[MERGED] Late-game performance in team games deteriorated in anniversary patch (42848)

I had somewhat bad performance on late game previously because I play on a regular (non-gaming) notebook, but performance is way worse since the patch was released, the game is unplayable from mid castle age onwards, input lag, lag to scroll through the map…


I played the original on athlon 2.4ghz, 1gb RAM and Geforce 4 GPU, 4v4 games with everyone max pop there were no issues… Now this version is not working properly on modern machines.

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Here using a Ryzen 5 3400G with a Vega 11. After the patch there are FPS drops (from stable 60FPS to 24 FPS) not only on battles but sometimes during the initial part of a match for a couple of seconds. There were no FPS drops on the previous version.

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I had very few problems with FPS before patch, now the fps slows to a crawl in any game with more than 2 players.

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yep, this is even more evident against AI because they always pop cap, with 7-8 players in a game. even at normal 200 pop is already unplayable at 2-3 fps, not mentioning more than 200 pop.

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I started playing aoe 2 DE about a week ago. Me and my friends play 3v3 quite often, and whenever warning symbol appears next to an enemy player appears the game starts to lag like crazy.
It drops the games fps to like sub 20fps sometimes even less than that and its simply unplayable.

Me and my friends all have very fast internet speeds and computers aswell so its always someone on the enemy team that gets that symbol, but even tho its not on our end the whole game starts lagging!

Whats going on with that, any chance that will be adressed? Seems unreal that the whole game drops down in performance just because one guy starts lagging.

Hopefully other people have reported this aswell. Thankful for a response.

While browsing Lobby games i realize that even tho im playing from Sweden, my connection quality indication shows as green or “good” connection towards servers located in westindia, southeast asia, USA servers and so on.

If the Ranked system follows the same logic and it pairs europeans up with people playing in India and Asia I can see how that would make certain games unplayable. Some people dont have the good connections to make it viable.

How can that be considered good connection and again, why does the whole game stutter when someone else is having connection issues?


couple of things to note.

  1. game engine is old and it was designed for potato PC and dial up internet in the old days.
  2. to change the engine is probably not possible at this point, it’d take too much time, man power and money to re write most of the codes, and at that point they’d just put those money into age of empires 4.
  3. it was designed to have everyone go to the same level of performance as the lagger, only way to not lag is to have good PC for every single player.
  4. tested single player vs online multiplayer, both time just me + 6 other AI. online lagged way more, there seems to be a limit on what server can handle too.
  5. ranked benchmark of over 1000 is simply too low, it may work for 1vs1 and at most 2vs2 but thats it.
  6. for anything thats 3v3 and above it would require every player at least ~1200 for online multiplay to stay around 25-30fps on 200 pop all out battle.
  7. ~1200 benchmark score is estimated to be intel 3rd gen CPU clocking at around 3.5ghz minimum, this is the frequency required to run the game at all time, not just intel’s spec “turbo” to 3.5ghz which is prob between 8-28 seconds within PL1/PL2 TDP.

they need to up the benchmark base limit to something around 1150 to 1200 to ensure everyone have better experience in a 3v3 and above ranked game. wish they would throw in a limit for host on non-ranked game too, allow only people above 1150 to 1200 to join.

Game Version:101.10142848.0

  • Build: 5818516
  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Gamertag: mmihaa


I have a ranked benchmark test of 1282.3. In a random game(lobby or ranked, 1v1 or team game) i get severe fps drop that affects every other player. Next to my name is a red clock. This fps drop usually, not always, fixes itself within 10-60 minutes(in game). Haven’t played longer than 60 minutes because players resign, or i resign because of the severe lag that appears because of the fps drop.

If there is sever lag/fps drop it appears that ranged units sometimes can’t hit standing targets(4 pictures uploaded)

This is an issue that i’ve reported months ago and it was still not acknowledged by the devs as a problem. I have attached a picture of the red clock and skirms missing target with severe lag.

Reproduction Steps:

Here’s how to reproduce the problem:

  1. Start the game
  2. If the game starts with a red clock next to your name go on and play(if not this issue will not be a problem this game)
    3.Play with severe lag(fps drop)
  3. Maybe it fixes itself in a couple of minutes, maybe not.




Confirming here that we are tracking the FPS issues and working on a fix!


any news ??
when it will be ok ? nobody cannot playing 4v4

I totally agree. This is a bad update.There are bugs in the editor. I can’t play my map because there is a low frame. Impossible play.


we dont need battle royale… we need more fps , every update is getting worse…


probably in a few days, give them till end of next week hoping for a quick hotfix

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why everytime update update… this is age of guys… this is not like other games… we need only update for better fps … and balance changes… no need graphics , or battle royal things… maybe you need more players… its ok …

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boy on your first screenshot I get it, its dark age game just started.

now the rest of your screenshot shows 500 pop cap… if other players, just ONE of them dont got top spec you are expected to lag. 500 pop x4 players is worse than 200 pop x8 players by quite a bit.

also, this game is CPU intensive on a single core, not so much on the GPU. as long as you have got a good CPU and 12GB+ ram anyone should be fine with a mid range graphics card.

Boy if you would actually read my post, you would know that the last 4 pictures are showing a battle, where ranged units do 0 dmg, because they miss their missiles, because of the severe lag. I’m thinking it’s a different problem from the fps drops in a 1v1, with 10 units on each side. So maybe next time refrain from commenting nonsense boy.

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boy, you seems to jump to conclusion, maybe you should read my comment properly before replying on something thats totally irrelevant, or dont reply at all or you make yourself look like a boy!

guys some of my friends still have same problems ? they will fix 1 more ? or not ? … because if one player become yellow… we cant play like this … ?..

not sure honestly, there are so many issue that can contribute to the lag and simply saying no changes on my end or nothing new except the patch is just not enough to track down the problem.

though some people get extremely offended if you tell them they might be wrong.

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  • PLATFORM: Steam / Microsoft Store
  • OS: Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Mac / Linux

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Joining multiplayer lobbies and through quick play all UI’s are laggy, most notably the civilization selection screen and technology tree. Idk if this is a post patch bug or something.

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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  1. Join a lobby or play quickplay
  2. Open civ selection or tech tree
  3. Enjoy

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