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no? do you think all nations in the Americas are empires today? do you live in an empire? was Argentina in 1830 an empire?

Brazil is the effect of empire and colonialism, but does that in itself make it an empire? and did brazil at some point stop being an empire and started being a nation-state and if so when?

it is not required to be a monarchy to be an empire, an empire is simply a state controlling territory outside of its cultural neighbourhood.

that is my argument.

Brazil was explicitly and implicitly an Empire, it had an Emperor, it governed over various nations of peoples. The territory they controlled was way outside what the original Portuguese settlers had ever scoped, it was an empire over every single last definition.

It stopped being an empire, in name, after the emperor was deposed and they transitioned to a Republic as system of government.

but was the brazillian republic still an empire?

again having an emperor or not is not what defines being an empire. the french colonial empire was a republic, japan today has an emperor but is a nation-state.

Well, that’s more debatable. They tried to implement a federative state system, so in theory the former provinces had better representation. Now all the people in the Amazon that didn’t really fall into the European style goverment thing going on around the coast, well…

Chicos, tengo una idea, estaba viendo sobre el movimiento independentista de Bolivar y vi que hubo una legion llamada, “Legion Británica”, y pensé que esto podría ser una carta que mande casacas rojas como el consulado asiatico y que te los permita reclutar en fuertes al estilo de la carta de Criollos con el mosquetero español, ¿Ustedes que dicen?

The Empire of Brazil was a 19th-century state that broadly comprised the territories which form modern Brazil and (until 1828) Uruguay. Its government was a representative parliamentary constitutional monarchy under the rule of Emperors Pedro I and his son Pedro II.

Brazil conquered Uruguay in the 1820s and fought against Paraguay in the 1860s.

Argentina was not even organized xd…it was a confederation of River Plate provinces under the command of Rosas…

The Argentine Confederation (Spanish: Confederación Argentina) was the last predecessor state of modern Argentina; its name is still one of the official names of the country according to the Argentine Constitution, Article 35.[1] It was the name of the country from 1831 to 1852, when the provinces were organized as a confederation without a head of state. The governor of Buenos Aires Province (Juan Manuel de Rosas during most of the period) managed foreign relations during this time. Under his rule, the Argentine Confederation resisted attacks by Brazil, Bolivia, Uruguay, France and the United Kingdom, as well as other Argentine factions during the Argentine Civil Wars.

Rosas was ousted from power in 1852 by Justo José de Urquiza, after the battle of Caseros. Urquiza convened the 1853 Constituent Assembly to write a national constitution. Buenos Aires resisted Urquiza and seceded from the Confederation in 1852, becoming the State of Buenos Aires; the province would return to Argentina in 1861.

An empire is a political unit made up of several territories and peoples, “usually created by conquest, and divided between a dominant center and subordinate peripheries”.[1] The center of the empire (sometimes referred to as the metropole) exercises political control over the peripheries.[2] Within an empire, different populations have different sets of rights and are governed differently.

No, but it went to a federative system like that of the United States and Argentina…


Me parece bien…

You know the game can extend its own timeline, right? It already did with revolutions and the Chinese campaign.

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You can’t wonder only if you can, but also if you should

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I will not divert the topic. We already have Mexico and the United States, so my opinion is irrelevant at this point.

Yes, but there is no attempt to force anything here. The timeline was not expanded here just because it hypothetically occurred before the official discovery of America. Everything that happens in the game is practically from the 16th century onwards.

Revolutions have always been within the time frame represented by the base game.

Nunca entenderé porque los desarrolladores no los agregaron desde el inicio como remplazo a los revolucionarios para Argentina. Igual que no entiendo porque no podemos entrenar revolucionarios desde los cuarteles con las revoluciones del continente americano.

El sombrero me parece demasiado grande, pero por lo demás es infinitamente mejor que el aspecto genérico del comanchero.

Ojala esto se convierta en un MOD, me encantaría jugar con estos gauchos y revolucionario únicos. :smile:


A while ago I noticed that the United States Marines look somewhat similar to the Argentine Patricios, so a simple addition would be to add a card to the Argentine rev that sends 10 Marines with the name “Patricios” (Maybe with some small modifications to make them look more like the Patricios), and allows you to recruit them from Outposts, Forts and Town Centers in the same way as the U.S. Marines (Consider that the Patricians were originally a militia).


I suppose that for a mod that seeks to make Argentina a more historically correct revolution it would be fine, but I think the beauty of these skins is that everyone can use them without losing the possibility of playing online freely.

Obviously this is just my opinion. :slightly_smiling_face:

PS: I wouldn’t be against the developers adding the “state” militia mechanic to the Argentine revolution, but if they didn’t add it with the Blandengues card I doubt they would do it with the Patricians.

And with the Lakota campaign until 1876…

Che, una pregunta para todos, ¿creen que termine habiendo un DLC centrado en Sudamérica?, lo pregunto porque realmente esta muy vacío y le vendría bien mas contenido. Por ejemplo, mapas nevados, nuevos nativos y rutas comerciales marítimas.

Yo en particular quiero como civilizaciones completas a los Mapuches y a Argentina, pero esta es una preferencia personal. En mi opinión es mas probable que los desarrolladores agreguen a Brasil y a Gran Colombia porque son mas populares a nivel internacional, aunque pudo estar equivocado.

Mapa del continente americano.


PD: Al final del día el único motivo que tiene los desarrolladores para agregar civilizaciones es ganar dinero, cualquier otra especulación o conflicto entre nosotros es una perdida de tiempo.

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being honest its doubtful there will be any new maps.

Quizás?..por ahora estoy pensando que el próximo dlc es en Asia (Medio Oriente o Sudeste Asiático) o en Sudamérica (Brasil y Argentina o Tupíes y Mapuches)…

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I am not even sure if there will be more DLCs :cry:

We have to be optimistic…for now there are no dlcs coming out for AoE 3 because they are focused on Retold, when Retold comes out the AoE 3 dlcs will return…

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¿Cuántas civilizaciones tenés?

En todo caso, una Batalla Histórica de Maipú estaría bastante bien


Estoy casi seguro que no.