Which civs would you like to see added first in DLC?

eh yes there where, they an emperor in the entire periode, in fact before the samurais japan wasn’t too different from places like china but with the rise of the samurais the country saw nobel families control more and more of the country in the provinces by themselves, with the gempei war the result was now regional warlords rather than a central government controlling the individual provinces.

if japan didn’t exist then the different warlords wouldnt have cared for the emperor nor the shogun but thats not what we find.

if you are extremely generous it ends in 1644 and well nobody around the ottomans go that late, my end date is somewhere around 1500-1550. like we dont even see any real guns in the game.

that’s straight up wrong.

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Japan and maratahs/Gupta’s would be good civs to add

After the defeat of the Battle of Mohács in 1526, the Kingdom of Hungary became part of the Habsburg Empire (then the Austrian Empire from 1804) until the Austro-Hungarian Compromise of 1867. With the double royal election following the battle of Mohács, the medieval Kingdom of Hungary was divided into two parts, and after the Turkish hands of Buda in 1541, the part of the country owned by Emperor Ferdinand I continued statehood. Until the end of the Turkish occupation, the country was also called Royal Hungary.

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So, instead of adding the Eastern Roman Empire (coloquially known as the Byzantines), which lasted until the very end of the Middle Ages, you’re suggesting adding the Roman Empire as a whole even though they’re a Classic Antiquity thing, with the Western part, Roma itself included, falling right before the period the game is covering?

I mean, if the Roman Republic could be a thing in Age of Empires IV, then the game would stop having a medieval setting. Let’s add nazis, and the British Empire, and Mesopotamia and Egypt too. Everything goes!


the amount of people asking for completely out of period factions for this game is astonishing, earlier i saw someone ask for Sparta.


mapuches or araucans!!

Thats the Norse in the options I believe

That should be the Byzantines at the time period

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As a European I can confirm that the majority of them make no sense. Longbows do and so do Enclosures though. I wouldn’t say they’re a spectacularly designed civ, but they’re okay. Nothing more nothing less.


How were you able to name the Native Americans Civs and forget to put THE SPANISHES with El Cid’s incredible campaign?!?

To me: Byzantines, Turks, Norses(Vikings), Spanish and Celts

Campaings? Turks against Byzantines, Vikings against Wessex, ElCid and WILLIAM WALLACE but not a tutorial campaing! :wink:

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Did you mean the Spaniards?

I pretty much agree with your wishlist though, except for the other continents deserving some love too! ^^


You mean “The Spanish”? I don’t think that changes on plural.

If you want an easy civ, you can just pick the French. They’re also easy to play, and they are just better at everything than everyone for some reason, so they are the easiest to win with. If you are watching people on the internet playing this game (considering you don’t own this game), then you probably aren’t watching noobs. If the English are getting played at that level, then it’s not because those players can’t play other civs, and it’s not because they don’t know about the French either.

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I picked from Africa since I think they get even less representation than South America does.

I picked Ethiopia specifically because they need representation other than South Park.


Kingdom of the Kongo would be cool as well!

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Names are important, you cant use the arguement of weapon usage, its every bit as likely that the natives just adopted the invaders methods. And if thats the basis for the arguement that the gallowglas were norse then it isnt much of an arguement to lean on.

Also, the gallowglas came from the irish west of scotland, not the north.


Japanese / Norse / Persians
And about new campaign. My interests is Crusades , and Japan campaign.
Crusades from the First crusade to Jerusalem.
The Japan campaign is Mongol invasion and Japan civil war.