[Minor Natives topic] Post here your ideas for every single minor natives so the devs can look at

wouldnt it make more sense if they got healed?


Well, what I read is that they were nice to the visitors. They gave food and shelter.

Well, the Cheyenne already have such a unit, and since they share maps, maybe that’s why they didn’t include them. But you should post information.

well regardless 2% resist, even if it was global, is next to worthless.

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It could be more. It is only to propose the idea.

Paradox does the same for your older content. They rework each DLC separately when it gets low as time goes on, while also improving the base game. That is why I am picky asking for new units and upgrades. Subtle touches are not enough, because this ‘minor native’ mechanic has been neglected for a long time.


Considering AOE3 is the richest game in the franchise (by unique content) I’m also extremely picky about adding new stuff too (main civs) because we have already lot of outdated stuff that are not used at all.
And if they are balanced some civs can be played in a very different way.

I’m with you here: For minor natives…some core tweaking is needed first before balance although adding new stuff or balancing techs is a no brainer need for civs like the Seminole.


Just search “Cut content” you’ll get everything.



Perhaps one of the best units in the game. Your improvements are very good. But to complete the package of ‘5 improvements’, I will add 2 new ones.

New technologies:

Iron Confederation: Increase the creation limit of Cree soldiers by 5, and when you hunt, when you kill an animal you get 2 coins.
“The Iron Confederacy (or” Confederation ", also called in Cree: Nehiyaw-Pwat or in English Cree-Assiniboine) was a political and military alliance of Plains Indians of what is now Western Canada and the northern United States. This confederacy included various individual bands that formed political, hunting and military alliances in defense against common enemies ".

Cree Medicine: Ethnobotany Cree causes workers to heal slowly even while active and gains 20% more Resistance Points.

It would be nice if when you build the trading post, you are given a Cree villager at the beginning, and the buildings cost 5% less wood as a passive upgrade. (If you lose the alliance, you lose the upgrade)


Most likely it was not included because the idea was implemented in the Cheyenne.
Although it is not clear to me if it was a mele unit like the Spanish spearman, or it was a ranged unit. If it was planned as a firing unit, it would be interesting.


This unit is a good siege unit. The shield they use is supposed to protect themselves from projectiles. Personally, I would like this unit to have a special formation in which they protect the units behind them from shots. Your upgrades are fine, but I’d change one to make it passive:

Current technologies:

Huron Trade Dominance: Deliver 2 Hurons for free every X amount of time, and get 5 for making this upgrade. (The alliance must be maintained). In case the TP is destroyed and you rebuild it, you must wait 5 minutes to receive them.

New technologies:

The three sisters: All types of crops produce 5% more.
“The main crops of the Wendat were corn, beans and squash – commonly known as the “three sisters”. These crops were sown on raised mounds. The mounds helped protect the seedlings from late frost. The sturdy corn stocks provided a conduit for the beans to climb and the large leaves of the squash shaded the mound, keeping the roots of the beans cool in mid-summer and deterring weeds. Tobacco was another important crop, though the best leaves for smoking seem to have come through trade with the Tionontateronon”.

The Wendat Confederacy: You can train them in batches of 10 at your embassy or trading post and they are created a bit faster and they generate a little more experience when they are created.
“The Wendat Confederacy took its final shape shortly after the arrival of the Europeans. Two nations joined the Attignawantan and Attigneenongnahac from other parts of southern Ontario. The Arendarhonon were the easternmost nation of the confederacy. They lived on the shores of Lake Couchiching and extended west to the Coldwater River. The last nation to join the confederacy was the Tahontaenrat. The smallest of the Wendat nations, they occupied one large village near Orr Lake, southeast of the Attignawantan”.


I don’t know if a new unit could be added.


I was referring to the “Common Enemy” one more than anything, tbh. The Cheyenne were historically very split between North and South, and the tribes themselves rarely worked together. The only real factions of the Cheyenne that did largely work together were the loner Warrior Societies, like the Dog Soldiers and the Elk Warriors and all them (there’s like 7 of them) would do their own thing because they weren’t bound to the normal tribal boundaries like the two main groups (North and South Cheyenne) were bound to.
“Common Enemy” makes this weird because it’s implying you can somehow unite those tribes in a way they can’t even do themselves - the Cheyenne have always been so split that there were Cheyenne on both sides at Greasy Grass.
Leaning into the big thing the Cheyenne seem to bring to this game - the Dog Soldier - it seems like their upgrades should focus on their own unit, or calling for aid from specific people who did help the Dog Soldiers, like Chiefs Roman Nose and Pretty Nose.

For the gun thing, I just don’t like it. I like having the Cheyenne as a melee cavalry unit. It fits them best, imo, and makes them easier to balance and focus with.


Well, I was referring to a new unit apart from the current one similar to the Apache that can be unlocked with an improvement.

If you wanted to do that, I’d suggest making it a unit that makes sense - base it off something related to the thematic the Cheyenne are using, which is their Warrior Societies.
I suggested the Arapaho Cloud Rider as a new unit because it allowed for the inclusion of Chief Pretty Nose, an Arapaho Warchief who was pretty neat, and Chief Roman Nose.
Another viable option would be the unlocking of another unit based on the Societies - Consider a new unit called a Bowstring Soldier or an Elk Soldier or a Shield Soldier. All of those are based on the historical Societies of the Cheyenne that the Dog Soldiers come from, and could also provide interesting units for the Cheyenne to use.


‘Nootka War Chief’ could make the ‘Nootka Clubman’ faster under his influence. This would make them more competitive when it comes to ‘shoot and run’ tactic.

The Zapotecs also have this problem and many units of mele as mentioned Peachrocks5. I would suggest that the Zapotecs have more speed with an improvement in the third or fourth age, but I have not found a good historical argument that makes sense. If anyone knows please tell me.


Current technologies are good.

It was difficult for me to find information about them to be able to implement possible new improvements. I went to the WOL mod because it is like “civilization”, but I only found stereotypes without solid historical basis.

However, I knew beforehand an agricultural technique widely used by the natives of the Amazon called ‘Terra preta.’ Although it was not specifically associated with the Tupis, presumably they used it. This is one of the most successful ways to fertilize the land in the world.

New technologies:

Terra preta: Tupies teach you to fertilize the soil by charring it and making it too productive. (All crops produce 25% more).

Tupi Confederation: The best Tupi warriors are gathered to fight the invaders.
Tupies increase their DPS (Damage per Second), increase their range by 2 and acquire stealth ability.
It gives you 10 tupies.
I guess for the age of fortresses with a very expensive price.

This makes them more competitive for the final phases of the game and also would not be far from reality considering they were fearsome enemies. The true enemy of the tupies were the pests and not the European weapons.

Confederation of Tamoios was a trival alliance of the Tupies.


I have searched a lot of information and came across the ‘Confederation of Tamoios’. I hope this serves to justify the improvement I propose. If someone has better ideas, tell me, because the information is very scarce or I don’t know where to look. The improvement I proposed was based on the fact that these archers were so lethal that soldiers with firearms looked very intimidated.

"In line with this imaginary, the 16th century chroniclers also made this skill a frequent theme, emphasizing to what extent the skill of archers surpassed that of European arcabuzeiros: thus, while Gandavo affirmed that Tupi archers never missed a shot , Léry assured. that a European would be unable even to bend an Indian bow “much less shoot with it”, and compared the Tupi archers with the English, whose bows had defeated the French army in more than one battle in the Hundred Years’ War. , considering the first superiors. , “For an Indian, with bundles of arrows in hand, he would shoot a dozen arrows faster than an Englishman half a dozen of them.” However, this association between warriors and arrow-making may have been stronger in the colonial imagination than in Tupi. First, they have successfully adapted firearms to their tactics, they have diversified their shooting arsenal; second, bows were far from being the weapons of choice in a culture that valued the wooden club, the club, above all else. "

Source provided by SimilarOwl0320


As with the Carib blowgunner, the Tupi archer should have a poison attack, that it can be enabled by default or by upgrading their Tupi Poison Arrow Frogs technology (this could either give it only to the Tupi archer or to all of the player’s archers)


I’ve recently thought that those short ranged siege units (mantlets and rams) also need a small melee armor as well. The fact they have nice ranged armor is ok, but they are obliterated before they start doing what they are supposed to do

. Although melee damage is supposed to be their weak spot, I think siege weapons in fortress age in melee is something that doesn’t work. A 10% armor is a good thing for huron, mantlet and rams.

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I’m Brazilian and yeah: terra preta/ “terra roxa” was/is a big reason Brazil developed its farming culture (specially coffee in 18th century). I could also think of half a dozen things for The Tupi:

  • we have the figure of the “Pajé” which was the equivalent of the “Elder” in major civs.

-We have Pau-Brasil (the reason Brazil is called Brasil , a omni-present tree when Portuguese landed here that was brought nearly to extinction by their extraction. Nowadays it’s a nearly extincted tree protected by federal laws; It provided a high quality and durable wood and red resin.

  • a few Tupi tribes had sacrifices and cannibalism

  • they were adept of using paths, trees and rivers to their battles.

Good article about their warfare ( PT-BR): Guerra Indígena como Guerra Colonial na América Portuguesa do sec. XVI: Táticas e Estratégias Tupi na Conquista da Paraíba e do Rio Grande do Norte


Regarding melee infantry. I’ll make a post on this soon. I’m pretty certain that they can’t be balanced in their current state. It’s been a very long time (like pre tad) but I’ve seen what happens when melee heavy inf are too strong, it ain’t pretty. The problem is though that muskets more or less obsolete them in their current form.

Interesting. Although I think the first step should be reducing the speed of Dragoons and range of skirmishes a bit, I’d touch inf for last but I’m eager to read your idea.

Won’t happen. The old guard will never allow you to touch skirm/goon without a mass riot. The amount of resistance I got from them a while back for merely contemplating changing natives to make them viable was immense. Touching something so core to their experience? Oh boy. No way.

Some are still salty over Dragoons being nerfed to 20 range resist from 30, even though they shouldn’t have range resistance at all.

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