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It’s been a year since anyone has made a topic about a German split so it’s hardly clogging up the forum. The majority of posts about it are smugly proclaiming it won’t happen.

I wouldn’t mind a topic to focus all the low effort “please add Denmark and/or Poland” posts. But if they’re opening up the floodgates of “please add Brazil and Argentina” spam that’s kind of hypocritical.


“It’s okay when I’m making a civ request thread but not when others do about their own civs!”

I imagine that this rule also applies to those who ask for European civilizations or any other continent, right? :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope so, it would be incredibly unfair if it only applied to Latin Americans.

It would be appropriate, especially since the vast majority of people ask for new European civilizations, and the negative effect that this forum caused is not going to disappear immediately.

Regardless of the above, I hope that this situation helps to revive the Latin American community of this forum. :smile:

PD: Feliz 25 de Mayo. :argentina:


going forward going in and asking for german split in an unrelated topic will also result in comment removal.


That’s great to hear. I’m tired of people doing that.

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Difficult, because it is a unitary country… would you advance in age by region?..

It seems good to me, I think that eventually they will happen…

Feliz 25 de Mayo…

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the plan is not to have more general threads :slight_smile:


Yo me preguntaba lo mismo pero Hoop hizo una propuesta que me convenció. No recuerdo cuál pero si que me convenció

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Sí, sería un poco raro…ademáws Chile en el siglo XIX tenía a lo sumo 10 regiones (ya que no tenía Arica, Antofagasta ni la Araucanía)…

Todos descaradamente ignorando mi post. Me matan gente.

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Pero si yo te antiignoré

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Supongo que bien debería hacerlo un post aparte de todas formas… lo haré cuando tenga tiempo.

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(post deleted by author)

I want to present an extremely crazy idea, but I think it could be fun and maybe it could work in long treaty games or in FFA games that go on too long.

Hopefully this encourages more people to add their unorthodox strategies to Latin American revolutions. :smile:

Argentine Mercenary Revolution. (Italy Extra Geedy)


The idea to make a boom of Lombards and at the same time go old with the mercenary contractor to unlock the Mounted Rifleman and the Royal Horseman, both units are affected by the Blandengués card that cheapens them by 20%. This together with the Cigar Roller, Textile Mill and Royal Mint cards gives us 70% more gold production.

A little advice, if you want to improve the mounted rifleman even more, I recommend adding the Statuto Albertino card, its Carabinieri technology affects the mounted grenadier and mounted rifleman.

Note: The Papal Lancer and Elmetto are affected by the Caballeros card. :slightly_smiling_face:

I am aware that this is extremely impractical and requires too many cards, but I think it’s fun, and appropriate considering that Argentina is a cavalry revolution.

I wish we could customize the decks of the revolutions, I know what strategy I would use to face civilizations in imperial. :laughing:

I don’t send wood with the Italians (I build everything with the architects)…

The wood is to create crossbows or to invest it in the Lombards, but I suppose it could be exchanged for the food investment card or for Statuto Albertino, that each one make the changes or replacements that they deem appropriate. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, it’s valid… I would put several resource crates in various ages together with villagers (although in general it is recommended not to put units and economic cards)…