Variant Civilisations concept can be solution for Italian civ


It can exist, and it must, so that the variants then exist. If the main one does not exist first, it is difficult to think about the variants later. In the case of the Middle Ages, Italy had several city states, practically for Age IV, the Italian civ should also consider what it means to build a city state, with the elements that Italy had at that time:

  • Mercenaries (Condottiero, Broken Lance, Condotta Men-at-arm, German and Norman merc., etc),
  • Technological Renaissance (Many unique technologies)
  • Armed Militia, Captain of the People
  • Walled Cities
  • Towers-house, Palaces, Art Galleries, Universities
  • Italian families and mercenaries (political factions and passive bonuses)
  • Guelphs and Ghibellines Conflict.

At least those elements must be available to represent cities such as Milan, Florence, Pisa, Lucca, and their armies. In case of Wonders, I could suggest the Basilica, representing the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. Otherwise, they could also have 3: The Cathedral of Pisa (with the Tower of Pisa), and the Cathedral of Milan.

ABOUT ITALIAN VARIANTS.- Considering that there were some states of present-day Italy that in the Medieval Age were very successful and influential in their time, as well as having territories outside of present-day Italy that made them kingdoms that relied on their own account. Among them:

  • Genova.- Created a mercantile republic with several colonies throughout the Mediterranean, they contributed armies of mercenaries to several European countries, and were successful bankers of the Spanish Empire. I made a concept of them, although with the civ variants, I could do a remake ( The Republic of Genoa: Civilization Concept )

  • Venice.- Created a Thalassocratic republic, colonizing the coasts of the entire Mediterranean Sea, taking advantage of the fact that they were good at recruiting Greek mercenaries. They were great ship engineers, and created several unique designs that kept several foreign fleets away from their coasts and domains. It also has concepts on the forum (The Republic of Venice: Definitive and Improved Version)

Both would have Italian architecture and Italian language, so yes, in theory that would make them civ variants. Also, (now that it is confirmed that it is possible) they would share some unique units, mainly mercenaries: Broken Lance (Mercenary Heavy Cavalry) Men-at-arm Condotta (Heavy Infantry), Condottiero (Acts as a General, like the Khan), or failing that, the Captain of the People.


Papal States.- It was the seat of the Catholic Church, the Pope, and the Christian faith. They appear in some Age II campaign scenarios, sometimes represented by Italy, but in theory they could also have their own set of unique units.

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