Mechanics and characteristics of Age of Empires 3, which should not be missing in Age of Empires 4

Good evening colleagues, I am a very devoted player of the series, but my favorite game of all is AoE3. Although I understand that the vast majority do not like the game and certain mechanics such as the homecity or shipments and experience system, there are excellent mechanics in AoE3 that cannot be lacking in AoE4.

Some proposals came out of this post from ESOC, the largest and oldest AoE3 community that exists.

Set up treasures around the map.

In AoE3 maps, there are a lot of treasures scattered around the map. Some of these are protected by guardians, most offer resources in the early game, others provide units or even upgrades. Depending on the gain of the treasure, it will be more difficult to take it based on the guardians.
I think this is an excellent mechanic, it can be very good adherence to the game and it would give it a touch of realism.



Introduces a batch unit production system.

This is going to be very controversial, if nobody likes the idea it is totally understandable. In AoE3, most military units are produced in batches ranging from 5 to 10 maximum in some cases. I personally consider that reverting to the old one-by-one production system is a major downgrade of the game. It is a very big and important change for most, but it will give more dynamism and speed to the game, perhaps it could be a special mechanic for a new game mode.


Snare mechanic

Snare is a status effect in Age of Empires III, that reflects a speed movement penalty applied to units being affected by melee attacks and some ranged units.

It’s a really interesting mechanic in the game, and it allows more than anything to punish opponents for mistakes.

Explorer/hero unit

All the civilizations of AoE3 begin with a hero, who is in charge of exploring and taking treasures, he is an immortal unit and as the game progresses he takes on different roles, it would be very interesting if the same applied in AoE4, with a Unique hero for each civilization with unique abilities.

Instant resource collection

This can also be controversial, but in my humble opinion, going back to the old eco with vill drop points system, is going back in time, the automatic resource collection was a great addition to the game.

Set certain details that AoE3 has to AoE4

The following are details that appear in AoE3, and surprisingly, in a game of the caliber of AoE4 they are not

-The artillery has no crew.
-The AoE3 HUD has in a single panel, information about the unit, its characteristics, abilities and even history, the AoE4 HUD is extremely minimalist in this regard.
-During combat, in AoE3 you can know precisely what is happening, making the Micro more edifying and more satisfactory in sight.

Add Homecity.

A Home City is the capital city of a civilization in Age of Empires III that delivers economic and military shipments to a player’s in-game colony, adding extra functionality to normal gameplay.

When a player from another RTS asks me what Homecity is, I like to tell him that it is an intangible building, that it can be customized and that it works with a resource called “experience”, which is obtained by combat, construction and creation of units, it would be a good adhesion, could allude to the sending of reinforcements of a kingdom to its armies and fortresses in the battle front.


Add native towns, to which we can ally to obtain special improvements and unique units.

Reintroduce the elaborate but very hard counter system

In AoE3 the system is a bit difficult to understand, but it is very effective and good if you think about it, a pikeman in AoE3 has 10% melee resistance, (this means that any melee attack will generate a 10% less damage), has 8 base melee attack, and then has a positive multiplier of x5 against cavalry, this means that an infantry unit, such as a musketeer, will inflict its 8 melee damage, while a cavalry unit, such as a Husar, will inflict 40 damage. At AoE4, the pikeman has 6 attack on base, and a +6 bonus attack against cavalry, again, IMHO there was a downgrade in the counter system.

Well, that’s what the AoE3 community can suggest, there are things that are very important changes, but really great, like the snare and the batch production system.


I don’t think hero units should be in aoe4 nor the home city. I do agree with the others, especially the treasure.

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This already exists in the game but is mainly for specific civs and their landmarks.
(HRE and Mongols)
Which makes batch production a more unique advantage only some civs have.


It sounds like you just want it to be like aoe3. A lot of people dislike aoe3 because of these things you listed.


Coming from someone who likes aoe3 way more than aoe4, this post does not represent - at all - the voice of the aoe3 community. Sounds like a pretentious attempt to make aoe4 an aoe3 2.0 of sorts at best, which isn’t what anyone ever so slightly reasonable would suggest.


aoe4 needs snares tho fr. cav just dominates b/c they don’t get countered hard enough and they aren’t punished for misclicking.


I can admit the absence of all these elements except batch creation. What were they thinking? ‘Halo wars’ also has this feature.

I think many things in aoe3de are excellent and innovative, while aoe4 is a little conservative and follows the mechanism of aoe2. However, aoe2 players don’t like AoE3, which is a big problem. Therefore, in order to sell, dev first needs to meet the needs of aoe2 players to attract them to play aoe4. The player group of aoe2de is much larger than that of aoe3de.


Cannonball collision physics! AoE3 has a planetary advantage over AoE4.


Please no, i hate most of these mechanics of aoe3. Most of these mechanics are gimmicky and doesn’t really appeal to most people who are not aoe3 fans.

The only one agree with is the Siege crews thing.

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Yes, there are many things in the post that I do not agree with, but I included them because at ESOC a lot of people suggested this kind of thing. Personally, I would like the treasures, artillery crews and the snerf (more than anything because I feel that in AoE4 mistakes are not very punishable)

pressing the “shift” produces 5 units


Yes, but he means batch training, which trains five units simultaneously from a single building, rather than queueing five different units one after another.

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I built 5 barracks when I want to have 5 units pop out at the same time. Works for me.

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Oh gosh no. Snare is one of the things that MOST people hated about AoE3.


por que a los de aoe 2 no les gustaba que sus unidades a distancia fueran derrotadas xd las ballestas en aoe 2 son un dolor de cabeza ya que la caballeria no los relentiza y encima disparan super rapido

or becuase is a 4th part and it need to be the evolution from aoe 3 instead of aoe 2?

same with snare which it can go well if they include an mechanic to counter or soft snare.

+1 for siege crews,
AoE 3 stealth mechanic with units like Shinobi

For rest of the mechanics, I like them in AoE3, but do not want them in AoE4.
it is okay for AoE3 to be unique in own way

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All this stuff would just make the game AoE3 which isn’t necessarily the best way to go.

No batch training is really the main thing preventing me from playing this game. It makes the game way to slow and tedious. I don’t want to have to build dozens of production buildings just to have an army. I also don’t like that units slowly trickle out one at a time and can just be sniped as soon as they’re trained. Even just some techs to get infantry and cavalry up to batches of 3 at a time in later ages would probably be enough to make the game playable.

Non-siege units melt buildings way too quickly. This makes needing so many production buildings extra annoying. Cavalry and ranged units should suck versus buildings, melee units should be okay, and siege units should demolish them.

The lack of population balance is another issue. Knights just beat their counters late game because they’re too population efficient.

Natives could be a great addition to AoE4. At the very least, one should be able to recruit mercenaries from neutral settlements.

Boars are already a kind of pseudo treasure and eco takes way more APM so I’m not sure if treasures would really fit.

Home cities and shipments in the form of AoE3 wouldn’t really fit, but giving every civ something like the Vizier system would be great, even if those bonuses were just techs that had a cost. It’s really dumb how they take concepts that should be universal and just give them to one civ (for example, the Abbasid longer range spearmen).