Mangonels broken

This is really why I’m pissed tbh

Another symptom of lazy development and now we have to deal with unmanned tank bombard

Why does any thread proposing siege nerfs essentially become a ‘everyone on the forum vs one particular person’. Every time lol.


Bc someone always gotta say some stupid ■■■■

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I agree with everything except that bombard should kill springald for 2 shots, bombard should do 2 shots only for culverins.

It too cheap too fast too sturdy and can shoot at close range.

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Only 1 person mentioned the elephants… Springalds should do the bonus seige damage to elephants… spears hardly counter elephants, Delhi push in early castle with a couple elephants 20 archers and a mangonel is really hard to stop even if you have 2-3 springalds, longbow and spears.

yeah minimum range on mangonels at the very least, same with nest of bees. friendly fire on those two would be so much more realistic. nerf bombard damage to infantry and buildings would be good, when you come in with 4 bombards and 2-shot a landmark or an upgraded keep it makes the game stupid.


My crossbowmen barely do any damage to elephants :smiling_face_with_tear: :smiling_face_with_tear: :smiling_face_with_tear:

The trick is to super micro the spears.

if you only have 20 spears ALL 20 of those have to attack a single elephant to kill it

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Spearmen work fine as a counter to Elephants, so do springalds. If you make elephants die to a few springald shots, why make them? 400 food 600 gold for a unit slower than siege that is countered by the cheapest infantry unit.

Mangonels do have a minimum range. Just run up to them from a side or don’t take a bad engagement against them with your units and you’ll be fine.

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I guess it’s another good reason to nerf siege movement speed to make elephants more useful as antisiege unit.

I wonder how much of an effect the split formation (if and when added) would have on nerfing mangonels.

in AoE ii it makes siege alot worse

Man any formations would make me happy

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I got a different idea for siege. Make bombards cost 100% more and keep all stats the same. Also make China’s siege created via the clock tower cost a percentage more associated with the increase in hp/power.

Only changes then I’d like are make ranges all standard. Besides Hp allow reload times to be adjusted rather than range.

awful idea. You can not “balance” just by increasing prices. Rich will buy anyway, but poor people will struggle.

until you are a dev who wants to kill TGs completely.

Player A will get 30+ mangonels/bombards but a little bit slower. But in the end of the day, he wont loose mangonels/bombards, because they unkillable. Also player B wont be able to build counter bombards/mangonels, because he invested units in the army.

Or some one build Wonder, to kill it fast you need 1200 gold per bombard.
So, build wonder +walls, the opponent could do only 4-5 bombards, for same resources as wonder.

At lower level of play where players wait until they are max everything to fight sure, you’re right; it changes nothing;

but in mid- to pro level of play bombards won’t be spammable b/c you’ll never have 2k res/bombard worth of res to spam several bombards; at most you’d get 2-3 (6000 resources); and when 6000 resources can be counterd by 2500 resources (5 springalds), you’ll think twice about spaming 6000+ res vs enemies 2500 resources.

I think top1000-top2000 deserves some love.

You just make some army in early T4, and after add seige trying to stall game, in the end the transaction into siege will be slower but still worth it.

Bombards have +1 range. 10 bombards will wipe 4-6 springalds, while they coming.
And i’m talking about armies of bombards.

With current HP they unkillable, just repair and be fine.
1 hit == dead unit. 30-40 bomabrds will certainly do 3-4 free hits. It’s 100+ units are ded.

Certainly it will do some impact… but in general not too much.

When i’ve done 30 bombards, i lost 3-4 through the whole game (without pikes in the front).

Yo just dropping by to say the siege conversation is getting some attention, and to streamline reading if you guys would take ideas over to this thread about siege and specifically bombards.

Dev SavageEmpire dropped a reply wanting to know our thoughts on siege

(Or if a mod would merge the three topics associated :slight_smile: )

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springalds already out range bombards and when u research the imperial upgrade they get another +1 (+2?) range over bombards.

Firstly you misunderstood what I said. I said at lower levels making bombard cost double would mean nothing since at lower levels they wait until 40min into the game after they get ALLLLLLLL the upgrades to fight.

HOWEVER in higher competitive matches players do NOT wait until they have max resources and max upgrades to fight WHICH MEANS they will seldom be able to afford 6000 resources for 3 bombards (ASSUMING THEY DOUBLE THE PRICE OF BOMBARDS FROM 1K RES TO 2K/EACH). Meanwhile EVEN IF someone can afford 6000 resources of bombards (3 bombards now…); the opposing player can hopefully afford just 2500 resources for springalds (5 springalds…5 springalds one shot a bombard, and they out range bombards).

So yes not only would it reduce the total number of bombards that could be afforded on the field at one time but also it would be extremely inefficient if one person wants to just spam bombards meanwhile the opponent can counter the bombard spam for LESS than HALF the cost of the bombards.

If mangonel are broken just play them guys , all civ have mangonel and can use them …
If you want to play only inf or cav go play to chivalry medieval warfare