[Just for Fun] Campaign Ideas?

There are currently 9 civilizations which lack a multi-scenario campaign (if you ignore the Sun Tzu challenges, which I do). These are:

  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Koreans
  • Magyars
  • Mayans
  • Persians
  • Romans
  • Turks
  • Vikings

If you could add a campaign for each of these civilizations, what would you choose? The only rules are:
1: it must fall within the AoE2 timeframe for campaigns (late 300s to late 1500s)
2: there must be enough historical material to make a 4-6 scenario campaign,
3: your campaign cannot use a historical figure who is already playable in another campaign or historical battle (i.e., no Richard the Lionheart, as he is already covered by the “Cyprus” historical battle).

My choices would be…

Chinese → Wu Zetian
Timeframe: 665 - 705 AD

  • Wu Zetian was the only recognized Chinese empress to rule in her own right. This campaign would follow Wu Zetian’s accomplishments as she expanded the Tang Dynasty to its greatest territorial lengths. Her conquests saw her waging war deep into Central Asia and the Korean Peninsula, while at the same time defending her empire against the powerful Tibetan Empire and rebellions within China itself.

Japanese → Oda (It censors N0bunaga for some reason)
Timeframe: 1551 - 1582 AD

  • A fairly obvious pick, this campaign would follow Oda, the first “Great Unifier” of Japan. The campaign would begin with Oda consolidating his position as head of the Oda Clan before moving into his war to unify Japan, dissolve the Ashikaga Shogunate, conquer Honshu, and suppress the Ikko-Ikki rebels. The campaign would end with or immediately prior to Oda’s assassination, leading directly into the “Kyoto” historical battle.

Koreans → Taejo of Choson
Timeframe: 1360 - 1408 AD

  • Taejo was the founder of Great Choson, the last of the Korean dynasties. The campaign would begin with Taejo’s military career during the Koryo Kingdom’s twilight years, including his recapture of Koryo’s capital from the Red Turbans in 1362 and his wars against Mongol and Japanese invaders. It would then lead into his overthrow of Koryo and the foundation of Great Choson in 1392, with perhaps a final scenario detailing the strife between his sons which led to Taejo’s abdication and self-imposed exile.

Magyars → Stephen/Istvan of Hungary
Timeframe: 997 - 1038 AD

  • Stephen - Istvan in Hungarian - was the last Grand Prince of the Magyars and the first King of Hungary. The campaign would begin with Stephen’s war to secure his throne against his relative, Koppany, in 997. It would then move into his wars to unite the Carpathian Basin, including his campaigns against the Black Hungarians and his own uncle. The later scenarios could deal with defense of the new Kingdom of Hungary against the Holy Roman Emperor, Conrad II.

Mayans → Tikal
Timeframe: 672 - 755 AD

  • As information about individual Mayan historical figures is difficult to come by, I figured it might be better to structure a campaign around one of greatest Mayan city-states: Tikal (similar to the Bari campaign). This campaign would follow the reigns of three different kings of Tikal: Nuun Ujol Chaak, who was driven out of Tikal (after the events of the “Dos Pilas” historical battle), but later returned to reconquer both Tikal and Dos Pilas; Jasaw Chan K’awiil, who defeated Tikal’s longstanding rival, the city-state of Calakmul; Yik’in Chan K’awiil, who won further victories against Calakmul and brought Tikal’s power to its height. Tikal, as well as most other Mayan states, began to decline by the end of this period.

Persians → Khosrow II
Timeframe: 590 - 628 AD

  • Honestly, I would have preferred Khosrow I, but he features in the “Bukhara” historical battle and is thus off-limits. Khosrow II is often considered the last great ruler of Sassanid Persia. The beginning of the campaign could deal with his attempts to reclaim his throne from Bahram Chobin (with the help of a Byzantine ally), while later scenarios could depict Khosrow’s early victories during the Byzantine-Sasanian War of 602 - 628. The final scenarios could depict his failed attempt to conquer Constantinople in 626 and his subsequent defeats at the hands of Emperor Heraclius, ultimately resulting in Khosrow being overthrown and murdered by his own son.

Romans → Theodosius
Timeframe: 368 -395 AD

  • As arguably the last great emperor to rule over a unified Roman Empire, Theodosius fits well as the subject of an AoE2 Romans campaign. The campaign could begin before Theodosius becomes emperor, starting with his role in the campaign against the Celtic “Great Conspiracy”. After Theodosius becomes emperor, the scenarios could depict his wars against the Goths from 379 - 382, his conflicts with Sassanid Persians, his civil war with Magnus Maximus, the Massacre of Thessalonica, and his last civil war against Arbogast.

Turks → Mehmed II
Timeframe: 1444 - 1481 AD

  • Another clear choice for a campaign! The early scenarios could depict some of Mehmed’s early victories, including the repulse of a Hungarian crusade led by John Hunyadi, the Battle of Varna, and the suppression of Ibrahim’s revolt. The climax of the campaign would, of course, be the Conquest of Constantinople in 1453. However, the campaign could also detail the Siege of Belgrade (featuring John Hunyadi again) and the conquest of Wallachia (connecting this campaign to the Vlad Dracula campaign).

Vikings → Harald Hardrada
Timeframe: 1030 - 1066 AD

  • Harald Hardrada is often considered the last of the Vikings, and his death at Stamford Bridge is often used to mark the end of the Viking Age. The campaign would begin by depicting Harald’s role in the Battle of Stiklestad against Knut the Great of Norway, then move on to Harald’s experiences as a hired blade among the princes of the Kievan Rus and his rise to prominence as a Varangian Guard among the Byzantines. The last two scenarios would depict his conquest of Norway and, finally, his attempts to claim the English throne. The final scenario could depict Harald’s initial victory at the Battle of Fulford, while leaving his defeat and death at Stamford Bridge for the narrative slides (and the “Hastings” historical battle).

To summarize, my picks are:

Chinese → Wu Zetian
Japanese → Oda N0bunaga
Koreans → Taejo of Choson
Magyars → Stephen of Hungary
Mayans → Tikal
Persians → Khosrow II
Romans → Theodosius
Turks → Mehmed II
Vikings → Harald Hardrada

EDIT: for the purposes of this post, I am considering the Vlad Dracula campaign as the Slavs campaign, given that he is a Slavic figure.


No Slavs? They have just as much scenarios than the Magyars…
(and technically less than the Turks if you count historical battles)

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Yeah, I guess so! I suppose I just always associate the Vlad Dracula campaign with the Slavs as its the first civ you play as in that campaign (and, to be honest, I’ve never liked campaigns where you switch civs part way through).

I’d like to have General Yue Fei as the protagonist of the Chinese campaign, fighting against the Jurchens. Of course it’ll be even better to have a new Jurchen civ introduced.


I think the Slavs’ campaign should be Alexander Nevsky. I think adding it alongside a potential Caucasus expansion is logical, though I doubt they’d go that route.


Very interesting! Just one nitpicky correction: I think the Theodosius who had a role in Britain’s great conspiracy actually was the father of emperor Theodosius. To differentiate often the daddy is called count Theodosius or the elder.

And about khosrow I think there wouldn’t be a problem to have khosrow the first, just make Bukhara one of the scenario of his campaign and add another battle in its place. You’d even end up with an excuse to have one more battle ahah!


I think Julian the Apostate would also make a fine Roman campaign. He’s the last of the pagan Roman emperors, tried to reverse Roman conversion to Christianity (albeit already too late by that point), and perhaps one of the few Roman emperors who managed to go deep into Ctesiphon.


The first scenario is Turks. You’re only playing Slavs in 2nd and 5th scenarios (tbh, neither makes sense x)

The fact that there’s an achievement for completing the current set of historical battles make me wonder if they would ever do that, even though I would love to see many of those scenarios inside campaigns, especially Bukhara.

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I mean, it shouldn’t be hard to just shift Bukhara with another scenario while keeping the achievement the same.

While I think that’d certainly be doable, I was making this under the assumption that the devs wouldn’t change any of the existing campaigns or historical battles - thus why I avoided using Khosrow I.

I actually considered Julian the Apostate! I decided to go with Theodosius because I felt he better represented the Romans in Late Antiquity.

For Western Romans, Majorian. I believe that Julian and Teodosius are in the timeline border.

For Eastern Romans, Justinian or Belisarius•

Someone said that they don’t like changing civs midway the campaign. I don’t personally like changing characters like the Hautevilles or the Burgundian campaign°, so I wouldn’t like a multigeneration campaign.

°Which is different at how Genghis or El Cid was done

•I don’t know why people say we already have a Byzantine campaign. It’s like people saying there’s Pacific Rim 2 or that Netflix Dracula had 3 episodes

Probably because you play as the Byzantines in the Bari campaign.

Is Bari a good choice for a Byzantines campaign? Probably not. But its what we have, like it or not.


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For romans, I would like to also a campaign around Maggiorano, one of the last wester emperor and one of the last to actually have the will and the capability to try and save the empire.

I wouldn’t also mind a campaign about belisarius, and the reconquest of Italy the eastern romans.


I actually agree with you on this one - I much prefer a campaign that follows one historical figure rather than a group of people. I don’t think the Hautevilles and the Burgundian campaigns even had an excuse as there are plenty of historical figures that would have worked well (Bohemond could have had the entire Hautevilles campaign to himself).

However, like I mentioned, it’s very difficult to find a Mayan historical figure who we know a lot about. As far as I know, there just isn’t enough information to create an entire campaign about a Mayan figure without making most of it up. That’s why I decided to use Tikal, because we know a lot more about the city than the people who lived in it.

If you know any Mayan historical figures who we know enough details to make a whole campaign about them, then please share! I just couldn’t find one for the life of me.

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Similar thread by @Siegelad4112 here:

I think the easiest one would be Pakal the Great (scenario Editor hero BTW). Others are possible, but it would be hard to make more than 2-3 scenarios following a single individual. There are some missing details about Pakal’s life and wars that would be nice to have, but there’s plenty of material there, even if it isn’t all to be found on the internet. A Pakal campaign, broken down by scenario, could look something like this:

  1. The Kaan kingdom under Uneh Chan sacks Lakamhaʼ (Palenque) (611-612 AD). Pakal’s mother Sak Kʼukʼ reigns as a regent until Pakal becomes ruler at 12. First mission focuses on rebuilding the city after the attacks and defending against opportunistic raiders.

  2. K’inich Yo’nal Ahk attacks Lakamhaʼ and captures one of Pakal’s lords, Ch’ok Balum. Pakal rescues the lord after a skirmish and subjugates the city of Poco Uinic, capturing its lords and making it a tributary. Incidental skirmishes with Yaxchilan. (628).

  3. Pakal forms an alliance with Tikal and a peace with Yaxchilan. Together they fight Tabasco, captures 6 lords from PipaĘĽ, and take tribute. (659)

  4. The new king of Poco Uinic rebels and recruits local allies. Pakal quells rebellion, captures 6 more lords, and kills a lord from PipaĘĽ. (663)

  5. Renewed conflicts with Yaxchilan; Pakal begins extensive construction projects in Lakamhaʼ to consolidate power and commemorate victories, including “The Forgotten” Temple, Palace, and Temple of the Inscriptions. Also possibly oversees the construction of the Piedras Bolas aqueduct, the first known Pre-Columbian pressurized aqueduct. Scenario features trade with Tikal to acquire materials, and various construction objectives, including a wonder, which must be defended from Yaxchilan and Tabasco.

This is a fairly basic overview, but the most essential details are there - events, dates, and names of (most of) the relevant parties. And surely more could be filled in with a deeper dive. Pictured are Pakal’s palace, sarcophagus, and bust:



I can’t believe I never thought to look into Pakal! I knew he was in the scenario editor (though I think it calls him Pacal II) but he completely slipped my mind.

This is excellent stuff. You could definitely make a campaign based on him.

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If I managed to find a Micronesian campaign leader, we can easily find a Mayan one. Oceania is basically just as historically unknown as Mesoamerica.

Look at the editor heros and make campaigns about them?