Let's build a world map of AoE3

How close we are to completing the world map…:face_holding_back_tears:

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I have one problem with the world map: the new world ^^’

the old world is accurate enought, to fix it easy… there are only some strange things like iceland being way to close or the himalayas (look in post above)

the new world map however is complete garbage xD and i have to options:
a) force the computer to use the real proportions of the continent → borders of maps are not familiar
b) just copy the old map and ignore all the flaws ^^’

i will redraw all the borders of the ingame map anyway (to get rid of the glowing and to have a clean line). But in the end it depends on what u want to do with the map. If u just want to see the ingame maps go b); if u want to do more with it like: “i live in ohio, what aoe map is it?”/“what aoe maps did the spanish empire stretch over?”/“what modern country is what map?” go a)

  • a) realistic map
  • b) ingame map

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(just an example; not final)
compare hudsonbay/ saguenay



sidenote how georeferencing works:
you have an inacurate map (ingame map) and look for landmarks like islands, peninsulas or rivers → place a marker on it. Then switch to an accurate map (satelite) and look for the same landmark → place a marker on it. After you found some corresponding landmarks you can tell the programm to twist the inacurate map so hard, that the markers will match. The more markers u place, the more accurate it gets.

I don’t want either of these options. The “realistic” maps aren’t realistic because they have modern features (lakes formed by hydroelectric dams, rivers that have changed course in modern times, etc) so I certainly don’t want that.

The old Americas map looks horribly out of place next to the rest of the world made using modern QGIS data, but it does capture some of the wonder of the era the game takes place in where the world wasn’t fully explored.

I’d prefer if they based the map on a period that was reasonably accurate but still not fully refined. Maps from the late 1700s to early 1800s strike a good balance.


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look, thats not up for debate. Im working with the stuff i can get from the game… and thats what this thread is about - a community effort to create a world map. If u want to promote a redesign based on your ideas, this is the wrong adress… because here no one has the time and resources to do so.

in the final version there wont be the ingame textures (cause they dont fit together)… so idk where u get the idea of copying the hydroelectric dams (present on the ukraine map … i know)? This has nothing to do with my option a)

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Calm down, I’m not trying to insult what you’re doing. But trying to stitch together a bunch of maps that don’t fit together and are constantly being updated is basically an impossible task without redrawing a bunch of them anyways. So I’m suggesting a way that the devs (not you) could have one single consistent map for the game. Do whatever you want in your personal remake.


Basemap that shows all the missing areas in black; “continents” in different colors


modern-day borders compared to ingame borders


closer look on europe + some cities from ingame civs


Finally we have the world map, although you need to add the name to pampas sierras in South America

the names are all in the map-file, but due to the zoom-level and font size some dont appear (finland, savanna, etc). have to play around with the settings a bit more

Great work friend! It also made me intuitively feel how scarce the map of Asia is.

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ty! yeah, asia needs some love ^^’ there is still a lot of room in india and china left… and of course persia

(silkroad and central plains are missing on the map and wil be added soon :sweat_smile:)


Plymouth is also missing

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Ah ok, no problem then… you can still put it in if they put another dlc in the Middle East…

This is awesome work. Thank you for this.

Just one tiny remark: Siam is not jet a playable map.

I guess most of the open areas are linked to potentiall updates
Persia in Iran area
Korea in China area (a bit off i know)
Siam in Siam area.
Denmark with Greenland as it’s colony
Southern Africa and Australia were manly British dominated. Maybe there is also a DLC coming that combines these two.

ah you are right! i will update it with the next version, thank u :smiley:

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Yes, I mean, it looks like an Asian dlc is coming yes or yes… Middle East maybe? Southeast Asia?..

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South America needs more love too. :laughing:

We need Tupis and Mapuches…

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There could be more maps than we don’t know of yet.
There is no border seen above central Asia. This means Eurasian steppe shares a border with Himalaya.
Muscovy shows the border of Eurasian steppe on the right. This means everything noth eastern of Muscovy is one area.
We already know of the Ural mountains in the west of yamal and that in it’s east is Siberia, but we don’t see a border bellow.
This could mean that there is a map between Ural mountains and Muscovy and another between yamal and Eurasian steppe.

Of course it could be that all below yamal is simply Siberia and all in the west of Muscovy, but for the later Ural mountains is written quite close to yamal.

However, we will find out more when Ural mountains is released.

The area we see below central Asia and west of Anatolia could all be Persia.

Maps that we don’t have yet but know of, because we can see the names are: Caspian sea, black sea, ural mountains, Malta, Balearic islands, Gibraltar, Wales, north sea and island.
Since it’s too far to see, Greenland could be also a hidden future map.

With the current rhythm of 1 update per 2 months and an average of 3 maps per update, we could get all remaining maps until end of the year or February of 2024. I guess after that there could be a new DLC, since knights of the Mediterranean was released after the last African maps (that were seen on the map) were released.

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yeah, i agree.
The greenland map is shown here, but i dont know, where he got this map from and if it is official or fanfiction.

but i have to somewhat “disagree” on your point about the european steppe/himalayan border. eurasian steppe and siberia have a smooth transition and there is no real border (yet) since many of the same rivers are shown in both of them (river east of green line e.g.) → a border between himalaya and eurasian steppe is unlikely i think

i also think the open area east of anatolia would have a strange border for only one map, so i hope they split it into 2-3 areas with a) being something like kurdistan(?) and b)+c) being persia/persia+afghanistan :slight_smile:

edit: the area between urals and muscovy is pretty identical to the borders of komi+nenetsia, but i dont know wich name would combine those 2 oblasts into one


Of course, I think that now an Asian dlc is coming with Persia and Oman, Tatars and Uzbeks or Burma and Siam…