Lack of Communication for Devs

Let me preface this with the fact that I am really enjoying this game and think it has a lot of potential.

We all know there needs to be balance/bug fixes and I think it’s safe to say some players are annoyed at the lack of fixes in the new patch, but I think the larger issue is the lack of communication and acknowledgement from the devs.

It feels like the players are just yelling into the abyss with a lot of these issue, because we are getting almost zero response from the devs. This first patch would have gone a lot smoother if they had just prefaced it with an acknowledgment that a real patch would be coming in the near future and then listed known balance and bug issues. As it is, we have no clue if they agree the French Cav are overpowered or if they know Springalds have too much base damage and it’s effecting the meta. We don’t know if they are paying attention to HRE bugs or even know they exist.

The lack of communication is disappointing, especially if they agree with the community. Just them telling us they hear us would be a relief. I think the majority of us can get over them needing extra time to properly fix items, but it’s the not knowing that kills the community.


TBH it is not, because some devs do that for a while now with samey sentences like “Thank you for expressing your opinion, please keep discussing”.

They actually need to clarify what they think, what impressions they have about game balance and what their actual plans are going forward concerning numerous feature requests.


Thank you for that clarification. Yes, by communication and acknowledgement I don’t mean vague platitudes, I mean real responses that either agree or disagree with larger items being discussed repeatedly throughout the community.


“Thank you. We are tracking this issue”


Communication is key to trust building!

If something is too hard, if it’s going to take too long, or if it’s something you can’t seem to figure out - let us know!

As a professional, one of the ways I gain trust from people the most effective way is saying “even though I’m a professional in the field, I don’t know the answer to that… but what I can do, is find out for you”

It’s so much more effective then trying to pretend your way through something, or be silent on a topic

I wish in the patch notes we had of got something along the lines of “we have been able to verify, duplicate the relic bug, but there are two limiting factors #1 our staff who specialise that are on holiday after a game release for the next 3 weeks, and #2 it takes another 2 weeks for a patch to be accepted into Xbox gamepass. ETA is approximately 5 weeks, but may take longer due to unforseen circumstances, which of course we will keep you updated about!”

The big fear is that you may sound incompetent or “bad” if you communicate something that is not up too expectations, but I would rather know

  1. Hey, your humans too… you’re on holiday till Jan, I get it!
  2. At least it’s at a stage where it’s duplicatable and you are just waiting on the right people and processes to be able to fix it
  3. You’re going too let me know every step of the way if anything changes.

Even if for example we had of got “hey, there’s been lots of reports about a relic bug, but the code is too difficult for us to fix, we are working on learning how to fix it”

That doesn’t make you sound incompetent… it makes you sound like you are trying to do your best for our benefit!

*Relic bug was just an example of several, like… what’s happening with hot keys? Is it difficult? Is it that the right people aren’t there? Is it just that it’s too time consuming compared too other things? Last I heard was it was the top priority! I don’t care of it’s likely to be 6 months away… I just want to know what’s going on!


I think they should be quicker on civ balance. The power difference between the civs is ruining the game.

I understand ur frustration i was there last week as well… but i have seen more responses as i traversed the thousands of threads here. I do agree more discussions would help but, what i know and have come to think:

Known- there was a power shift from relic to worlds edge. This has some issues i suspect in not only new employees, new equipment and procedures, and also prob some issues with workload,:

I have seen only a small handful probably count on one hand the amount of managers i have seen commenting in the forums. That means they are either spread out too thin, or they are struggling to keep up with the workload and cant have more then a few spared for the task of gathering the info.

But it boils down to- not enough helpers, and too much to do. Whoevers fault it is… its not those who are here on the forums doing the footwork. Its always higherups who dont want to hire more employees, stare at the bottom line, and when the shtf they are nowhere to be found…

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I agree eventually balance changes should be quicker, but with all the early game bugs and optimizations I would give them some more leniency early on.

More communication about patch times it would be well recived but no much more. If the devs listened to everything that is said in the forums by now we would have 5 balance changes, 48 new civilizations and 7 anual ranked seasons completed.

I think it may even be a bit early for balance changes and meta and strategies are still developing. Balance is an discussion of whats wrong while bugs are very clearly wrong in one way and there’s a very clear fix to them

It is talked lots of times in this forum that: delhi, china and hre are underdogs. Nothing has done on balance yet. Balancing is easier than graphic updates. You simply edit few unit stats, or change the age which that particular unit is availbale.

just that dehli is pretty strong as we’ve seen recently in tourneys and tier lists. Just a weak ago people thought they were weak. Do you understand now why it is a bit early to do big changes?