Mexico Independence September 15 Event?

Hey guys, I was just wondering if is there anything planned for September 15 which is México independence day.
It would be cool if we can unlock old profile pictures and skins for that specific civ, maybe?

Cheers, just as a curiosity.


This year is the bicentennial of Brazil’s independence, which is most likely going around…

It is celebrated on 7 September, although there is a controversy whether the real independence happened after the Siege of Salvador on July 2 of 1823 in Salvador, Bahia where the independence war was fought. However, September 7th is the anniversary of the date in 1822 that prince regent Dom Pedro declared Brazil’s independence from his royal family in Portugal and the former United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and Algarves. Formal recognition came with a treaty three years later, signed by the new Empire of Brazil and the Kingdom of Portugal in late 1825.


I think the Mexicans DLC in 2021 made sense for the bicentennial of Mexico’s Independence. I think Brazil could be the case for 2022


Of course, I think they will announce something on September 7 (Cry of Ipiranga) to launch it on October 12 (Acclaim of Pedro I of Brazil) or directly on December 1 (Coronation of Pedro I)…


12 de Outubro também seria uma data especial devido a data ser o feriado e festa religiosa católica da Padroeira do Brasil, a Virgem Maria, sob o título de Nossa Senhora de Aparecida. Embora as denominações de orientação evangélica venham crescendo gradualmente, a maioria do país ainda se reconhece como católica.


There are plenty of Latin American national celebrations this month, it could be extended beyond Mexico.


12th October is celebrated around a lot of countries in America and Spain too cause discovery of America.

Meanwhile in September have passed 500y since 1st travel around the globe too


Plenty of independences from Spain are celebrated in September, idk why we have to make this about Spain…


Idk, the game borned about the Americas, maybe its an important event. Also a travel around the globe in a game with a world map for each map available has something to do with the game.

That Latam countries are what they are thanks of being a mix between iberian and american cultures, you can like it or not

Whether it’s Mexico or Brazil, it doesn’t matter, what matters is that the game continues to receive content. :smile:


Of course, in addition to the fact that this year is the 530th anniversary of the Discovery of America…

Mexico and Chile only, Paraguay celebrates it in May;Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia and Peru in July and Bolivia and Uruguay in August…

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Mmmm… no?

México, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Chile.

New DLC:

Pacific and Atlantic (Chile & Brasil)

In 2021 they had to put Venezuela because Carabobo.

Now i would include all south-american resting civs on 2024 with 200 years of Ayacucho, which, under Great Mariscal Antonio José de Sucre, colombian, venezuelan, chilean, peruvian, bolivian, argentinian, equatorian and panama soldiers fought to send Spanish out of our continent.

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  • Brasilians civ (solo civ DLC) DLC + Portuguese patch
  • Argentinians and Gran Colombians civs DLC
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Central America became independent from Mexico, not Spain…and it was in July, not September…

Of course, in 2024 they can take out Argentina and Great Colombia on one side and Peru and Chile on the other…

Sure, “The Liberating Nations” with Argentina (Jose de San Martín) and Gran Colombia (Simon Bolivar)



In my opinion, the Brazilians civ should appear separately and the two civs Argentines and Gran Colombians in pair. Brazil would fit perfectly with the Portuguese update. Brazilians, because they were a Portuguese colony, it would be more unique than Gran Colombians and Argentines who were Spanish colonies (Mexicans are already in the game so these civs would have common features like Hacienda, Cathedral and Soldato).

The Gran Colombians civ would cover a huge area of ​​northern South America that is not represented in AoE 3. Like Mexicans, the civ could have many options for revolution, such as Venezuela, Ecuador and Panama. It would be really nice if Gran Colombians civ contain Muisca just like Mexicans civ contain Maya - thus it would contain a forgotten highly developed pre-Columbian civilization.

It would be nice to see the ruins of Muisca civilization in Bogota (Gran Colombians’ Home City)

Argentines & Gran Colombians civs DLC would also include three Historical Battles:

  1. Argentinian HB - Battle of Chacabuco (February 12, 1817)
  2. Gran Colombian HB - Battle of Carabobo (24 June, 1821)
  3. BONUS Peruvian HB - Battle of Ayacucho (9 December, 1824)

Why do you keep spreading misinformation? A quick google search gives you the answer. I’ll leave it in Spanish here for you, for more accuracy:

“Se denomina Independencia de Centroamérica al proceso emancipador por parte de los actuales países de Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua y Costa Rica, los cuales, a través de la firma del Acta de Independencia de América Central el 15 de septiembre de 1821 rompen lazos con el Imperio Español. ​”

Sure,i wouldn’t said better…the revolutions of Gran Colombia would be in industrial age:Colombia,Venezuela and Ecuador (1830) and imperial age:Panama (1904)…

It would be too the British invasions (1806-1807) or the Battle of the Vuelta de Obligado

Sí,pero rompen lazos con el Imperio Español como territorios del Primer Imperio Mexicano de Iturbide,luego con la caída del Primer Imperio en 1823 se indepedendizan de México (por algo son una revolución en la segunda edad para México)…


He hecho una publicacion de la Gran Colombia algunas ideas que se puedan complementar esto no es un pedido para los desarrolladores son solo ideas por si de pronto los desarrolladores o alguien quiere hacer la civilización o un mod de esta civilizacion dejo el enlace de las ideas:

Maybe also:

Cundinamarca (Fortress Age) -----> Muisca (Cundinamarca Revolution)

Could you name any revolutions to suit Gran Colombians? For Argentineans too.