[Mod] Historical Units and Architecture


i would just like to comment about the mod, the meso-american two-handed swordsmen i believe is the one that looks like the hero unit itzcoatli, who looks like a jaguar warrior, which makes jaguar warriors less impressive
maybe use the pachacuti hero?

bro have you published your mod…? if you have can you tell me the name? I cant find it


Good day sir. I have been attempting to upload my mod for the past 3 days now.

First the mod was to large ,when zipped it was 80 mb, so I decided to split the mod in two parts to allow both zip files to be less than the max upload amount ,but for some reason the mod is still failing to upload, I get an error when using Chrome as well as Firefox.

I will be going to the bushvelt with my family for the next 3 days, but upon my return I shall endeavour once more to get my mod published.

If anyone has any advice on how to upload an enormous two part mod successfully , please let me know.

Have a good day.


Nope it is the Aztec champion not two handed swordsman, the Itzcoatl. It doesn’t have a shield while the jaguar warrior has so I think it looks fine visually.
Pachachuti is the Incan Champion, the dress Andes warriors(Inca) wear is different from Central Americans(Aztecs). You can compare the look of Pachachuti with the Incan Slinger: https://i.imgur.com/Y4YxhWi.jpg

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BTW fix the waking animation of the bombard elephant, it has got some frame count mismatch.

It seems to be in use in a mod here :

by @StereoQuasar163

okay, thanks, it’s just that i felt jaguar warriors were jaguars to be unique, the only unit wearing a jaguar cloak, is there another unit to use?

Ok take your time and hopefully you will find a way, looking forward to this great mod

also when activating the mod this changes skin for all the bombar cannon, not just indian

also I would like to make a suggestion. It would be better if you use the Sosso guard/ Ethiopian helberdier skin for malian helberdier as this unit some what represents Benin warrior which is close to Mali


btw can you make this happen?

I agree, my paypal link is ready to go :slight_smile:

Seriously though, if the devs introduce unique architecture data for each civ (ie. so that replacing byzantine buildings doesn’t affect all Mediterranean civs) I would consider trying to rebuild it in 4k. But not worthwhile until that happens.

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We can hope and pray for now

The set is really beutiful!

Some images I made using the buildings. A Byzantine port city (in several parts due to screen capture limits) and a Byzantine agricultural estate in Egypt.

The Fortified walls in this set are absolutely gorgeous!



does your current mod contain any old units that are 8 angles in total? if so, do you have plans to replace them all to at least 16.

Really great images!!! The aquaductus are great! Well the whole detail and city planing is great! Congratulations! Bravo!



@PeakHornet46539 after using “noui” to turn off UI, when I turn it back on all the tooltip/ hotkeys cost and text disappeared. how do I get them back when using no ui?

I think the game settings menu.

Where is the mod gone? Cannot find it anymore and the linked page on top of this thread doesn’t work…

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