[Mod] No More Useless Tooltips

Remove useless tooltips from constantly popping up within the gameview.



Along with DE some changes were made to make tooltips stand out more. Such as a larger font, readabillity panels, a higher position and by default a much larger size.

This also caused the useless tooltips to become much more apparent, constantly flickering on and off when hovering the mouse within the gameview. Especially when watching livestreams or youtube video’s this can distract from the gameplay.

HD vs DE

Since these particular tooltips provide no valuable information, the best thing to do is remove them by subscribing to this mod!

(This mod does not effect any important HUD tooltips, such as unit/building/upgrade info)

Thanks to @SeverusMagnus for helping out.


This mod doesn’t work for me as well as the other no more useless tooltips mod. Priority is all the way up. Did they broke or is the problem somewhere else?

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Try to enable “Toggle Extended Tooltips” in options > interface. I hope this helps.

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Still doesn’t work, well since I removed the black bar from the tooltips they’re not that annoying so whatever.

Just to be sure, is your game set to english? I’m still adding to the mod and will do multi-language support once it is finished.

Anyways a few weeks ago something happened where mods dissapeared out of players mod manager, myself I had to resubscribe to around 10 mods. A teammate told me the mod (and others) doesn’t work for him anymore since this moment. Could be the same for you, no idea what can be done about it.

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Yes, game is set to english. I will look into what’s the problem when I have the time for it and get back to you if I found a fix.

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Havn’t tried this yet but thanks, I was looking for something like this Tooltip Mod Request - #3 by feli0212

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Really late to this party but I had problem with any useless tooltips mods and I found the problem. My game was in english in AOE2 put set up as French in steam. This would prevent the useless tooltips mods to work. Hope this will help someone else in the future.

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Thanks for the report, glad it works now. I tried to simulate your problem by putting steam in French and keeping the game in English, works fine for me. As far as I know steam language has no effect on mods.

To clarify this mod supports every language available within the game.