Marinelord's brand new patch suggestions

This is my repost of his reddit post.

"Hello guys it’s me again ! A balance patch recently arrived but a bigger one will come soon ! Game changed so i decided to update my ideas, i’ll share this on reddit but also with the aoe4 balance team !

So what changed since my last thread :

Horsemen were buffed in the right way i like it now it makes sense this way in my opinion

The mongols nerf are obviously way too small but i feel like they just wanted to do that to stop people from spamming tower rush, but i don’t think it was the right way to nerf them and expect way more in the next patch

They fixed alot of delhi bug, not all of them sadly ! The balance change were fine i just hope they add a few more things

Proscout got nerfed in a nice way i believe

Brace fixed for delhi and hre amazing

Rus got nerfed due to proscout being nerfed + Horse archer and warrior monks nerfed ! Very well done in my opinion

China got their firelancers nerfed which is obviously great ! Didn’t have time to try out the postpatch firelancer so i’m not gonna share my opinion about them i really don’t know if they are still too OP or too weak now

Now my patch

Overall changes :

Remove cavalry(scout/elephants/knights) cancel animation (they are going to do it i know)

Nerf fishing gathering rate for boats

Scout is a pretty big issue (especially due to how rus produce them), as in aoe4 u can’t avoid getting harassed by just walling off your ressources with a few walls like in aoe2, i’m really not sure how to fix that but it’s a big concern to me, the meta is to just send scout to harass worker line before feudal, will get nerfed with the animation cancel removal but will still be a problem .

Reduce cost of trebuchet to 400w/200g, reduce the heavy RNG in its shot against buildings to make it a more viable play

Culverin should be able to shoot through walls as much as the springalds, if you consider changing the speed of siege unit keep culverin this way for now?

Ribaudequin cost goes to 400w/500g (right now 400w/600g), i don’t think this unit will ever find its place in the meta but lets give it a bit of love

Nerf springalds/bombards/mangonnels/nest of bees mobility slightly

Cavalry should do more damage to siege (incoming great)

They said that they would take care of demolition ship, massive gamebreaker bug right now hope they do it succesfully

After this water change i’m very worried that the lategame on river map will be to control water with age 4 ships ! I think those ships should stick to having a longer range than the ground siege to not make it unbearable on pure water map, but that siege should do way more damage to boats so that on river maps where they can’t use their insane range they can be countered by ground play

French :

French hulk will never find a good point of balance with the current design, a galley will simply never be able to deal with this unit due to its nature, if thats a possibility i just hope at some point that you replace this ship by something else, its pretty much an autolose against some ships and an autowin against galley

Guild hall maximum stack becomes 5K ressources

Delhi :

More bugs remain

Reduce time to get university’s upgrade by at least 15/20% , those upgrades are way too important and delhi is already suffering in lategame !

Abbassides :

Don’t massively buff them they are slightly weaker than everyone else so i’d like for them to get a few buff at a time, their feudal is their real problem they are already extremely decent in mid/lategame

Abbassides gets to age up 10 to 15 second faster from dark age to feudal age

Preservation of Knowledge goes from 50w/125g to 25w/100g

Camel support goes from 50f/125g to 25f/100g

Fresh foodstuffs goes from 50f/125g to 25f/100g

I’ve seen alot of people talking about buffing the amount of building needed to reach each golden age ! I disagree strongly about this, i understand that it might be hard for a lower level player to reach those bonuses quickly but buffing them would hurt high level play considerably as it would make abbassides midgame way too strong, pretty much like what HRE is right now !


HRE is in a really weird spot right now, it looks like its pretty weak at low level but at high level its considered a really high tier civ on most maps, i have honestly no idea how to fix that

Meinwerk’s palace gives a 30% discount instead of 25%

Regnitz needs a nerf i’d say that allowing to get 5 relics in there and making every relics 200% instead of 300% would be a nice possibility

Palace of swabia is obviously ridiculously strong, i think it should remain “broken” like many other things in this game but we might want to nerf it a little bit, i’d love to see it going from 1920f/960g to the normal price of imperial age which is 2400F/1200g

Non balance related i had a bug happening to me multiple time where i got my emergency repairs connected to my docks, was visibly connected but the game was telling me that it wasn’t in the influence of my TC, which is extremely gamebreaking when you rely purely on that to buy time !

Russians :

A big nerf happened but i still think russians is really good, especially on hybrid/water maps due to the nature of their scouts and how strong lodya ship is in feudal, also their lategame is very very strong

Scout is a problem right now but especially more with rus as you can create them with their “mill”, making a few of them to first get all the hunt and then proceed to make them sit on your opponent’s gold mine with no cost effective counterplay is a problem in dark age, I think a suiting nerf would be to nerf the building time of the scout on their mill, which will nerf how fast they discover the map and take care of all the hunt, it will allow the opponent to get to feudal more safely/have more time to make a tower to defend themselves

Lodya ship needs to be looked at, it needs a slight nerf .

Rus is the best civ with chinese in lategame due to their siege and their streltsys, i think streltsys are extremely strong and can be slightly nerfed but i’d rather see a change to the springalds bonus range in high armory, in my opinion there should be no such things as banded arms (give 1.5tile range buff to springalds) and pyrotechnics for chinese (+20% range to gunpowders units) in the game, anything else is fine, more life/more damage , but having more range will just give you very boring situation where one guy can sits behind walls and push with castles/walls without ever being worried

As high armory is obviously the way way way stronger choice of age4 for rus I think the only way you make the spasskaya tower viable, is that you reduce its price like the palace of swabia, having a faster/cheaper age up but removing your ability to make extremely powerful siege upgrade is a potential nice idea to balance a few landmarks in my opinion

Chinese :

As we know the balance team is already gonna nerf siege strongly so i don’t think nerfing the clocktower is mandatory anymore

As previously said my only problem with china is the way too high range bombards, i hope they can replace pyrotechnics (+20% range to gunpowders units) with something else, or to make this bonuses 10% more range instead of 20% so bombards still lose to springalds/culverin

I’d love to see a slight song dynasty nerf, going from 35% faster villager production to 20/25% BUT at the same time give chinese a discount on every secondary landmarks to get easier dynasty !

Second age 2 landmarks goes from 400F/200g to 300f/150g

Second age 3 landmarks goes from 1200F/600g to 900F/450g

Second age 4 landmarks goes from 2400F/1200G to 2000F/1000G (this dynasty is very strong i’m scared of going down too much in price might make china way too broken since the civ is already super good in lategame)

Didn’t think deeply about thoses price change, it can easily be tweeked obviously

English :

English is pretty strong but very weak at the same time as it is extremely easy to read them, its honestly very hard to think of any buff that wouldn’t make them broken so i’m not gonna say anything except giving a few ideas !

Buff to their galley (why don’t they deal any damage??)

Abbey of kings on top of healing now acts as a mill and produce a free farm , capped at 10/12farms ! I’d love to see what you guys think of that , i think you can potentially give them a single farm when it spawns, then 1min for the first new farm, then 1min30 for the second new farm …

Their lategame will be very strong if you nerf siege that might be a huge buff to them

Mongols : (pretty much the same as last thread)

After reading comments about my last thread, i think that people underestimate how broken mongols is, I didn’t like increasing the cost of their tower .

Ovoo gives stone too quickly

Ovoo giving two units for the price+building time of one is way too strong/need a rework, i’d love to see it being the cost+building time of 2 units giving you 3 units

The khan is way too strong AT EVERY AGE, his damage should go from 2 to 1 dark age, 4 to 2 feudal age and 12 to 6 castle age, his arrows buff+long range shooting is already enough to make it broken, please reduce its damage

The khan dying isn’t big enough right now, need to either nerf the cooldown of the respawn, or to make the player pay to remake it

Stone cost of pretty much everything needs to be higher

Yam networks needs to be nerfed, either make it affect only infantry/army or only villagers, right now both the mongols army and economy is too strong

Massive nerf to the steppe redoubt, 50% goes down to at least 20% maximum in my opinion

Slight nerf to pasture efficiency

Thanks for reading i took a few hours thinking about this ! Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts"


I honestly disagree with quite some points. I don’t understand why a 100g discount does anything for the siege shotty. I also don’t see a problem with scouts after the AC nerf harrassing villagers. You need like 5 of them to kill one before it travels the whole map to the town center.

I also feel alot suggestions are quite… boring. It really reads like he’s mainly concerned about having a stable meta, to keep making money with it, but there are better ways to balance the game and broaden the meta imo.


who cares what his suggestions are. Let the devs do their jobs.

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His Abbey of Kings suggestion is the bit I found interesting.

“Abbey of kings on top of healing now acts as a mill and produce a free farm , capped at 10/12farms ! I’d love to see what you guys think of that , i think you can potentially give them a single farm when it spawns, then 1min for the first new farm, then 1min30 for the second new farm …”

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ideas for abasí I did it in a post


Pros all have specific and usually good ideas about how to balance other Civs.

but for Mongols they all just like me in my rant post: Hmmmm, they are too strong I don’t know where to begin, let’s see what the devs gonna do next.



I am glad that they oppose the cancellation of animation. On the explorer, he has a lot of life, but they shouldn’t lower it, reduce his damage similar to kah which is 2, if I’m not mistaken, that would be fine; the bonus against other explored that it has is good.

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Mongols can still rush towers if the map benefits them

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LOL, the Mongols is not an infantry civ! This guy has no idea about this game…

The Chinese Imperial official can do this to all kinds of resources and even boost productions at 20%. LOL. He just hates the Mongols so much… He clearly is too biased and no idea about it.


it is boring because the whole balance structure of the game is, quite boring.

besides the Mongols that is, but that is also why it’s so hard to balance the Mongols because of the uniqueness, I honestly don’t want to see them get rid of those powerful mechanics of the Mongols but meanwhile I know they ain’t gonna be able to make other Civs this unique.

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the research time in Delih , the reduction is exponential for each scholar housed, 20 scholars can fit in the madrasa, which avoids having to build several mosques. For example, if I want to investigate chemistry, with 12 scholars, it takes 22m30s. I divide that by 1.125^12, which gives 22.5/1.125^12=5.47, that is, 5m with 28s. If I build 2 madrassas, that time is practically half.

LINK [Suggestion] Delhi research time - #20 by HasanIchess

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The HRE is really in an awkward position. It is both insanely strong and very weak. Regnitz and Swabia are clearly broken, but at the same time the link that prevents HRE from breaking apart. A few tweaks are not enough, the faction needs a bigger overhaul.


I still haven’t even established if this is intended or a bug

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i’m pretty agree with all of that.

maybe a bit dubitativ for abassid buff maybe it’ should be fix the camel with that. Or give the first technologie of each wing for free. In comparison if youhave a landmark you have the bonus included on the age price. why not abassid?

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Toutes les idées sont pertinentes je trouve(20% portée poudre chine, linéarité de la civ anglaise, vitesse/déploiement siège, 300% Regnitz , ect ect…)j’espère que cela sera lu par les DEV et donnera des idées !

Moi je trouve juste bizarre que personne ne semble gêné par le fait que l’abbasside n’est que 2 Landmark… sachant que les 2 sont quasiment toujours assez proche, cela fait de cette civ un cible très facile a éliminé contrairement a la chine qui est tout l’inverse, ou d’autre qui ont des bâtiments défensifs, qui se déplacent…

Après je ne suis pas dans le top500 des meilleurs joueurs mon analyse est peu être pas bonne…

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I would love to see dynamic age up landmark pricing.

Like calculate the number of times the Meinwerk palace has been played in games vs the other landmark and give a cost addition / discount to a player based on how often one or the other is being built.

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Always know our mongolian keyboard warrior will show up to defend the mongol and give us the wisdom that literally noone knows, literally. XD

And this time he trying to discredit the player who won most of AoE4 tournaments XDD


:grinning: :grinning: :grinning:I think you are right,


that doesn’t mean he is a person who knows everything about that civ and is written through his emotions and biases.

Look we are all not perfect.
If you look for perfection, you will waste your life.

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I think, if I were the top player in the world, I would refute this article. It’s a pity I’m not. I’m still watching the replays of top players. Since I don’t know much about civilization, why should I refute others? Just because I can hit the keyboard? What do you think :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:We should learn with humility, :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:He speaks very comprehensively, I think it’s the creation of someone who knows all civilizations