Making royal guard units more special?

Right now the royal guard only has “name change + 10% additional bonus” and it’s quite expensive. Generally I feel it is still not unique enough. Here are some of my thoughts to make royal guard upgrades more special and fun:

Recent patches introduce more upgrades that add some special traits besides the common 20%/30%/50% bonus, e.g. +0.25x heavy inf for imperial longbowman and +10% additional bonus for exalted sepoy. Before DE this only happens to Gurkha which gain +1 range and LOS for each upgrade.

What if royal guard upgrades also come with some civ-specific special traits? For example, redcoat musketeer has +10% additional damage and legionario musketeer has +10% additional hp (just making this up) on top of the 40% damage/hp bonus.

This is inspired from some new revolutionary units. Some of them are based on common units but has a modified portrait with the same pose as the base unit and unique skin, e.g. hajduks/renegado and wallachian/cavalry archer. This could also be done for royal guard.

(At present the skin change is even bugged. See Guard units appearance change? and German Skirmisher's appearance doesn't change after upgrade to Imperial level)


I agree that royal guard units should have different look than normal guard units.


I am more in favour of making royal guard upgrades cheaper. I think the devs did the right thing in introducing the special buffs in imperial age since tbh there isnt that much of an incentive to go Imp in a normal game since its pretty costly and you dont get a tech advantage most units are unlocked. This way the imp upgrades can grant buffs that would make going imp worth it.

So more special buffs in Imp is welcomed, even for royal guards unit imo

Agree on the aesthetic changes.

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For example, I think Imp Jans, Redcoats and the Port Musketeers could do with a speedboost in their imp upgrades. This will make them much more viable in the lategame

Want to bring this up again. Additional 800 res for just a 10% hp/dmg boost is not worth it especially when compared to the crazy buffs we see since this post was written.
Actually no. Those upgrades are not even worth it before DE.

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creo que comente algo así hace mucho tiempo, pero a nadie le gusto xd

A Royal Guard upgrade cost 1000w/1000c, but
If a normal Guard upgrade cost 600w/600c and give +30% hp/dmg
Then a Royal Guard upgrade should cost 800w/800c if what it gives is +40% hp/dmg


Agreed, 800/800 is far more reasonable, as it is I often upgrade other units before I get royal guard because it’s so expensive, you can upgrade 2 regular units for not much more in cost.

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Or the bonus should be 20% instead of 10%, or make it scale somehow on top of other upgrades.