Jeanna's raider

this is the logo of england.

More like the Christian logo no?

England and france had the same religion


It looks like a cross to me.Better question is why dosent joan have a flag with her.


Who needs a flag to inspire the troops when you have a legendary handcannon to blow everything up.


the horse of english horseman


jeanna’s raider = horse of english horseman + sword of english king + Shield of the French Knight



Every single asset introduced for the JDA civilization already existed in some form or another. They didn’t go out to make anything new for these variant civilizations, if you look closely at the Order of the Dragon, they’re all reskinned HRE models.

That is why they made these variant civilizations. In the last few months, they added “unique” units like Keshik, english King, Ghazi Raider, Ghulam. None of these units got any new assets made. They all reused old assets to make “new content”. It was likely put together by a junior designer or even programmer.

I bet you, someone with too much power and too little sense in those offices saw programmers/junior designers randomly assembling assets into “unique” units like that, and went “hey try to make a civilization out of the assets we already have”.

That is what variant civilizations are. I am well aware of the process of game development and the entire concept reeks of lazy, uninpsired, desperate attempt at putting in more content in a game that has been starving for 2 years.


Using the wrong assets is even more excessive

The game also not profitable.

Im happy they still releasing content instead abandoning it.

They just don’t have budget for new assets.

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It isn’t profitable? how did you figure that?

They haven’t been actively releasing content on purpose.

The game was firstly released unfinished, good job on that by the way, and then they go ahead and only produce minimal content once in a year. This is not a problem with selling the game, it is a problem of monetary strategy.

Had they split the content up into two pieces, releasing 1 civilization per 6 months, things would have gone a lot more differently. Had they actually had more people working on content, like campaign, an ingame editor, mods that can be used in actual games, adding actual history in the game and tried to immerse players, it would have gone a lot more differently.

Instead, they spent the first year polishing and putting together content that was meant there to be at launch. Malians and Ottoman seem like some kind of apology gift for having messed that up. Then the following year, they add content in the form of FANTASY elements like a sea serpent and some forest man??? what game do they think this is???

What other content was added? NOTHING. Wowww duudee Ghulam has so much health duude. That isn’t content. If anything, they were just adding more depth to civilizations that were underbaked from the get-go.

There has been no effort at solving any of the issues I mentioned above.

And hey, maybe you are right. Maybe the game isn’t profitable exactly because of these issues I have mentioned. This just means that they are lacking competent developers and higher ups that can actually make things happen, instead of launching underbaked games that sit and rot for years–then get confused about why it isn’t making money.

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It is the castle + imperial age english horsemen, not only the horse. The sword is not the English King one, but the standard MAA + Knight sword, it is one and the same.

The Jeanne’s Champions are also the French Castle Age Archer and I guess the Elite Archer/Imperial Age Archer.

This is one of the criticism that I have so far towards the DLC, these unique units should have proper unique models, at the very very least unique textures. I understand that there are a lot of new assets being worked on for the Japanese and the Byzantines.

But that doesn’t excuse that the Wynguard footmen, Wynguard rangers, these two ‘new’ units don’t have their own unit models.

In its regard, I would say that since those are Christian kingdoms, French, English or Hungarian knights can carry the symbol of the cross. Or wait…


Well, in his defense, I would say that there are not enough types of flags to be looking for unique to each kingdom of Christendom. One cross and that’s it.

Of course, as you say, they had the flag modeled after the English horseman, and well, it is recycled. It doesn’t make the design bad, but it’s good to know.

I also have the suspicion that they did it this way to differentiate it from the Veteran Royal Knight and Elite Horseman model:

  • Since the Rider and the Royal use the same shield, if they used the same Barding they would look almost the same, even with the horseman’s barding.

  • Considering tha# it will be an “optional” unique unit, since the other is infantry, technically you will also be able to create horseman and knightn as normal for balance, but the Joan Raider still need to diferentiate from the other cavalry units. I guess that’s the real reason for using the cross model in the barding:

That resolved: One might wonder if, due to the factors it has mixed together, if Joan Rider is a light cavalry or heavy cavalry unit. In the description it is mentioned that they are good against crossbowmen, and knights are weak against crossbowmen. Will they be light cavalry with additional melee armor?

I can’t wait to try to play with them.

Maybe it will be changed?

Lol. They will ship it as it is.

The list of things they “should” fix but end up ignoring is too long to list. There are a handful of causes I try to keep the developers aware about, that should have been fixed years ago. Small things like this, but that matter.

They won’t change anything.

The only way would be for the unit to be very difficult to differentiate from others, otherwise at the moment I doubt it.

Let’s consider that this is a unique optional unit, the other being infantry, but that by choosing it you can build it together with the Horseman and the respective Knight, and since it mixes elements of both, I suppose that the cross differentiates it from the other two. In fact, I think that’s the only reason the unit doesn’t use the French symbol on the Barding, but rather a cross.

Generally I would request that in a patch, like the AoE3:DE models that are updated, that for certain single units it is considered to improve the models in some aspects. I reference what LinkXLandk said:

In his time there was also an issue to correct the Wynguard Footmen. Several in fact.

In general, the criticism of the Wynguard Footmen, more than because they recycled models of units from the campaign (because the Ranger is fine), is that the models that the Wynguard Footmen reused are of a weapon that the English army DID NOT use historically in the Imperial age, let’s say the Tear shield and the Danish axe.

Mainly I would correct his armor so that it adapts to that of the English royal guard of his time, and also that instead of a Danish axe he uses a halberd, just as one of the original topic suggested:

In the future, after the expansion comes out, we should ask again that some units make a more appropriate unique unit model. Mainly the Wynguard Footmen… for now just the Wynguard Footmen.

I’m not a fan of how Jeanne’s unique units look either and it worries me how much the other variants will be just reused assets. Arcitecture/ Music/ Voice and generic units they share with their Mother civ sure that all makes sense but if they don’t do anything cool with the units they will feel cheap like a kitbash or modder who has not figured out how to import their own assets.

I’m not sure what they could use as a reference for Jeannes UU’s but I’m sure someone who knows more about the 100 Years War equipment/armour could come up with something.

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The chimera units look like the early days of Age of Chivalry Hegemony (a total conversion for AoE 2) I remember one the unique units looked like a long swordsman on a horse. I doubt they will update the unit assets and look after release

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For the non-Elite, Jeannes champions could probably do something like this, perhaps with the visor(?), did a “concept”/models that were similar to their unit, usually easier for me to conceptualize when creating stuff in 3D. But slightly more armored. Maybe too similar, idk. :thinking:

Actually I think I have an interesting idea for the Elite variants.


i think everyone wouldve easily paid at least $30 dollars for a 3rd civ instead of this variant garbage. I mean I think they are a cool idea but piss poor implementation, there are so many other realistic variant possibilities


I completely agree with your statement. I think they can enrich the content of these variant civilization and set reasonable prices for sale, rather than giving away some cheap things.