Major issues with Hunt Mechanic

Guys we need to work together on this and actually try to get the hunt mechanic reversed to its original state, because as of now, it is capable of causing severe mental damage.

Is it just me, or…?

  1. Hunts are going AWAY from you, not back to their original spawn point, as Ive read in the updates.
  2. Herding doesnt work all the time, sometimes if you shoot in the right direction, animals will run TOWARDS the vil, and not away from it.
  3. Some animals, like turkeys, are super fast! I mean, you shoot them once and they run across, to the other end of the map! (yeah exaggerating a bit, but u know what I mean)
  4. It really is owerwhelming to micro the whole eco (2-3 hunts being herded at the same time), managing vils, etc etc. Let alone you get raids coming in…
  5. If the vils chop up an animal, they auto shoot the next one, usually away from the tc. Just another thing to pay attention to.
  6. The travel distance, the direction, everything is random af and needs constant supervision.

I really wouldnt care if it would work as intended, but its NOT!
Now its just pure frustration. One mistake, or not paying properly attention, and youre toast, and fundamentally everything depends on this in the game.
Seriously… what was so wrong with the previous herding mechanism? Im so close to ditch this game with all the frustrations it is causing with its bugs, inconsistencies, etc etc.

Venting done. Share your opinion on what you guys think.

Fluctuating around rank 800-1000


I hate it when I drop the Toshogu Shrine, and all the Hunts run away 200 kilimeters. so I get no value out of it.
It is also true that the Herding mechanics are awkward. I once shot a Hunt in drection of my TC, with the expectation it would bring them closer, and the whole pack run away to the enemy’s TC, on the other side of the map.


hunts walk too fast too. Sometime I send a vill to herd, and see the animal begin walking away from my vill, at nearly the same speed. Now to make sure I don’t back-herd, I have to sit and watch my vill catch up to the animal, and it can take many seconds. It feels really bad to have to sit and watch during ordinary macro cycles.


I personally shot an animal once to trigger the heard running, then kill several in their cool down and spread villies accordingly. I know it isn’t very efficient and some food will decay away but this frankly makes up for villagers walking around .


Yes, I just shoot the entire Herd as fast as I can, to stop them from migrating to seven maps down the line.

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This is the forth may be fifth post complaining herd in this forum from I have read.

99% players are complaining this and my post complaining herd was created on 19/Jan.

I don’t understand why dev still did nothing to adjust this, the only answer I can get is they don’t know how to fix.

I want to add one into your items.

  1. Every time I press shift for a vil to go further away and shoot back the herd, they will start leaving away after receiving my mouse command, if I don’t watch every time, I can almost sure 90% they will be shot for leaving farer.
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I fear this is intended nerf to hunting / herding.


If they really want to nerf hunting, they can lower the gathering rate.

This is stupid to make players always need to pay attention on the herds.

In the grand scheme of things it makes sense, even though it is very annoying.

  1. The food yield card, which is introduced with DE, is more valuable.
  2. Indirect buff to mills/rice paddies
  3. Makes map control more valuable
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If this is true, they are making regress to the game.

Later may be shift function will be removed for more control?

Shift function was funky in the original game too. But this is a different thing.

I usually shift right click the current animal, then shift right click the next. This usually works fine.

Then they also slow the game down a lot. They want you to go to Fortress quickly, but afterwards depend on Mills for Food, not Hunts.

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Also makes hunting more high risk high reward.

It always was. Your Vills are always the most exposed when hunting.
I honestly believe that the general idea was to make hunting unviable after the Fortress Age.
To make you expose your Vills so much, that the potential Food cost is not worth the gains, so you are forced to make Mills, which basically no one did in the legacy version, as they were seen as too low yield compared to hunts, which were basically just as safe with a little herding (while also having cheaper upgrades).

Nah, hunting was ultra safe in the legacy version. With a bit of micro you could lead several herds to you TC and just hunt behind the confines of your town/maze/army.

Yes. This makes sense. And this is also an indirect nerf to civilisations that favor harassment. It is the kind of smart adjustment that has very little impact in low levels of play back dramatically changes the meta as you get up the skill ladder.

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Do you mean an indirect buff?
Because now they would have a very easy time at harrassing hunts, which is why people now transition to Mills real quick.

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Once you get mills out harassment is much more difficult.
So yeah, it can either be a buff or a nerf, depends on how you see it. The raiding civ has an easier time denying hunts but can become less powerful once you hit age 3 and mill your food out.

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The game also slows down a lot after Age 3, because of the Mill Economy.
I think this was also intentional, as previously people would just send in the 2 Falcs, and go to Industrial almost immediately.

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You can still do it if you have map control.
But on the other hand it forces you to put some mill cards in your deck, trading for unit shipments, thus rushing is less efficient.

I understand the intentions, also makes sense, but this is a job done extremely poor because of the tremendous amount of bugs related to it. FX, hunts can go into TP fundaments while fleeing, and vil is allowed to follow into it. Cant imagine the frustration seeing 3 vils being stuck just to be deleted, otherwise it totally screws up the “idle vil” function.

I believe this mechanic is now very rewarding for cav raiding/harassing civs, and crazy good advantage on those ones, who are fine without it, or need less hunting (Japan/India).

And thats pretty much my problem. Im at a point where its SUPER stressful to pay attention to every single thing, while civs like Japan, are super laid back, no stress, almost zero tax on nerves. Pretty much all res generating houses lift a gigantic amount of stress off your shoulders. I think im a good player. My micro is a lot better then my rank indicates. But its impossible to win against those civs who can focus 100% on the battle, while I have to zigzag and supervise everything at the same time. If I don’t, I won the battle, but there are 15 vils doing nothing for god knows how long.

And this is a built in factor for the majority of the civs.

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