Issues with the new fully customizable hotkeys

Hi there! First of all, I want to clarify that this is not a hate post but just a way to show issues that I had and I’d like to share in hopes they can get fixed.

I was very happy to see that we are getting fully customizable hotkeys but after spending a few hours setting them up, I found that SHIFT queueing units isn’t working (I can’t press SHIFT+W to build 5 of the same unit, for example).

When disabling hotkeys for something, instead of unbinding it, nothing happens. I had to manually change loads of things that I wanted unbinded to “.” in order to get them out of the way.

Also, something else that I think should be changed is the fact that villager construction menus are separated in 4 for each age. We have a full keyboard, we can fit all the build hotkeys in just one sub-menu. I wish this got changed or became optional somehow. It kinda restricts us back to a sort of grid system otherwise.


Another issue is that my mouse buttons 4 & 5 showed as binded in settings but didn’t respond in-game.

Have you experienced these or any other issues you think should be considered?

PS: While I’m at it, I’d like to request a “select military units in a radius” button.

PS2: Also, having “scroll up” & “scroll down” should be remapable to other things instead of being locked to zooming in/out

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I have seen the same request twice to have only one key for the buildings, and not for each age, hopefully this will be considered in the future to avoid using weirds setup to achieve something similar.


the solution

they have mentioned it several times

I don’t understand the proposed “solution”.

And yeah, it’s been mentioned but sadly we have to make some more noise like this to get it eventually fixed

put shift + letter on all buildings

Thanks! Unintuitive and probably not working as intended, but thanks!

What it needs is to let us set both the first letter and the second letter to whatever we want for each individual action, and then the panel should re-draw to match. Or if someone wants to set no first letter and just set a second letter, that’s also fine, and the panel should re-draw to reflect that.

All games use shift for stacked orders, what game doesn’t? coh2 had it since its launch, I don’t know about programming but it must be like that for a reason, aoe2 just two years ago they put it in, here is a video of Tatoh commenting on the novelty of the accumulated orders, so those who play aoe2 didn’t even have it , coh2 had it since 2013. I don’t know what they did in their game forums, instead I would have demanded the queue of commands, but I never played it, but with aoe4 you do demand that you reprogram the game to your liking

If they hadn’t made it different to 2 to begin with, it wouldn’t be needed. I would also prefer 2 to have some more functionality in this area, as I’ve never found the panel layout for walls, gates etc to be very logical, but I believe a player COULD address that with a mod if they wanted, so 2 does have extra ability to reprogram it that 4 doesn’t. But ultimately, the developers need to decide if they are happy with 4 having fewer than half the players that 2 has, or whether they want to make it easier for players of 2 to get into 4. I’m not claiming this is the only thing keeping players playing 2, I’m sure there are many other factors that are also worth the developers’ consideration for addressing.

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