Malay Are Underrated In Four Lakes Need Nerf

I easily won even though my teammate quit. Malay are overpowered on water maps especially since there age up faster bonus is not working they are still op and need Nerf. Devs should start with just permanently getting rid of that age up faster bonus to begin with. Im blue.

What makes them OP in your opinion?
The unlimited food fishtraps? - while it was a strong bonus in this case you would still a similar army size with a normal farm/fishtrap economy and some lumberjacks
The trash milita line? - affording the 20 gold would not have been a problem too as you had plenty of gold in the bank

What made you win was the wonder victory, that your opponents didn’t seem to know/care that there is a lot of fish on the map and that they lacked any team coordination.

And lastly, calling for nerfs based on some special setting low elo 2v2 is not the right approach


Have you ever played HD? Remember voobly? Malay weren’t OP back then, and certainly, not OP here.


you easily won cuz you and your opponents are ‘not very good’ at aoe2, to put this nicely. Simple as that.


Can it be stranger? Noob bashing other noobs

You are playing with 500 pop.Try doing the same with 200 and we can talk

Playing on a Ludikris sized map with 500 pop, at a level where players don’t farm around the TC, don’t take boars, build houses in perfect squares and build a tower to kill an enemy scout parked under their TC.

I think we will pass on the balance advice.


I find it even more ironic that this fella right here does these kinds of stuff:

And then creates civ OP topics



if you dont believe me than 1v1 me on rust. I mean four lakes

Cheats on I suppose?

Cobra car is a cheat unit, not a Malay unit.

I am bad at four lakes, but this looks like easy win. You can play against someone else.

3 months ago you posted a thread asking for advice on how to play as Teutons (you deleted it but not the associated video) It took you 3 months to forget you were a noob too and start bashing noobier players. Disgusting.