Mongol start needs a buff

Mongol needs a buff in the early game.

Mongol TC starts packed. Placing the TC takes time which put you behind other civs in early game.

Most of my games it takes me 2 - 3 seconds to chose the place, around 8-10 seconds to move the TC to the designated place(using the khan bonus) and 12 seconds to unpack. For a total of 22 - 26 seconds until you can start creating villagers. that means you as mongols are 1 villager behind other civs in early game which is the moment in the game when 1 villager difference matters the most.

Even if you just unpack the TC where it starts negating the bonus of choosing the best place for it. It is still 12-13 seconds which is more than half a vill.

I think they need to reduce the time it takes to unpack or make them to start with the tc unpacked so they can start creating villagers right away.

Another problem with mongol start is that the early horseman bonus can’t be used. It is bad because of the cost of the horseman and the fast that the meta is to advance to age 2. It would be a nice bonus if the meta was to advance to second age around 10 minutes but currently most players advance to age 2 before the 5 minute mark. Investing in just 2 early horseman costs you 190 wood and 220 food. That food is more than half of what you need to go to age 2 and will delay your advance time by more of 50% making this bonus completely useless in most cases.

The final problem with the mongol start is that the ger and the ovoo cost too much. So you are forced to send too many villagers to wood early in order to afford both building when in early game what you need is food for villagers and gold to advance to age 2. They have to reduce the cost of wood on those structures or make the mongols start with the extra wood.

I know that solving all this problems maybe will buff mongol too much and i’m ok with increase the traning time for infantry units or increasing the gold cost of mangudais, lancers and/or siege to compensate and nerf them a bit.


Totally agree with this! It is the most useless civ bonus ever xD

This is bcse of tower rush issue. They nerfed the Mongol starting wood from 200 to 150.

Mangudai is useless unit. It would be killed and picked off by enemy archers easily. A simple wall would make them completely useless and they already cost too much.

A simple solution would be making “Ovoo and Yam Network” bonuses to affect only mounted units. So finally players would play the Mongols as a cavalry civ.

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Totally, I think early horsemen should be able to wipe everything at least before castle age.


Not having to build houses and tie up villagers more than makes up for the ‘slow’ start.


It takes 15 seconds for a villager and 50 wood to build a house, and it takes 20 seconds to produce a villager. No need to build a house is a huge buff in the early stage.
It takes 65 seconds for a villager to gather 50 wood

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This guy is here telling devs to buff mongols, when the whole community agrees they are too strong. KEKW


yes but you don’t start pop capped, you can start creating villagers right away. How would you feel if you started pop capped and couldn’t create villagers until your first house is done?

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I only lost 20 seconds, but my economy will not lag behind, and my TC can move freely, I think I am willing to spend 10 more seconds to get BUFF with peace of mind
Mongolia ranks 5th among 8 civilizations in resource acquisition at 7 minutes

Why would you? You are not supposed to fight in Age 1. You can but that comes with great risk as well. Also you have ovoo for double production. Why would it cost 220 food? Also the stable isn’t going anywhere. You can make more units in Age 2. Just like other civs have access to spears in Age 1 doesn’t mean they have to make them. So do they needs buff as well? Age 1 units are for countering. e.g spears for knights or horsemen for archers.

You don’t have to build ovoo just like some Chinese players do not train Imperial Official. You have to prioritize what you want. Its same as saying why do I need to put villagers on wood for fishing. Ovoo is a huge advantage to mongols. Producing stone early can help a lot in late game or you can age up faster by not placing ovoo.

Except in a very fast barrack/dock build, the Mongol player always build Ovoo (building that collects 105 stone per minute and is equivalent to 2 and a half villagers).

It is very easy to ask for your civilization without knowing the meta, the reality is that in average levels and high levels is the civilization that wins the most and the best in Early Game along with the English and the best in Mid Game along with Delhi.

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One of the problems is the Meta. As I mentioned in my original post. The meta is to advance to second age around 5 minutes. which makes the horseman rush in age 1 inviable.

Since you start with less villagers you are forced to use the stone to double produce villagers in order to catchup, so no stone to double produce horseman too that early.

it takes more than that to build an ovoo. and then you are out of wood for anything else.

One ovoo is equivalent to two villagers. It takes 100 food and 40 seconds to produce two villagers. It only takes 15 seconds to build an ovoo and only 150 wood. In other civilizations, if you use villagers to collect stones, you will have two less villagers to collect other resources.
Mongolia already had a 1 minute lead when building ovoo, that’s why Mongolia had the best win percentage at 15 minutes

Is this a troll thread?

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I am guessing no. But it may be from someone who is having difficulty vs the AI.


No other civ send villagers to collect stones in early game. Why would you?

I like to play abbasid, usually I can build the second TC in 5 minutes and 30 seconds, many maps need to build stone walls, I can also build it immediately when I reach the feudal era, or wait until about 7 minutes. When the French cavalry slaughtered me or my teammates’ peasants. I’m doing stone collection? ,Or wait until ten minutes later and I’m building a second TC after I already have dozens of villagers? An outpost? ? ?Of course I could have more ways to defend, but a lot of times a stone wall will be easy and whoever builds the stone wall first will have the advantage

Ever heard of a second TC build?

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lol surely taking the ■■■■ here… wtaf.