Magyar buff ideas

They also have to fix other units, such as gunpowder ones. And they fixed (mostly) pathfinding recently. With arabia recent changes, they tried to fix the wall meta. It is better to assume that the meta is going to change after so much fixes. So, for my part, yes, lets them fix CA before buffing anyone.

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I think as how you guys suggest, Recurve Bow, the Imperial Age UT can be brought to Castle Age.

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Another very tiny “eco” buff that doesn’t impact early rushes at all:
repairing cost X% resources
This would be useful for trushing, against trushing, for castle dropping, against douche, and for repairing siege and ships, of course.
It also fits with the solitary villager identity that resist a wolf attack without damage.
Another possibility is villagers repair x% faster, useful for the same purposes, but should expend more resources (or not?).

This could also be handy for bulgarians, so I would post this in his thread.

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I play a lot with Magyars, and I also feel like they’re missing something compare to other civs…

Don’t get me wrong they’re already good right know, their scout rush is one of the best and they have a solid late game with a lot of options. I just think they’re lacking something special.

The wolf bonus for instance was a good idea, that gave them a small strategic advantage and allows them to commit easier in unique game plan. But it’s so useless right now, even more with the recent patch in DE which remove half of the wolves on each map. Maybe developers can enhance the bonus by double number of wolves if a Magyar player is in the game… or I don’t know if someone have an idea to save this bonus ?

Actually I like your idea, I would accept a 10% more HP in dark, 20% in feudal, 30% in castle and 40% in imperial. (Based on the 25 HP).

Losing vils when you’re Magyars is never a good thing, I mean even more with the lack of economic bonus. They’re depending a lot on their start so it can be a good insurance.
Also Magyars have usually a lot of farms in late game, but not really great defenses so it could save them some extra vils :+1:

But, I disagree with changes like more scouts attack speed, discount for all cavalry, steppes lancers, etc :joy: Some civs already have some of those bonuses btw

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Would you boost a civ that has full arbalest, strong HCA almost like mangudai and full paladin?

Just answer that question, the floor is not the same for the other civs, there is a reason why they don’t have economic bonuses, they were used a lot back at the wk days in voobly cause of the HCA, ca is broken here so that explains the absence of the civ.

At max a 5% cheaper sc line and UU should buff them enough, if they someday fix the ca.

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The problem is the early game. Most games these days aren’t even getting to imperial age

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i like the idea of steppe lancer available with the civ but history wise im not so sure if they fit. since it is a game i’d say go ahead. geographic region wise they arent too far to make having steppe looks weird.

steppe lancer isn’t going to do anything to make magyars more competitive


I did not mention making them more competitive. i would just like to see it available.

to make it competitive, they can have steppe lancer starting feudal that would be hella strong

Steppe lancer in feudal would be broken.


You guys are discussing buffs for a civ that is almost perfectly balanced, with the best scout rush, best CA’s, FU paladin, arbalest and best trash unit in the game and i don´t see nobody discussing buffs for the poor turks for example, which in 20 years this civ hasn’t received any buff (only Sipahi, a late castle age tech and only for CA)

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and tournaments tell us another story.

debatable, yeah they get +1 attack, but mongols franks Lithuanians can get there faster.

cav archers are crap right now, 1v1 rarely gets past castle age.

dude you can literally find buff turks threads everywhere. they were widely discussed and everyone proposals have buffs for turks

as some examples.

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yep thats the idea. they can make steppe lancer take longer to train, kinda like cuman’s 2nd tc in feudal.

The ranked stats have had Magyars as a bottom 5 civ for the past several patches. The scout rush is super predictable when playing them and Feudal / Castle is actually where they are at their weakest. Games don’t really go into late Imperial these days

Please no. Magyars and Huns are not like the other “steppe civs”… Steppe lancers should be kept for the central asian civs that game with the golden horde to europe.


why not? switch it up.

They dont need it, they dont want it, they never had it. Why you dont give spanish eagle warriors ? They have some connections to america. Or why not east asians eagles, they are ancestors of native american popoulation arguably. It would just make the civs that have it more generic and less outstanding. If you just divide the world into 5 parts: Cool knight civs, barbaric camel civs, oppressove elephant civs, barbaric steppe civs, and running eagle civs that is not how a game with 35 civs works that wants to promote cultral diversity between the vast sea of steppe culture in central asia.

What would it help magyars that have already sooo freaking broad options… It is just for the memes.

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If the consensus is that Magyars need a buff that doesn’t effect the scout rush, extra vill hp sounds nice.

Could also give them eg discounts 50% food discount on Husbandry and Thumb ring, or free archer armours to complement their free forging. Both of these would help their eco in Castle.
The former conflicts a little with the 50% Bloodlines discount I’d love to see for Tatars, and the latter of course conflicts with giving free archer armours to Italians or Koreans.

Comon they are not that desperately bad. They are not F-Tier. Please try to make a complete civ design no just throw bonuses around that could fit any civ and are used whenever its about buffing a civ.

Free forging and free archer armour ? that doesnt fit at all… That is just a bad justication.

50% food on thumbring and husbandry is also not needed. They already have bonuses affecting these units very much.


that is why i suggest scrapping the current predator bonus and just giving them 20-30% laster longing hunt. not a huge buff, just enough to get them over the hump.

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