translated into English would be “Ordinance Companies” (The translation I chose the game in English) and therefore in Spanish “Compañías de Ordenanza”. Here is a description in English of Osprey:

Fuente: Osprey, Rennaissance Armies in Italy 1450-1550 (2020), p33, por fines educativos.

Oh! Acá sí hay soporte. Te sorprendería la cantidad de veces que en parches se dice que se han corregido traducciones defectuosas en uno que otro idioma. Por eso me gusta tomar captura de pantalla para recordar como se veía antes, y como se veía después.

Hi, this is an old problem, that got fixed, and then it came back again, in a different way. I Only noticed TWO places where the spanish translation gets cut off by the symbol “%”

For context, this bug just affects the context of the text by cutting off the rest of the text that comes after the “%” symbol , however its pretty annoying considering the fact many of us are new players, and we need to read so we can learn, and having the texts getting cut off when the “%” symbol is placed is quite bad.

PHOTO NUMBER 1, CHINESE civ bonuses getting cut off because the symbol “%”"



PHOTO NUMBER 2, COPELATION TECH tooltip text getting cut off by the symbol “%”

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As the title says, when the monarch ability of treason is triggered, aside from the map ping, it also creates some empty EventCues or LocBD entries, which is weird, and should be easy to fix too.

how to reproduce this bug, (warning: i dont know if this bug its only related to the spanish version of this game)

1-start a match with the dominion victory condition enabled
2- age up to age iii
3- use the treason ability, then you will see the missing LOCBD entries on the right side of the screen

I also made this video so you can see what im talking about!

aoe4 bug dominion mode LOCBD missing entries (

Hello, it was nice to make some progress through this Update 10.0.576 after previously reporting on Korean mistranslation. But I was wondering if there is a reason why the correction was omitted or the revised translation could not be applied to all of them.

After this Update 10.0.576, we will re-organize the new mistranslation and parts that have not been applied before.

In the case of the revised translation above, it is the result of exchanging opinions between Korean gamers, not between individuals, so if it cannot be revised, I would like you to write down the reason at least briefly.

Once again, thank you for reviewing and applying the revised version we sent you.


Hello, I’m also reporting on other parts that are not smooth in translation. It’s about the name of civilization. It’s a very heterogeneous translation, and the translation is not even unified. The civilizations that have problems are as follows.

original text official version modify reason
Byzantines 비잔티움족 비잔티움 It was originally supposed to be “비잔티움인” but changed to “비잔티움족” with this patch, but it’s natural to just translate it to “비잔티움” because “족” is also a word that means lack of primitive people, not civilization.
Chinese 중국인 중국 In “중국인,” the word “인” does not fit the name of a civilization because it means a person who is not a civilization. So “중국” is the correct translation.
French 프랑스인 프랑스 In “프랑스인,” the word “인” does not fit the name of a civilization because it means a person who is not a civilization. So “프랑스” is the correct translation.
Japanese 일본인 일본 In “일본인,” the word “인” does not fit the name of a civilization because it means a person who is not a civilization. So “일본” is the correct translation.
Malians 말리인 말리 In “말리인,” the word “인” does not fit the name of a civilization because it means a person who is not a civilization. So “말리” is the correct translation.
Rus 루스인 루스 In “루스인,” the word “인” does not fit the name of a civilization because it means a person who is not a civilization. So “루스” is the correct translation.
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Hello, I was so happy as a Korean gamer to be able to play a better Korean version through this Patch 10.1.48. But still, the UI part, and the description of the unit or building are not modified. I report back with suggestions for the name of the civilization. And additionally, I will also attach a screenshot for the UI part.

Once again, thank you for your quick correction.

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Hi, i’ve detected 2 mistranslation for French masteries in French

Masteries 11:

Masteries 15:

It’s indicated to win with Byzantins instead of French Civ’