Make the old Minor Civilisations great again

The 5 new African Minor Civilisations (Natives) are more interesting and better than the old American and Asian Minors.
They have some interesting and new ideas like unlocking a Hero unit, giving things like poison damage or salt mines.

Every Minor Civilisations gets one new Technology

  • Can unlock a Mercenary unit
  • Can unlock a Hero unit
  • Can give poison damage
  • Can give (Gold) mine, Mango Grove, (Cherry) Orchard
  • Can unlock second native unit

Also the two African Civilisations get an additional bonus for allying with Minor Civilisations, they get a 0.5 Influence trickle.

Bonus for Minor Ally

  • Native Americans get a “ghost” villager at the Ceremonial Plaza
  • Asians get an Export trickle
  • Europeans could get XP trickle or something else

New content

  • New Native American and maybe also Asian Mercenary units
  • New “Buildings” like an Orchard that doesn’t have Cherries
  • New Hero units

IRC TP on minor civs giving XP was tested on some version of the ESOC patch (the patch that DE was based) but was scrapped.

I’ve heard of that. Just giving a 0.5 XP trickle is not really a good solution. But I don’t know what would be a good alternative for Europeans.
Asians have Export as unique resource and the Community Plaza is also kinda like a resource.

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