Map of Civilizations I want in AOE2

This is a map of the civilizations I hope to see in AOE2 overtime. It was inspired by someone else’s post I found in reddit and one in this forums. But these are civilizations I want in the game and does not represent anything else. I made this world map based on googling and wikipedia articles I found on these civilizations. I’m pretty sure I might have missed some important ones. Made this for myself, but might as well share it here.

I hope I was able to correctly place the civilizations in their locations.

Let me know if I missed some imporant ones you’d like to see in game.

PS: This doesn’t include civilizations in Middle or Late Antiquity

Most of the Icons used were from this amazing post in this forum. I made a few new ones, which I couldn’t find there.


Javanese marked incorrectly on map.

austrians seem to be mostly overlapping with bohemians. the austro-hungarian empire controlled bohemia, but that’s way later

and yeah, Javanese seem to be everywhere but Java 11

Fixing that now 11

(Google showed me The Mapajahit Empire when I searched Javanese Empire)

Missing some Precolumbian United States representative as well as some Oceanian civs.

In terms of DLC I’d go:

1a. North America/ Central Africa/Oceania/South Africa
1b. Central Africa/ North America/Oceania/South Africa
1c. Oceania/ Central Africa/ North America/South Africa
1d. South Africa/Oceania/ Central Africa/ North America
2a. South America/ Central America/ West Africa/East Africa
2b. West Africa/ East Africa/ South America/ Central America
2c. East Africa/ South America/ Central America/South America
2d. Central America/South America/ East Africa/ West Africa
4. Sinosphere/Central Asia/South East Asia
5. Caucasus/South Asia because there’s way too many distinct kingdoms here (Both with new sets though)
6. Swiss (if it’s absolutely necessary)/Any Balkan civ with a new arch set
7. Non-Slavic Balkan civ
8. Slavic Balkan

Please no:

  1. Any Italian city state (There’s Sicilians, Italians and Romans already. You really want Venetians?)
  2. Habsburg (Way too Renaissance and feel not distinctive enough to justify a civ slot)
  3. Generally speaking splitting each civ in the region you’re coming from (stuff like Welsh, Picts, Westphalians, Pommerians, Silesians,…)
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Well, this is his list of his preferences. Maybe he doesn’t want Oceania/NA? I actually like most of his American picks except for the Mapuche. But, that’s more of a timeline issue than anything, I think they’d be great for AOE3.


That might be just too many civs in the end. I hope we can have something like AgeIII or AgeIV that you can choose a preset civ circle first, then specify/change civ every time you age up.

If I had to remove some, it would be these ones:

America: I was quite selective in America so, not really much to remove from here. Other than maybe Mapuches, because they shined after Spanish Contact.

Europe: Croats, Austrians. Well Europe is quite full even now. I don’t mind removing these two. But I feel like Venetians are appreciated in the community and I would like to respect their opinions too.

Central Asia: Ghurids, as they are somewhat poorly covered by Hindustanis.

Southeast Asia: Chams, Javanese. Really lacking knowledge in this part of the world.

South Asia: Rajputs, as they are somewhat covered by Gurjaras I guess. Not removing Tamils, because they are basically the Dravidians renamed.

Africa: Nothing to remove, I feel like I was quite selective here. Songhai can feel like they are somewhat out of AOE2 timeline, but mid 1500s feels fine to me. Removing any civ from Africa feels bad, because they are so underrepresented.

Caucasus: Nothing to remove, underrepresented region.

East Asia: Need more East Asian civs, BUT I guess Tibetans can be removed so that the game can be played in China. Although I hope they don’t ban it in China even with Tibetans in it.

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I was just doing this. The Precolumbian United States+Canada and Oceania are part of those missing important ones.


Ohhhh, I see. My bad, then.

Although, I am curious; out of the ones in the Americas he did list, what is your most anticipated?

From what I’ve heard of the Chinese playerbase, the old Tibetan Empire should fit in fine w/o censorship. They’re taught about it in their school curriculum, so I don’t see why they couldn’t be added. It’s usually contemporary Tibet (aka 1800s+) that gets censored due to the CCP propaganda iirc.


When I did a poll last year about which factions to add in the Americas, Chimu and Zapotecs were the most popular choices followed by Mississippians and then Mapuches. I have to say that aside from the poll being a year old, I didn’t think to include the Muiscas.

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Tamils and Rajputs are already the game.

Somalis is like 3x bigger

Spoke with an Austrian who said that they dont belong to aoe2.

OP already acknowledged that.

He is clever. Having a civ in AoE3 is better as he will get to see unlimited units and Techs unlike in AoE2 which has limited unique units and techs.

Personally I think there would only be respectively one “Burgundian civ” for the Aztecs and for the Incas, so only one of the Purepacha and Zapotec and one of the Mapuche and Chimu might be picked. The Purepacha civ with metal weapon could be attractive. On the other hand, the Mapuche would be more decent as a civ in AoE3, even though the trainable Native American rider would be quite an interesting feature.

Only the Muisca have no neighboring civs to represent, so they should be there.

Europe should be considered along with the Caucasus. They have close culture and history.
I would call this region the “Black Sea”.

Vlachs, Georgians, and Armenians.
If we really indeed need a naval Slavic civ in this region, Croats.

The Kazars are covered by the Cumans representing the Turkic states that were located in the western Steppe and actively interacting with Europeans. Also, I don’t believe there is a need for more Italian and German civs in the foreseeable future.

I think, a large part of the purpose of the introduction of Hindustanis is to cover the Islamic forces in Afghanistan and Pakistan who had invaded India, so the Ghurids should be fine.

The Chams had actually established a once-great Austronesian kingdom in Indochina. They successfully sacked Angkor in 1177, and the weapons they used inspired the Khmer ballista elephants.

The Javanese are actually heavily covered by the Malay civ in the game. Basically, this civ is the Javanese civ.

No need in the foreseeable future.
I think they would compete with other Europeans like Venetians at that point in time.

The amount you listed requires at least 3 DLC.
I would only prioritize Nubians, Kanembu, Kongolese, Somalis and Shona. Even this way we can already have a very large amount of new content full of African flavor to enjoy for a long while.

CCP is not afraid of Tibetan civilization, but they are afraid that the content of the game will be used to insinuate modern political views that they do not like. Even a game like Animal Crossing, whose world view has nothing to do with the real world, got banned by the CCP because some players draw signs related to Hong Kong and Tibet in the game. Imagine if someone created a scenario that the Tibetan civ rebelled against Chinese civ and implied modern politics. This might be risky.

I also look forward to the Tibetan civilization, and I don’t think CCP will ban the entire game just because of one or two cases of game content being abused.
But who knows?


Because in fact they are already represented by the Malays…

That’s true, let’s stop with Italy… In fact, the Venetians are already represented also in AoE 3 with the Italian Home City…

Already represented in AoE 3…

That’s true…They are not going to put a CIV for every kingdom they can think of, the whole game is distorted like this…“Empires” are supposed to enter, not tiny kingdoms, this is not a Paradox game…

True, although they could enter AoE 2 for a minimum time slot (1485-1600) … After that they would only go in AoE 3…

In AoE 2 would be:

Unique Unit:Mapuche Ironwood Clubman: Mapuche warrior with a large two-handed club.Strong against cavalry and buildings and weak against ranged infantry. (it similiar more or less to the Jaguar Warrior)

Unique Castle Age tech: Mapuche Tactics: Melee infantry get +50% siege attack (for castle rush)

Unique Imperial Age tech: Mapuche Ad-mapu: All units cost -10% coin (gold in the case of AoE 2) (it when you are lacks for gold in the latter stages of the match)…

Of course, in fact there are not many great civs of America to put in the game without being related to the European conquest…

Venetians I don’t think and Croatians on the other side can be…you could have Tomislav campaign in the tenth century or Kresimir and Gojslav, Petar the Great, Demetrius Zvonimir or Petar Svačić in the eleventh century, then already in the twelfth century Croatia becomes part of Hungary and the Habsburgs from the sixteenth century until the First World War …

The Chams are Vietnamese and the Javanese are Malays…

Of course…

The Songhai were “in control” of the Malians, who are already in the game… But I do not rule it out in the future…

I think that after Return of Rome they will go to that area putting a rework to the Slavs and Persians…

You know they will… Even bringing in the Uighurs too…

Haudenosaunee, Anasazis and Tongans, why not?..

ah, no problem then…

Of course, there is something to get from…

Yes, it can be… In fact the Mapuche in AoE 3 are easier to do since they would be a copy and paste of the Lakotas as it happens in the mod Wars of Liberty…

Of course, is what I was going to comment, many civs that are requested are already underrepresented by other larger civs in one way or another…America and Africa, on the other hand, are the most underrepresented areas of the whole game since TC and TAK…not to mention Oceania (i.e. hello? Tongan Empire?) …

Yes, it is still better not to risk…

The Chams were not conquered by the Vietnamese until the end of the 15th century. Before that, they had their own kingdom, the Kingdom of Champa. I would think they deserve their own civilization.


Yes, but the Chams are in fact already represented by the Khmer and Vietnamese…

No. In fact, they don’t.
Both the Chams and Siamese are the blanks in SEA.

The Cham people speak the Cham language and the Tsat language (the latter is spoken by the Utsul, a Cham sub-group on China’s Hainan Island), the two Chamic languages from the Malayo-Polynesian branch of the Austronesian family…ergo they are Malayans living in Vietnam…of the Siamese twins I give you the reason,although perhaps they keep it for AoE 3 for the wars between Burma and Siam during the early modern period…