Jakcie A.I (Actual AI improvements)

Dont think its a huge thing like what the devs were talking about back before the game released. It has been there since launch and only gets slight changes every patch. It makes itself clear that it is mainly for combat learning and even so I think its only for making unit compositions.

From what I see, it gives every unit, building and tech a semi random value. What does that mean? idk, I guess its a value of how good the thing is and that makes the ai want to build it more? It has been “active” according to the editor since launch so I guess you can say the ai has been a “machine learning” ai since launch which sounds wrong.

In fact, if you seen the first post going in depth about the ai by zycat, even he mentions it but does not really go farther than my definition. What I do know is that it gets its values updated every patch. Perhaps that’s the devs continually updating the self learning ai? I honestly don’t know.

If you want to see the ai learning for yourself its in the “tuning_ai” folder then the xml of the same name in the attibutes folder in the editor.


@JakcieChan1178 Since the last patch AI has been more keen on walling with and without your mod.

Since they do it by assigning half of their villagers on it and using thousands of stone to build walls and wall towers it basically means death to their eco

Maybe walling should be disabled or at least discouraged for now

Some other ideas would be to disable only stone wall towers or let AI build free stibe walls or allow walling only in imp

I did several games and AI literally never walled, so I don’t know if there’s a certain condition to respect, but in my case AI still don’t wall

I have no idea what triggers AI walling but when doing 2v2 ai battle mod the lower score team starts walling when they are feudal/castle age.

When playing normally 1v1 against outrageous they never wall. When playing 1v2 hardest they seem to start walling when there is any attack in early feudal/dark age. Even 1 ottoman spearman seems to be enough of a threat

When it comes to ai walling. Im pretty sure that most of it is out of my hands.

First of all, where they place walls is completely unknown to me. I dont think most if any of the files I have can influence it, or if they do, it does not change how they would wall (complete 360 wall around the base compared to a more efficient wall that would block chokes that players do). In fact, according to the files I have (ai_tuning mostly) it says that walling is disabled (maybe now totally unused compared to a newer way of walling. Maybe it was the older method of walling from months ago).

Second, when it coems to chosing when to wall, its awful. I think there are three main things the ai considers when walling. First is when they feel like it. Im pretty sure its decided at the beginning of the game and leads to the ai mining stone almost immediately which tanks their economy. Second is when they are losing. When they are getting raided they will try to assign maybe 5-10 villagers on stone to build the wall. This still tanks their now raided economy. But the third one may be when the other ai already walls, they don’t wall. I have seen dozens of games on this patch and have never seen both teams wall in the same game.

Overall, I don’t like the walling. They should focus on blocking chokes rather than making a circle around their base and get rid and change the reasons as to why they should build the wall.

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Mongol AI bug is exist like +1 year already, it happens in my Conquest Mod too.

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The Mongol ai bug where they flat out dont do anything (I THINK) is caused by the fact that at the start of the game, the ai would search for all of its resources including gold and stone. If for some reason the ai does not see those resources it just freezes. I thought that after the new dlc, the mongol ai was now able to continue playing despite not seeing those resources because I have never seen it break yet. Thats a bummer if your problems are still happening. I tried to fix it by having the ai forcefully unpack in any way but it never works. I dont think I have influence over the beginning actions of the mongol ai.

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Is there a way I can merge this mod with one of my own? For personal use btw, I wouldn’t be uploading the merged mod.

Without me doing anything pretty much no. If you were to find the compiled mod hidden in your computer files you can see everything the mod offers but there is no easy way to just use the files without me just uploading everything uncompiled.

Im very lazy though (I won’t lie) but one day I would like to upload the files on github, it seems people actually want to use my files.


@JakcieChan1178 The AI has been improved .
By the way have you noticed any scripted changes and improvements to the AI ?


  • AI players now have a unique identifying number in the pinned player information.
  • AI villagers now flee when attacked by enemy units.
  • Corrected an issue where certain buildings would prioritize Battering Rams as targets.
  • Japanese AI now makes better use of Shinobi units.
  • Malian AI no longer get hyper focused on building a pit mine to the exclusion of all else.
  • Fixed an issue with Mongol AI not unpacking their starting Town Center.
  • Byzantine AI now place more cisterns.
  • Ottoman AI will no longer turn off military school production.
  • Easy AI no longer produces more than one Scout.

Developer Note: We have found that Easy AI can sometimes be too efficient at using Scouts to explore and take Sheep at this difficulty. We hope this change allows players to have more chances at securing Sheep when exploring the map.

  • Adjusted how the Easy and Intermediate AI chooses to advance to the next Age.
  • Easy AI is now adaptive, speeding up or slowing down its Age-up based on the other players in the match. The Easy AI will never surpass the Age of another player in the game.
  • Intermediate AI Ages up slower but can also adapt to faster Age-ups and catch up if needed.
  • Easy AI can now research Wheelbarrow and tier 1 economy technologies.
  • Easy AI can now research tier 1 Blacksmith technologies.
  • Intermediate AI can now only research tier 1 and 2 economy technologies.
  • Intermediate AI can now research tier 1 and 2 Blacksmith technologies.
  • Hard AI can now research all economy technologies.
  • Developer Note: Easy and Intermediate AI are being tuned to help players with ramp up in difficulty. The Easy AI would previously Age up too slow where the Intermediate AI would do so too fast. Additionally, Intermediate AI would research much more Blacksmith, economy, and other technologies compared to the Easy AI. These changes aim to create a more natural difficulty progression.

WIth the topmost changes, I can see them and they are all good additions. Idk how the easier ai changes work and I don’t see anything different in the files though. But as always, time will tell if there are any more problems or if the fixed problems are actually fixed.

Any news on the mod status?

im still updating in my free time.
I actually went on a little reddit advertising campaign and got 300 subs in a week lol


@JakcieChan1178 Do you think if it is possible to change the ai build order so that it would allways prioritize building 1-2 extra tcs when reaching feudal and only then start building military? Best case they would build second tc at the same time they arrive in feudal

Currently the easiest way to beat even outrageous is to just use somewhat efficient boom build and outboom their extra resources. I really dont understand where their 50 % extra stuff gets lost. Maybe the should also move to farms earlier since currently they still use berries at 1 hr gametime

I currently have huge problems with the ai’s current build. All my fault from the numbers or maybe the vanilla ai partly does this too but the ai really likes pushing up to 3 production buildings then a 2nd tc. That is ok but the problem is that they try to do it as fast as possible which includes getting vils off of food and usually stopping villager production from a lack of food. They also like doing a fast castle on top of that which means they don’t really get a big feudal army. If you are asking where the extra resources go to, they would usually have a ton of gold, wood and stone with 0 food. Im trying to fix it when I have the time.

@JakcieChan1178 hi, do you know why Mongols AI won’t build the stone camp and do nothing if i set the smal stone deposit higher than 2300 resources? I’d like to put it higher than 2300 in my mod, but that wuold cause the mongols AI to stop working, i have been searching for a reason, without finding nothing

I dont think there is really anything current modding can do with ai mongols. At least, I tried to change some stuff with them and it never works.

Mongols finding stone used to be so bugged to the point where they just dont play every match, but they patched it after a long while, but what I think is happening is that the very specific work arounds to avoid that does not work with your stone changes.

@JakcieChan1178 Since last couple of patches you have done the AI has been wayy better at every stage of the game. They attack earlier and also are way better at lategame

I even managed to lose 1v1 against outrageous HRE which has not happened in months

The current patch AI has a strange tendency to focus too much on capture sites even when I usually dont play with capturesite vicrory on. This causes them to often in lategame have their army in strange places and especially when capture sites are in strage places they may have 3 keeps behind their base

If you could change their keep placement to not build them on capture sites that would be good

Thanks, I have been updating them a bit more lately and focusing on specific problems, lately the problems have been siege behavior, age ups and military management.

For capturing sites. I try my best to actually have them focus on them more, but the main problem with that playstyle is that the units that the ai uses to capture sites are “locked” to only focus on the site and nothing else. Not only that but the vanilla ai has a mandatory 200 second wait time on the site before going back to do anything else, obviously that is fixed and the units are free to change their mind and defend when needed.

I cant change building placement. Too limiting. :frowning:

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