[Map/scenario] Camel Nothing

Hi everyone,

It’s been a few months since I visited the forum, and also since I made this. I was planning on doing a test with human opponents and then properly figuring out all the best ways to publish this, but then other things were really interesting and it ended up on the pile of projects I am totally going to get to one day, which is a shame, because the map itself is completely finished and just lots and lots of chaossy goodness.

This is a custom scenario in the style of an 8 person random map (as I don’t know map scripting) called Camel Nothing.

8 players worth of villagers find themselves in the middle of a barren desert, surrounded by 3250 camels. 3251 if you count the one drawn on the ground in the center of the map.

Kill or delete 4 different types of animal for resources. Camels (6 of them are found around your TC) give a boar sized carcass when killed or deleted, wild camels (found everywhere) spawn a baobab tree, bactrian camels (there are 3 near your TC) turn into a stone mine and wild bactrian camels (found everywhere, but they seem to be attracted to TC’s and a little to the camel on the ground at the center of the map) turn into solid gold.

For extra fun all camel units have +1 attack, +1/+1 armor and +1 LOS. This map is best enjoyed with a camel civ. Join the madness!

Beware! There is one major bug. Ones you build a lumber camp or mining camp your vilagers will start preferring dropping the related resources off there rather than at the TC. It appears to be a bug caused by the off-grid resources. Don’t worry, all your opponents are having the same issue.

The AI does not know how to get resources, and while you can go out there and kill their camels for them the map is best enjoyed with fellow humans.

The files attached are the scenario itself and a version of the explanatory text that’s also in this post.

If this should have been posted in Mod Discussion instead feel free to move it moderators.

If anyone is looking for another camel-mad player for their game, contact me some time in advance and if I can I’ll happily join you.


This mod was created by Pan Calvus, with support from the more camels platform.


Camel Nothing.aoe2scenario (40.2 KB)
Camel Nothing.txt (1.1 KB)