Mongol Keshik is just a feudal unit. Need Lancer in age 3 or get some better buffs for the Keshik its self

I want to take a moment to quote Kameho3743’s previous post on the Khaganate palace here. Making the tributes toggleable to the different Mongol parts o the empire is a historical and great decision to take the RNG aspect out.

I further am in agreeance with Kameho3743’s suggestion above for the Keshik. I think it’s well thought through and would be an appropriate change.

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But, historically, the Mongols not interested in raiding. That is what Vikings do.
The Mongols conquered civilizations. Small raids were just distractions and it was done by light units, nit by Khan’s elite Kheshig. This is why I hate weak Kheshig.

The devs could have given the Mongols a raider horsemen. that would have fitted better.
Heavy units are slow and are not about raiding, but dealing damage to mass enemy units.