[MOD] Distinguishable Ultimate Colors

Age of Empires - Mods - Distinguishable Ultimate Colors

Player 1: Lapis/Royal Blue
Player 2: Imperial Crimson
Player 3: Mythic Green
Player 4: Shining Gold
Player 5: Heaven’s Teal
Player 6: Cursed Dark Violet
Player 7: Eerie Black
Player 8: Faerie Pink

Converts every player color file in the game. The mod’s purpose is to focus on the ultimate set of the most aesthetic colors possible, while also being easy to distinguish.

I recommend using this mod when you are bored of the default colors. This mod does not account for color blindness. I replaced Orange with Pink because it’s extremely close to Gold.

Mythic Green: Aero Blue/Mint Green; has a luminous-green hue.
Shining Gold: Certain units look like they’re cloaked in shining gold.
Heaven’s Teal: Incandescent Teal; units look like Angels.
Cursed Dark Violet: Dark Violet with no light reflection.
Faerie Pink: Light Hot Pink with elusive properties.

Due to a bug in the game, the health bars directly above units won’t change colors from mods.

Download the 50500 file from this link: Dropbox - Ultimate HP bars - Simplify your life
Replace the 50500 file found in AoE2DE\resources\ _common\drs\interface with the downloaded version to add the health bar colors manually. I’ve included a 50500 backup file to revert the colors as well.

PREVIOUS MOD: Enhanced and Higher Quality New Colors mod (outdated)

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