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Yeah, but Shelley took the game design direction

Algo similar me pasó,

También es la historia de muchos jugadores aquí, jaja

Recuerdo cuando mi papá aficionado a las computadoras y
la eletrónica compró algunas revistas, que incluian cds de software de prueba
y demos de juegos.

Ahi conocimos la saga y nos enamoramos de ella.
Empezamos con el primero, el que inicio todo, y después con el 2, luego el 3 y así.
lo resto también es historia, jajaja

Siempre que puedo, juego con él y mi hermano.
¡Nos trae gratos recuerdos!

Bueno,como yo siempre fuí atravesado para todo,yo lo hice a la inversa,siguiendo el orden que te dije (3,2,AoM,1,AoEO y 4)…con Empire Earth hice lo mismo (1,3,2 y DOTW),con Warcraft y Diablo empecé con sus terceras entregas,con Command and Conquer empecé con Generals,con Total War arranqué con Medieval 2 y así con todos los RTS…no hay una saga que la empiece con el primer juego jajaja…

Hello, thank you for your comment and sorry for the delay in responding :smile:

I understand and respect your opinion, now, I am going to place some personal criteria regarding the maximum age that AoE 3 should involve (which also includes future Latin American civilizations):

A) Technological evolution: The musket is the iconic weapon of AoE 3, so I feel that more advanced firearms (such as the repeating rifle or bolt-action rifles) should not be included, or should be included in the final ages of AoE 3 with some specific function.
B) Timeframe: AoE 3 runs from the 16th century to 1850 (extraordinarily extended to 1876 by the battle of little Bighorn, probably the only reason the designers included the Lakota) which spans from the AGE OF DISCOVERY to the ERA OF REVOLUTIONS, including the beginning of the Victorian Era.… let’s see what happened in the world (including Latin America) since 1870:

As you can see, I think 1870 should be the end of the AoE3 timeframe.

You have your “wish list” and I respect it, however, you have to consider that not everyone will share your opinion (why prioritize one Latino nation over another or one Native American over another?). If we go with “favoritism” then the request for civilizations could lead to a “popularity war” where nationalism could bring out the worst in people… I wouldn’t want that.

As I said, that is your personal opinion (and it is likely that you have unintentionally offended some people by stating that there are Latin American countries with “higher priority than others”). My personal opinion is that AoE 3 DE already weighs more than AoE 1 DE, AoE 2 DE and AoE 4 together and that should set off “alarms”, my opinion is that “necessity over luxury” should be prioritized and optimize resources: Everything is allowed to me but not everything suits me.

PS: it is probable that some words or links are censored, it is also possible that when trying to make some modification in the text, censored words are activated, so I am not going to edit this post, sorry if I made spelling mistakes and if I had any slips in the dates :sweat_smile:

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This answer has no right to be so based

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Sandy, even recently, has straight up said AOE3 is his favourite and it was the direction he expected them to follow if they made more games later.


Pregunta para todos, ¿Qué les parecen las mejoras que hicieron a las revoluciones latinoamericanas?

Gran Colombia me pareció la mejor pensada, pero quizás debería tener acceso a mosqueteros imperiales.

México me pareció un poco rara al inicio, pero creo que solo le falta la tarjeta de teatros y alguna tarjeta de mejora para la recolección de monedas.

Argentina me despierta sospechas con la tarjeta de blandengues, no parece una tarjeta enfocada a una revolución que basa toda su economía en alimento, pero no me animo a afirmar nada.

Creo que la revolución Argentina fue mejorada económicamente, pero creo que necesita ser mejorada militarmente.

Por una cuestión de utilidad yo le agregaría las siguientes tarjetas.

Simpatizantes Españoles: Envía 15 Lanceros Garrochistas y les permite ser entrenados en Fuertes ; Cuesta 1000 comida, 1000 madera. (Con esta tarjeta podemos mejorar al lancero para España o adquirirlo para Italia y Alemania)

Castrametación: Envía 1 vagones de fortaleza; Límite de construcción de fortalezas +1; el explorador puede construir puestos avanzados y fortalezas. (Tiene sinergia con la tarjeta anterior)

Fortificaciones Extensas: Límite de construcción de puestos avanzados +7; Los puestos avanzados, las murallas y el fuerte obtienen +25% de puntos de golpe (Facilita proteger nuestra economía)

Like, don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of respect and appreciation for Bruce Shelley and his work on AoE and the Civilization series, but I don’t think people should go around claiming like his word is gospel.

Yes, although there are technologies that go back to the 20th century (the Victorian era for the Hannoverians and the Porfiriato for the Mexicans), the game itself ends in 1870; from then on, another game in the saga would have to start that would take us to the present…

Yes, and in fact they did… AoEO is like an AoE 3 but in ancient times, that is, it has asymmetric civs with unique mechanics, it has the capital (homecity), it has the consumables (cards), it has the advisors (politicians) and you have the rare resources that you buy in the general game market…with AoE 4 they would have done the same but in the 20th century and with AoE 5 the same but in the future…

Well, he is the father of the saga after all…Sandy Petersen would be the funny uncle of the creature…

I don’t think the translator handled this very well :joy:


I guess the translator did not understand the context and that’s why he put that word. :expressionless:

Name of the cards in the game.

In Spanish

In English

Meaning of castramentation:
Castramentation is the art of having military camps. Although all the warrior peoples of antiquity had their peculiar camping mode, none came to the degree of perfection of the Romans, whose camps are considered a model.

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Age of Empires Online is extremely underrated. It definitely was a polished and perfected model of the trend set by Age of Empires 3.
Man, I wish they had iterated over it for Age of Empires 4 instead of… what we actually got.

Auch xd…

Of course, ultimately the way you organize the space in your military camps…

Yes, I once criticized it for its cartoon aesthetic…in July 2017 I finally tried it with Project Celeste and I liked it…I took it up again last year after passing the AoE 4 campaigns and I said “wow, it’s very good, I love it”… the amount of content it has is insane… 7 asymmetric civs with historical and coop campaigns too of more than 70 missions each, plus seasonal events such as summer, Halloween and Winter/cChristmas…For me, if it weren’t for the fact that AoE3 exists, I would say that AoEO is the best game in the entire saga and by far, and I’ve played all the games in the saga, including the mobile ones…

Well, with the improvements that Mexico, Gran Colombia and Argentina received, I think it is a good time to ask, what should be the next Latin American revolution that should receive improvements?

  • Perú.
  • Haití.

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What revolution would they improve again?
  • Argentina.
  • Chile.
  • Gran Colombia.
  • México.

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I think Chile was already buffed the previous patch

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I think the best timing for the next update for revolution would be when a brand new DLC is released adding South American postcolonial civs.

In my opinion, there could be two DLCs about this region (meaning postcolonial civs):

  1. Wars of Independence DLC - Argentinians civ & Gran Colombians civ
  2. Brazilians solo civ DLC

Maybe they will launch Brazil first or make a dlc of three civs: Brazil, Argentina and Gran Colombia…

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  • 19th century Chile, with a strong as hell Navy

*19th century Haití

And about Perú, I don’t know anything about them. They are

Edit: also, Colombians, as the US, should have black and white soldiers

Yeah,but Chile has the Death Hussars,so it fine how it is fine now…:man_shrugging:t2:

Yeah,we re not pirates,we re independent slave empire…:joy:

Perú=Not Inca Empire :joy::point_right:t2: