[krakenmeister] civilization builder; own category


the civilization builder needs its own category. the mods are unbrowseable now. so much trash now. it especially got worse after spirit of the law made a video about it.

this is surreal. page 36 and still 2021-6-26
edit: 21 hours 37 minutes later: 352 more entries. how do you like them apples


YES PLEASE its own category and subcategory in the modding forum WITH stickies explaining how to do everything and troubleshoot. The modding ppl are so neglected these days. literally 99% of the attention goes to people whining and begging for stupid nerfs and blanace changes because they suck haha


Agreed, it’s been getting tiring seing poorly made “meme” civs made under 1 minute fill the entire mod section, some of them even go as far as abusing the tag system and tagging them as everything, so annoying


Totally agree with you. It is inconvenient to browse other new featured mods


well technically this civilization builder is also modding made easy but it has come to a level which can be considered spamming the mod section. people who upload civis dont even have a description on the civi.

the modding section needs improvement

we need to get a notification everytime someone makes a comment in one of our mods, because that doesn’t exist rigth now, there is no way someone is leaving comments in your mods other than looking for it every day


no i agree civ builder needs its own section, but a flood of ppl in the mod stuff is not at all a bad thing. its actually an huge boost for the modding community as a whole getting average players into learning the file steucture and how to use the extremely comprehensive modding tools that are freely given with the game.


but yeah i think its a great thing seeing all these fresh new ppl asking about string files and how to use genie. if only WE HAD A F#^÷<%NG STICKIED HOW TO/FAQ IN THE MOD SECTION this wave of interest would be a lot better taken care of. right now ppl are getting frustrated running into simple issues and giving up because the internet has become totally useless and helpful info is difficult to find.

Italicized section edited for accuracy.

omg. this is the last place I would’ve assumed to see world class. IT’S OVER
this modding community they never cared and they never will. soso incredibly sad.

funnily enough I thought I’d compile today the amount of times dave says it’s over and post it on the subred.

also: ms/xbox > *

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It’s so so incredibly sad

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lol the whole point of modding is that it’s not up to them if “it’s over” or not. regular players with a little curiosity can spend some time, do some research and literally do anything they set their sights on, even if support was stopped years ago. Don’t argue with me on this. Games have always and will always belong to the players. Nobody gave a ■■■■ about games until they exploded in popularity and the muney guzzlers like eeeee aaaayyyyyeeee(Uhg…vomit) saw an opportunity to bs and trashy hack job knock off spam their way into ppl’s wallet. They can get fuped

But they were pioneered and immortalized by outcasts in garages and basements and people who genuinely were trying to have fun and share that with others. Oh yeah and capcom and the japanese market has and will always be a cornerstone of the artform. AND YES IT IS ART, in one of the truest, most unique, and flexible forms.

Well those greedy people did make the DE version and more content for single player community.
Modding is not a huge thing here because the game is still too fresh.you cant expect people will do big modding projects when the game gets updated monthly and you have to port everything again.

yyyes ok chillax man. I saw your thread.
first, it’s an inside joke. second, the current modding section is auto-generated trash. it’s not better than spam.
you snoy fanboys never cared and never will

and stop spamming this thread with your devotion to modding. we’re not new to gaming. we know about mods.
this is about the civbuilder abusing the somewhat poorly coded mods section.

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You mean they funded it…because i know for a fact that the people actually programming and making the art don’t get paid a fraction of the slime I’m referring to. Kudos to them, and MS does get a little credit for allowing DE to happen, but you know the ones I’m talking about, right now they’re looking at player statistics and their bottom line and will yank the plug as soon as some number goes below a certain mark.

trust me if i wasnt chillin as hard as i possibly could i wouldn’t be here lol

Isnt that how the world works? You get paid for the job you do and not get a percentage from the total sales?

No, trust me, that’s EXACTLY how the wolrd works. Not saying it should change or if it can. I’m saying they play their games, and we play ours.

How much are they paying this guy" So, a little about myself, I’m an Arena team game clown and I lead the business and data team for the Age of Empires franchise at Microsoft"

Arena Team game clown means he doesn’t play the game regularly, but I imagine he cashes that check monthly

Good for you then, getting paid for not doing much is the best way to live.

Pffff, cmon icey, everybody knows world class veteran over here, runs the show, believe me.

Mahaznona true colors