[MERGED] Ranked Multiplayer not working after May 27th patch

having the same issue…since the patch games keeps crashing in the loading screen of team games…tried re-installing, closing applications etc…nothing works…my cpu goes on a spike and the game crashes when a match is found and loads…


I have the same problem. when the game was updated on May 27th I can’t play ranked, it freezes the screen and ejects me from the game

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I just played a match and couldnt join and lost the points


What is a “game build”? Do you mean that they cannot implement this until the monthly update? That seems very weird compared to other games where such issues are handled with a hotfix. This is the biggest problem so far for the game. Please hurry!


I don’t think a game build requires a full month here. I believe what meant is that, when it comes to desktop software (like games), a build is a fairly hefty process that “locks in” everything done up to that point into a shippable package. This is different to something like a web application (e.g. Twitter), where you can have continuous builds and deployments going all the time.


my post, like those of many others, were united in a single discussion. My problem is as follows.
Since the May 27 update, ranked games cannot be played. I also noticed that the first few times you start the game after you turn off your PC you see the message “microsoft store package dependency installer” that requires permission.
The game allows you to locate a ranked game, but as soon as the screen before the game starts, the game stops, crashes, and I am forced to close it.
The issue in question is not related to the message “VCRUNTIME140_1.dll” that simply requires you to update C.
I’ve already checked the NAT connection and proceeded with the necessary checks against Xbox live but nothing has changed.
The paradoxical aspect is that, when the game crashes, however in the statistics the game is counted.
so far I can no longer play ranked games, it needs to fix the bug

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Good catch! it is BRAZIL server always.
I’ve gone thru the last 3 autodisconects on the second 0 - 100


Game Version:

  • Build: Update 37650
  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Gamertag: OutlawTorn


In every multiplayer game that I play in unranked lobbies, at least one player disconnects before 5 minutes into the game. Sometimes at the very start, sometimes a few minutes after the start. This is a persistent issue, seen over dozens of games over a wide variety of players.

Reproduction Steps:

Here’s how to reproduce the problem:

  1. Create an unranked lobby. 3v3 or 4v4 matchup with real (non-AI) players. Regular settings, random map.
  2. Start the match.

ATTACHMENTS (I can provide dozens of record games of this happening if it helps. I am sure this issue is widespread enough that literally anyone playing unranked matches can do so as well).

Please address this, the game is literally unplayable and this needs immediate attention. I know there have been similar posts on this, but I still feel this problem is not receiving the urgent attention it deserves. The issue started happening immediately after the latest patch (37650) released on May 28th.


This also applies to ranked.

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i have an issue after the last patch released. my connection and computer is ok, i didnt have the problem before new patch and thanks to this patch i have lost a lot of points without playing a single game

Can we please change the title of this, and the ‘known issue’ name to “Multiplayer not working after May 27th patch?”

This is because it is not just Ranked which is not working, any 3v3 or 4v4 game (whether Ranked, or Unranked) is not working. It is a much bigger issue than what it is being poised as.


Please when game is running in multiplayer ranked this appears in steam’s logs

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Same Problem, its just in the ranked matches i play a casual game online and i dont have any problem but in the ranked never apear the name of my team, the game crash in the load screen and if make the game i join 2 minutes latter and have a lot of lag

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Hello everyone! The team has a fix for this issue ready to go in a hotfix build later today. Until then, we continue to recommend that you avoid the Team Ranked queue—as matches will continue to crash and fail until the fixes can be implemented.

We are aiming to have this update released later today during the earliest window of opportunity! Once it is available, please ensure you have downloaded the latest build and then let us know if you continue to experience the same issue, at which point we will re-escalate it to the team.

Thank you for your patience; watch for the update (and more information) later today!


Due to this issue, many players will not play the game
Please fix the problem as soon as possible!

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Appreciate that! Thank you for quickening up the fix for this issue! :slightly_smiling_face:


Great news. Not gonna lie, it’s been a rough road for DE, but overall i’m gratefull for the continual support of the game. Thanks.


Great to hear that a hotfix is coming, I was worried it’d be left a month like last month. Perhaps putting updates like this somewhere other than a random thread, like twitter/discord/whatever would help for more people to see?

This isn’t random thread though?

Thank you to the team for the relatively quick turnaround on this (3 business days, all said and done). That said, I really hope that future changes to the game (including this hotfix) get far more rigorous playtesting to avoid these issues in the first place.

The original Ensemble studios was very vocal about how much they playtested the game. I would hate to see the enthusiasm and effort of the new team fail because of a lack of focus on QA. We as a community would be really happy with even a 2-month cycle of releases if it means that more testing gets done first.