Maphack is possible on DE

I made a video of myself analyzing the record of a rated game I recently played where my opponent was obviously maphacking. This player needs to be banned as soon as possible, and I hope this hack is patched soon.

Recorded game file: Maphack.age3Yrec (3.5 MB)


11 edits on that answer, and calls me “neckbeard” :smiley:

At least you edited out the “There’s no evidence of map hacking” part, probably because you realized there is?
Anyway what’s even your point in this post? You’re just typing useless sentences one after the other, and at the end of the day there isn’t any content in your post besides “you’re a nerd” and “aoe3 sucks”. I think you should refrain from posting here if aoe3 is that bad and if you have no idea what you’re talking about.


Not sure why you need to be a jerk.

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@GMEvangelos 20 char

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100% sure it is maphack.
Good job @Kaiserklein analyzing the video and reporting here on the forum.

Does anyone know if there is any way for me to block this player?
Is there any way he can change the nickname in the game?

This player is in the top 37 1v1 currently. I blocked this player and made a report within the game itself.
I encourage other players to do the same.


I do not understand why some people need to win so badly that they cheat. It just ruins it. Maybe I am missing something, but to me, it’s just not fun to win that way. Glad you found this and reported it. Hopefully they use the Ban Hammer and show no mercy to those that exploit and cheat at the game.


Wow. Good find.
This guy is notorious in chinese community. His ID means “nigge-r” literally. Some players have reported him in early days but it seems he’s not been banned.

Now he changes his name. But its still an insulting word.


Hope devs take it into consideration and ban his DE and steam account.



Nice detective work kaiser


all u need to see is from 5:30 in the video

does treasure appear ramdonly? or always in the same place? im not talking about what gives the treasure but where they are on 1vs1

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The good treasures (though their content is random) spawn on the same locations on all maps I believe and can be efficiently sought out with a good scouting pattern. Even so it is of course impossible to nail down the exact locations of all wood treasures with pin point accuracy, as evidently done by the supposed maphacker in the original post.

by the way, any video on how to beat aztecs using russia?

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He has many eso accs like:
qwert13 tianbatua 纵横四海……

I think replies should be kept to the topic of the post.

Yes they are random.


No they’re randomly dispersed. Some maps have them spawn in certain regions of the map but they’re still placed randomly. No way without hacks to find treasures as accurately as this guy did.


I doubt that this guy going to get a ban.

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Look at that. We get some cheaters. Yikes! Good report here, Just wondering If the AOE3 team will care

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Are his games recorded? It is better to see what other cheats he knows about. If he has several, studios will prioritize an anti-cheating fix. What if we get players using cheats less conspicuously ?
It will still harm the game base and cause the small community to abandon DE.