List of unfixed bugs

@GMEvangelos , @PilgrimHYR , here is the YT video of a guy that made fun of “Improved patting” and recorded it yesteday. Yes, issue is still happening, less frequent then before, but it still happens. Also, there is a video of vills taking a long walk to a resource, even though shorter path is available. I will try and find that clip as well.


LMAO villager enjoying the improved pathing with 2min straight of dancing! Nice music :rofl:


@GMEvangelos , @PilgrimHYR , here is the link to a thread that has a video with Villager going really long distance instead short distance.


In the tech tree for the Slavs the UTs have the wrong description for some people. I’m playing with 2 friends and for me and one of the others it shows the description for Sultans and not for Orthodoxy and Druzhina.

Make a report, and you might want to merge it with this one:

@GMEvangelos - Thank you for the updates on all of those :slight_smile: The “104 chat command not working” issue was mentioned above, but didn’t get included in the OP or your update, that I can see…


Thank you for the response. I am glad the list is addressed by someone official, and useful to you.

I am planning to make a big revision of the list this weekend, to check if each of the long standing bugs is still occuring.


It sure is, the campaigns are hard to play without save-games and I would like to see it fixed as soon as possible.


It works but if you type it twice it doesn’t work and you have to type it before the AI says “No Wonder Thou Wert Victorious”.

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Wait what? I was thinking all the time you guys have the code for this? Shouldnt your company know how it is calculated in the first place (or at least be able to get the information within 10 minutes with the help of a debugger?)

As someone already claimed: Do 1 test with like 10 vills on 1 lumbercamp (not efficient, but even worse due to bumping), or on 1 mill with shorefish… or watch the meme vids about this…

Takes literally 2 minutes to reproduce in any standard MP or SP… and yes still true.
(1. shoot boar with vill
2. let boar come close
3. task vill to chop wood
4. vill will stop and figth with boar
(if 3. is exchanged with “task vill to go near TC (dont click on any ressource)”, the vill behaves like intended))
As well as boar random de-aggro, which already costed me a game (7 idle vills, bc the one coming back had no boar on him), short time later idle TC into ragequit…

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@GMEvangelos Boar sometimes stops chasing villager when still in LoS. You didn’t seem to have recorded this bug yet. Watch the example below.

EDIT: This was played before 44725. And 44725 patch notes include:

Fixed an issue where boars could randomly break agro after bumping into an obstruction.

But in this example the boar didn’t bump into obstruction. So I’m not sure if this is fixed.

EDIT2: This is NOT fixed. False advertisement again.

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That game was played 2 weeks ago (like t90 says) so we are not sure if its the newest patch or not.

They did mention something about this patch fixing it, but not sure if its completely removed.


I only entered 104 once in my last game. Then, once one of the AIs resigned, I probably spammed 104 twenty times out of frustration

Even if your theory was true, it shouldn’t be acting as a toggle where you click it once it turns it on, click it again turns it off, etc. There’s a completely separate command to re-allow AIs to resign… I think it’s 105; which is even more of a reason why 104 shouldn’t be some weird toggle.

Furthermore, having a chat confirmation as I proposed in that thread (assuming it’s actually functional and not just for show,), would be great confirmation of what the AI intend (or don’t intend to do)

@GMEvangelos I confirm this bug still happens in the current patch. Check my video and replay:


What timestamp mm:ss are we supposed to watch of the ~45min video you posted? It would be helpful info to provide

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It’s already shared to be played from the specific timestamp.

@GMEvangelos , here is another bug, greatly explained and documented again by great Age Of Noob on his YT video. Here is the video and explanation:

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actually we have came across to his “AI bugged” issue since way before that. my earliest video recorded was Jan 18th but this issue has been going on for at least 2 months now since november patch, AI behaving weirdly and hoping @GMEvangelos can help take it away.

I reported a similar bug here. I only saw this in campaigns though, maybe because I play fewer standard games.

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actually, if you task a vill to any other task other than walk back to TC, vill will stop and fight. this is design as intended it is not a bug, nothign to fix.