[MERGED] Game Graphics Feedback

Plus, we are still half a year from release, and graphics are often the last thing that is adressed, because they have to match the gameplay, if you look closely in the trailer, there are several animations missing which in no world are ‘bad decisions’ but just aren’t there yet. Such as the scout not having a shooting animation when killing a deer.

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And this is why Age of Empires Online succeeded! Oh wait… :eyes:

Yeah it’s really weird. It also looks like they have some sort of weapon upgrade model, the models on the weapons clearly stand out from the actual units so I’m expecting them to look different with each upgrade. It looks like the weapons and units where somehow designed independently. The weapons stand out way too much… oddly even when they’re useless like say that unnecessary spear on the second elephant rider it’s clearly to short to reach anything and when the elephant attacks the second guy obviously isn’t doing anything yet there he is with a spear it’s just pops into your field of vision and distracts you as it wobbles around.

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Lol then why discussing about… let those enjoy who want to enjoy as it is

AOE online was not even a serious project… they felt like they should make a free game and they made it

well yah these are cartoonish , and i dont see problem here… doest it look beautiful or not?

You are so right!!! Total agreement with you.

AoE3DE is an incredibly gorgeous game, I wholeheartedly agree.

Are you trolling? The lighting in AoE3DE is vastly better looking than AoE4

Look at the colors, the bloom, the shadows, and at that fog. Compare to this:

AoE4 has short range, basic fog, flat bloom, and crushed highlights and shadows.


And it’s not only about resolution. I think all 3 Definitive Editions look more natural. Everything fits well together. Aoe4 sometimes looks great, sometimes bad, sometimes okay. So as if you play with highest buildings graphics, but with lowest grass and animation graphics.
The Definitive Editions look good almost every time, just with older engine imo.

I’m pritty dissapointed as well about the graphics. As a true Age of Empires lover as a child I was verry Happy with AOE2 & AOE3 and the remasterd versions.

The graphics in the previeuw fan video’s do look like ANOTHER Clash of Clans, Forge of Empires,… Just another mediocre game where it’s all about pay to win and childs. If their goal is to reach young players maybe it isn’t even a bad Idea, but otherwise it’s dissapointed. Al the cool new features will get lost in childish the graphics.


AoE4’s lighting is vastly INFERIOR in any way you approach it. Not only it does not compensate but makes the lack of details even more apparent.
And I’m talking about the new actual gameplay trailer, as the first one turned out that was just marketing propaganda.

Often they go for lower graphics because so that as many people as possible can enjoy the game, perhaps they want to make an esport out of it which means performance/accessibility > graphics.

Wow that game (spellforce 3) looks awesome! And beautiful graphics. And all this in 2017 :open_mouth: I see this game is on sale atm on steam (so ill buy it) :stuck_out_tongue:

i thought anno 2070 released 2011

I were talking about SpellForce 3 :stuck_out_tongue: (OP post)

i was just meming bc this is like anno 2070 :smiley:

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Maybe landscape and units very designed by different people or even company?


Those are some example of what the most of people think of the AOE4 art style.

AoE3 looks washed out, like it’s high noon on a bright and sunny day all the time.

AoE4 looks volumetrically better to me.

I disagree. The Ao4 lighting makes the world look more realistic, not just bright and sunny 24/7.