Known Issue: Translation & Localization (Spanish - Latin America Language - Español - Idioma latinoamericano)

We are aware that there may be issues related to translation or localization of the game. Please consolidate all reports regarding the Spanish - Latin America language in this thread. Please include the following information:

  • Build number
  • Platform (Steam or Microsoft Store)
  • Location of text (Is it in a game menu, lobby, etc? Is it in a campaign, if so, which mission and what triggers the text?)
  • A screenshot of the issue
  • Description of what was mistranslated and a suggestion for replacement.

Please be aware that Developers and AOE Staff commenting on this thread may not know the language, and are utilizing translation software to understand what is being reported, so that it can be properly documented and passed to the Localization team.
Somos conscientes de que puede haber problemas relacionados con la traducción o localización del juego. Consolide todos los informes sobre el idioma español - latinoamericano en este hilo. Por favor, incluya la siguiente información:

  • Número de compilación
  • Plataforma (Steam o Microsoft Store)
  • Ubicación del texto (¿Está en un menú del juego, lobby, etc.? ¿Está en una campaña, si es así, qué misión y qué dispara el texto?)
  • Una captura de pantalla del problema
  • Descripción de lo que fue mal traducido y una sugerencia de reemplazo.

Tenga en cuenta que los desarrolladores y el personal de AOE que comenten este hilo pueden no conocer el idioma y están utilizando un software de traducción para comprender lo que se informa, de modo que pueda documentarse adecuadamente y pasarse al equipo de localización.

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And the issues related to Spanish - Spain translation where can we report it?


Most users only ask that they add the original Spanish-Spain voices of the ‘Age of Kings’ and ‘The conquerors’. We do not want a new dub. They can coexist both dubbing perfectly.

La desidia de los desarrolladores es sorprendente. Llevamos semanas con el mismo tema y son incapaces de aportar, ya no una solución, sino una sola respuesta.

I would like to say that the comment I made there…

It also applies here.

In the cutscene of the ending of scenario 6 in the William Wallace campaign it says Falkrik, the correct name is Falkirk. The text and the narrator are wrong. I also post this on the Spanish - Spain forum



This was what I was talking about


En la campaña de Atila, el narrador y el texto correspondiente hablan de “Los campos/batalla de Cataluña”, cuando en realidad es “campos Cataláunicos”. Esto pasa en las misiones 3,4,5 y 6, si no me equivoco

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Hello AoE team, I like to report an issue in the mission 3 of the “Dracula” campaing, it is about mixed audio, so almost all the in game audio clips dont correspond to the text displayed. I replayed the mission at least 4 times and the issue was present every time. Thanks for your help.

Platform: Steam
v. 101.101.33315.0 4426672
Spanish - Latin America Language

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error in the translations of the information boxes in the language of English and Spanish

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Build number: 34793
Platform: Steam
(This is a problem related with people and locations names, so the errors affect original and all translated versions)


  1. Name in the main Pachacutec Campaign map
    Inca (incorrect) -> Inka (correct)
    (Also, the mission should be located little to the north as this battle happened in Cusco region, not in southern Bolivia)

  2. First Pachacutec Campaign mission (intro, 2nd picture)
    Cuzco (incorrect) -> Cusco (correct)
    Inca (incorrect) -> Inka (correct)

  3. First Pachacutec Campaign mission (intro, 5th picture)
    Inca (incorrect) -> Inka (correct)
    Huiracocha Inca (incorrect) -> Wiracocha Inka (correct)

  4. First Pachacutec Campaign mission (intro, 6th picture)
    Incas (incorrect) -> Inkas (correct)
    Huiracocha (incorrect) -> Wiracocha (correct)

  5. First Pachacutec Campaign mission (ending, 1st picture)
    Huiracocha (incorrect) -> Wiracocha (correct)
    Vicaquirao (incorrect) -> Wikakiraw (correct)
    Apo Mayta (incorrect) -> Apu Mayta (correct)
    Cuzco (incorrect) -> Cusco (correct)

  6. First Pachacutec Campaign mission (ending, 2nd picture)
    Huiracocha (incorrect) -> Wiracocha (correct)
    Inca (incorrect) -> Inkas (plural - correct)

(*If you ask me why I suggest these changes is because I am from this place (I do belong to what is left from this culture) and I have studied on first hand about this topic, so you cannot trust in vandalized Wikipedia por such information)

(**I have just started with this campaign, so I think there are plenty of errors to take care of, either with people names, locations or even history itself)

(***I do speak fluent English, Spanish and Quechua languages, so I can provide better assistance if required, I am usually in AOE discord room #age-technical-support by @Rosiel)

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Both are correct, the most common is Inca.

Cuzco is correct.

You’re wrong again, Huiracocha Inca is correct.

Those are not errors.
You should remember that the game is translated to spanish, spanish language has its own words. Cuzco, Huiracocha, Inca and a long etc are written with spanish vowels and consonants if you were using russian language you’d see cyrillic words.

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I am afraid you are the one that cannot see the problem here. All the errors I highlighted are related to mispellings, even most of them have been declared unofficial by Peruvian ministry of Culture.

i.e. Cusco (The word Cuzco was imposed by Spaniards in 1534 although the original name was Qosqo (because they could not pronounce it correctly). In the end, The government of Peru declared that the correct typologhy is Cusco in 1986).

If you want to make a different comparisson, you can see the example of Macedonia and FYROM (both are supposed to be correct by the rest of the world, but if you ask a Macedonian about it, they will tell you the cultural differences and how it become even offesive to use FYROM to refer them). I think may be talking about the same matter in here, and of course the information provided by Wikipedia is sometimes inaccurate related to this cultural-influenced word meaning.

I think certain corrections must be done in the versions of those languages that use the Latin script

I’m not gonna wait my time with you about these things:

In the same way, I do not wanna waste my time with someone who has no idea about these things. Cusco is the name of the city, cuzco is a word used to refer a small filthly dog, so please make correct use of the words. You can check the official decision here:º_420-86-ED

Age of Empire is and has been a great source of general knowledge for an enormous community since the very first AoE 1, so it cannot promote incorrect names or tergiversed history as its prime objective is to be a RTS game as close as possible to human history.

Dude I’m Spanish and I know what in talking about, I’m student of Hispanic philology and, looking for age of empires like an accurate historical game is being a bit naive XD.
Good luck with your madness.

well, now it makes sense. Spaniards did their best to destroy Inka’s heritage, including original names and language itself. I do not think you can make an objective opinion in this matter.

The only thing I am asking for is to let AoE development team realize the several inaccuracies in Pachacutec’s campaign and if they can fix it; they have done a great job before with other campaigns and I believe they can do it again. I will keep posting all the things I consider innacurate as respect to my culture and my people.

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