Italian civ

Continuing the discussion from Variant Civilisations concept can be solution for Italian civ:

in my opinion it should be a defensive civilization, which like the Chinese, based on the buildings built, can change the government managed by the family in charge at that moment, with a strong economy, focused on gold, given that in Italy if you had some you could buy everything with gold, religion must be important, but with different management from the Holy Roman Empire. you should be able to place churches around your city, with the possibility of having changes in it, for example for each church, the radius of it, would allow the villagers to have gold, every Once the resources are placed, such as every 10 resources 1 gold, the church should provide a home for the villagers, so that they can take refuge inside it, it should be possible to create small fortresses, similar to those of the Sicilians on AOE2, of the larger Towers with the possibility of some bonuses, such as producing units in exchange for gold etc., the grape fields should be present, given that wine was important in Italy, I think that city centers should be different from normal, they should allow the production of military units in exchange for gold, without stopping the production of villagers, obviously everything would make the civilization new and fresh, with the point of making everything original but balanced with other civilizations.

TC could be similar to this, with a large tower, which perhaps allows you to have more vision in the area.

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It’s too generic, it doesn’t represent any particular state. It’s just a gameplay concept put like this, more than an AoE4 Civ. It has to be an Italian State Civ, or a container of more unique States if you really want to stretch it.

Seeing the fold of AOE4, I think we can safely do, as I wrote above, civilization could have some mechanics to change, like the Chinese dynasties, but referring to families or specific republics, like Milan Florence etc, Surely it’s a pity, given the large amount of material, but it would be a way not to be forced to add too many civilizations related to Italy.

AOE 4 is still a game, which has sketches to allow you to take an interest in particular parts of it and be able to delve into the story, but it is not a 100% story-based game precisely because it has to be fun to play.

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The final lasagna is a touch of class :smiley:


It had more sense for the Chinese though, where they kept the same culture overall, only changed the central administration. I’m not a fan of this for the Italian states, I’d rather have only one. Not for the gameplay idea, but for the authenticity.

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certainly, obviously if it were possible to have more than just a generalized civilization I would like it, I’m just creating a concept of how I would see the Italian state in the north, it’s too complicated to create a single state for each city like Venice, Florence, Milan, the papal state etc. , seen or continuous changes in the influence of cities.

the parts that are most culturally separated are the north and south in general of Italy, with quite different architecture, it is certainly a generalisation, given that each city has its own history, but I think this way, certainly, the state of Venice should not be part of Italy 100%, then there would be Naples in the south with perhaps the addition of Sicilians like AOE2.

I think I see what you mean. It could be interesting mashing up lesser and a few major Italian city-states, the ones that you wouldn’t make a Civ for… It’s not immediate though, by the way Civs are in AoE4… Dunno, it’s cool but I have doubts about the implementation.

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In AoE4, I don’t expect we see the umbrella Italian civ much like how there’s not the umbrella Arab civ either (Abbasid Dynasty, which is a division of AoE2’s Saracens, exists in the game). If an Italian civ gets added to the game as a full civ, it would probably be the Venetians.

Prior to the release of the info on the SA DLC I was working on a concept design for the italians as new civs, which had potential in my opinion.

The concept is incomplete, as the info on the DLC really took most of my attention, and I wasn’t really invested after to continue the work, but since it’s mostly already done, I’ll probably post it anyway in it’s own topic.


I encourage you to continue it.

In fact, knowing that the Order of the Dragon was not going to represent Bohemia, Hungary or Wallachia almost at all, made me consider making a civ concept for these in the forum:

  • Mainly I would do it so that in the future, if they devs plans to make these civs, there will be at least an inspiration in the form of concept of the civs, and they receive true unique units and Landmarks based of historical units, and not only “gilded” or “silver” recicled versions of base units.

  • On the other hand, at least with the similarity of some Byzantine mechanics with various concepts of the same in the forum (per example:“the mercenary and aqueduct mechanic” or the lack of crossbowmans in japanese concepts), I want to believe that the developers are partly inspired by what we write as fans and insider fans and then make it canon.

Age of Chivalry: Hegemony

Curiously, while searching for more information about Bohemians, I found out that there was already an Age of Empires II Mod focused a lot on Italian civs and Germanic peoples. In fact, it has civs for several of these possible Italian concepts, such as the Milanese, Florence, Genoa, Papal and Venetian States.

It’s called Age II Mod: Age of Chivalry: Hegemony, I took a look at it but I haven’t downloaded it yet to try it, even so the information available in its Wiki and in gameplay videos is very interesting.


I was playing it, such a beautiful mod! Actually i really love this kind of graphic


I’ll do it, I just need a bit of time to finish the design and have the time to write it down in the forum.