My suggestions for AOE III - balance and otherwise

I love this game and want to see it succeed and stay as popular and polished as possible.
Here are my suggestions.

Swedes - Nerf torp HP to 1200 like a normal house. Nerf the broken Age IV carolean card by making it just a standard HP/attack buff. Get rid of infinite Mamalukes, it should be a one time shipment.

Japanese - Nerf shrine HP to 1200 like a normal house. Reduce Ashi speed to 4.25. Reduce Yamusabi horse bow dudes range slightly.

Portuguese - Colonial Militia card will no longer double TC damage, but rather increase the cap from 10 vils garrisoned to 20 for increasing damage. Reduce the number of minutemen that come out of big batch or increase price for each subsequent batch.

Spanish - Logistician provides crates of resources rather than a direct deposit.

Aztec (buff) - Add an arsenal style temple building that provides a speed buff for Jag knights and range buff for slingers, among other things. Revert the secret changes made to the age 2 slinger shipments.


  1. Return the ranking names. We can keep ELO, but please add Captain, Sergeant, etc. back in as well. These titles were universally loved by players and were useful for more quickly identifying skill level.

  2. Make it so that we can see who is currently online playing Age in our friends list. We used to have green and red lights to indicate online status. Now, we have to start a whisper just to see online status of friends. It makes inviting mates really difficult and unnecessarily frustrating.

  3. Continue monitoring 2v2 and 3v3 playerbases, as we may eventually need to move back to ranked lobbies for 2v2 and 3v3. 1v1 is working great in Quicksearch though.

  4. In the casual lobbies, please make it so that when we search by number of players, the game searches for the cap rather than the current number in the lobby. So we should be able to search by 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 easily - right now if there is 1 player in a lobby of 6, it shows up in the search as 1.

Thank you all!


Id rather see their cards broken up like with most other civs. So 1 card for 25% hp and one for changing the resistance type and maybw a small 10% hitpoints or damage. I think (not entirely sure) that the Caroleons get about the same cards and increase of hp and damage as most other unique units.

Its normal for civs to have infinite mercenary shipmets, I am pretty sure there are other civs with infinite mamluks. At most I would say it should be decreased from 6 to 4-5.

Just keep the 4.5, Japan doesnt get the military drummers so basically as bonus they get military drummers for free for only their musketeers. (other nations also have certain tags for free I think).

They get the golden pavilion speed buff which makes ashis have almost 5 speed


Sweden: failure design needs redo with at least carolean, torp and hakkapelit. Unique unit only LC is ok.


  1. Reduce age1 hero card treasure bonus 200% > 125%;
    Reason: they already stack many eco bonus and even hero card needs double resources than other civs? An age1 card cost 300 resources this is much worth.

  2. Age2 resources crate card increase to 650.
    Reason: general civ gets 700+600 so this can be bonus for them to have equal resources after sending 2 shipments.
    Unit shipments adjust accordingly.

  3. Shrine:
    3.1 heavenly kami no more reduce shrine cost.
    Reason: Additional cost is penalty for they get OP shrine how can they send an age1 card to remove this and this is much worth than 300 resources plus gathering rate increase? This is meaning otto can send an age1 card to remove vils training time penalty and make them even faster than general civs, plus increase their vils gathering rate, this is totally ridiculous.
    3.2 Shrines can’t generate wood and gold until age4, most of disagreement for shrines OP is their vils can’t hunt, so why they can generate wood and gold? This is reasonable.

  4. Ashi reduce speed to 4.
    Reason: too much complaint to this and this makes ashi avoid counter system.

Japan still have too much advantages and stack much eco and military bonuses, but I think these are enough to make them more fair in the game.


  1. Remove house food tickle and give them a free un-grow llama.
    Reason: they don’t need to take any specific location just put down houses can get trickle is more crazy than torps and shinres.

  2. Huaraca: increase 2 range and add a multiplier ×0.5 to infantry.
    Reason: inca have better eco, and huaraca is cheaper than abus but stronger, which abus was considered an OP unit from otto. This adjustment can make them like more anti-artillery than a anti-infantry.

  3. Bolar warrior: remake like a dragoon type unit.
    Reason: this is the most trash unit I think no one will disagree?

  4. Chasqui: They shouldn’t be able to receive shipments.
    Reason: they are too fast to be caught! and they still can be invisible!? this just like they can send shipment anywhere they want, beside your factories, your farms, you vils, etc.

Port and Spain were raised the main problem by some guys so I don’t list again.

Az I think this would be good change.

I know here will be always Japanese protectors come and say Japan will be unable to play anymore but sure these changes and aim on their almost unbeatable in team game and have compensation in 1v1. Japan were being OP for too long time they should at least drop to tier A even B and here is a poorer civ called Lakota.

was just changed away from this, i’d say no to this change.

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Then decrease that. For a wonder thats pretty op.

This is just getting cringe. At even maximum upgrades and cards a shrine gathers less then one settler or villager with only a few basic upgrades. Seeing Japan has a maximum of 75 villagers this means shrines are mainly good early game ane get worse the longer the game goes on.

Because they would be utter trash if it was just food. Besides gold is gathered slower by shrines and shrines can only gather one type of resource. You cant go to individual ones and chance the resource.

Honestly I barely see people complain about this except mostly arrivedleader. Besides military drummers does basically the same and is also available second age. At most I would say making advanced arsenal standard or cost reduction.

Advantages mean that Japan has something others dont have, Id like you to list all the advantages besides shrine and daimio. So no things other civs can also get, purely things that Japan actually only gets and ofcourse actually good.

Again, I told you this before, most people agree Japan needs some kind of nerf, yet most “protectors” dont want to nerf all the unique bonusses to Japan. Id say removing most daimios is a decent nerf without removing them entirely and nerfing things that just makes Japan worse.

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Here it was my ideas :

Hauds: - 3 vill age up> 2 vill 1 cow age up, this age up is just too strong the civ gets too much eco with the best age 3 of the game

  • Range of resist for musket riders 30%> 20%, the unit is unkillable for skirm and I think the civ should fear the cannon a little more because at the moment the MR can just run into
    the skirms to kill the 2 falc

  • 70w boats> 80w, this would nerf the start dock because it is obviously too strong, it would force to do 3 boats instead of 4

Spain: creates to the logistician instead of having the resources directly in your bank

Ports: - Remove 100 xp when building the TC

  • Modify CM, I liked the idea of ​​kaiser " make CM increase the tc fire cap instead of its attack. So you’d still deal the same 90 damage with 10v, but would be able to deal up to 135 with 15v. That would make CM fire just as good when your opponent rushes you or at least really idles you, but it would nerf CM with multiple TCs as you’d either deal less damage overall or have to garrison a bunch of vils. nerf stuff like dutch garrisoning exactly 9 vils in TC to one shoot ruskets or something. "

Then just make the big mm batch be 10 mm for 300f 300g. Would mean you get 16 mm per TC instead of 21, so just less mm overall. And would also make the big batch slightly less cost efficient than the regular batch, which is fine as it’s a bigger powerspike that can achieve more. Numbers can be tweaked, like 350f 350g for 12 mm if 10 isn’t enough. "

  • Peru militia must be nerfed, this unit is a bit ridiculous ^^, maybe reduce their atk range to be below the skirm to start with I think, at least it could be countered

Swede: - 6 mams should only be sent once obviously, and I even think there should be only 5 mams because mams are just so strong with caros

  • remove the 2 leather shipment and add 8 bow back, this shipment is too strong and can stop any push age 2, I think swed should be able to be punished for greed to the max
  • svea lifeguard 25% hp and 30 RR> 20% hp and 20 RR, this shipment is obviously too strong, may even be too strong even with these change imo

I would not like to nerf the torp because already we could punish the swed age 2 without the 2 leather shipment so if the torps are nerfed I’m afraid the civ is too bad

Japan: - Yabusame 50% RR > 40% RR, the unit is unkillable for skirms especially with their range of 18

Inca: - I don’t really know how to balance this civ with their aoe 2 design but I’m sure their boats must be nerfed, the chimus must be able to be snare, remove the shipment from the invisible fort, it would already be a good start, and still I’m not talking about the fact that we can put units in the fort which has nothing to do in aoe 3 since you can avoid any fight

USA: - State Militia 4.75 of speed> 4.5 of speed, and also it would be necessary to reduce the number of HP which they gain in function of the number which they are but I do not really know how

I think its a good start for the balance cuz sincerly we need really a patch soon cuz the games died cuz of that -_-


you miss invisible chasqui with the fastest speed and also be able to receive shipment.

well yeah xDDD ahah, i don’t like so much inca but some mechanics need to be nerfed sincerly xD, the biggest problem is that the invisible fort which you can put unit inside and chasqui chimus i guess

oh and by the way you can make the fort invisible while it is being attacked -_-, ofc is not legit…

Inca strength is ok but too much unreasonable stuffs.

This picture was captured before and I just put an invisible chasqui inside opponent’s base with infinity chimu runner and huaraca shipment, and my opponent didn’t know what was going on and he was still walling his base.

I raised this OP method before but sure dev ignored seems I just kept on rejecting their design.


Hope dev tally up each suggestion for community support.

I personally like some suggestions more than others


I checked again and that op does not have the same id as me.

How to show “not a lot of people are really complaining about sth”:
Person A: Wild COMPLAINT #1 appeared!
- I don’t see a lot of complaints on that except some particular guy X.
Person B: Wild COMPLAINT #2 appeared!
- I don’t see a lot of complaints on that except some particular guy X.
Person C: Wild COMPLAINT #3 appeared!
- I don’t see a lot of complaints on that except some particular guy X.

Conclusion: there aren’t a lot of people complaining except that particular guy X.

BTW this is the same old move:
Other civs ALSO have military drummers (ignoring they need a card and a tech, and the time spent on sending a card and researching a tech, and the resulting speed is still slower than 4.5, which Japan gets for FREE), so yeeeeah that’s fine.


We can understand different people with different opinion, but dev choose to ignore ideas those most people agree but take action to those only few people have problem.

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Yeah it is fine as just like every other civ Japan gets unique mechanics and unique bonusses. Thats how the civs are designed. Just like the dutch getting 15% coin gather increase the Japanese ashi gets ~10% speed increase. It really is comparable to the bonusses from AoE II where celts get speed bonus on all their infantry.

Also can you give me 10 different people complaining on the ashi speed on this forum? Even if you can 10 is barely anything to the entire community, and from all the complaints on ashi speed I mainly see you complaining about it. Maybe you should also understand that “I” means I and not for everyone else.

Glad you bring up AOE2.
In AOE2 there is a cheap technology in the barracks that can compensate for the Celts bonus (and Celts do not have them. Guess why?).
So I assume 100F in AOE2 = 150W + 150C + 1 card xp + 1 card slot in the very crowded age 2 deck in AOE3 (let’s pretend we do not know that if you don’t include the card you do not even have the opportunity to research it in the first place).
Also, the AOE2 Celts bonus only affects infantry (which means melee infantry), and there is not a thing like a “tanky ranged unit with high damage and also counters cavalry” in AOE2.

Dutch have a bonus on coin because their villagers cost coin. What does Japan pay for that additional speed? Ability to buff them even further I guess?

There aren’t 10 people claiming “4.5 speed fine never touch them” every time such posts pop out as well, but it’s obvious that everyone who has not posted on this forum or does not reply to these posts all agree with you.

But you know this for yourself right?

BTW this is a null argument. Every civ gets unique mechanics and unique bonuses, so they’re all perfectly balanced right? So if people think one unique mechanics or unique bonus is too strong, or some civs have way more bonuses than others, we should keep them intact (because UNIQUE!) anyway?
Not to mention most complaints on the speed suggest nerfing it to something like 4.25 not 4, which is still above average, so that unique mechanics and unique bonuses still remain.


You are comparing japan with europeans but they are asians. China and India dont get too much bonuses as them.
-Arsenal AND advanzed one
-Passive stat bonus (GPav)
-Daymios and Shogun.
-2 factories
-20 estra pop
-10% eco bonus (japan gets chonindo thats better)
-A small boost to unit for 20secs.
-Mansabdars (No train, no shipments, no horse)


Actually I think it’s a creative card and I would rather nerf them somewhere else

Yeah this works since it’s 1300 for both

I feel like 4.2 would be good enough, that gives them a small edge

Definitely a needed change

Inca Kancha only have a limit of 13, and torps out gather them but that is made up for by kancha supporting 13 population, compared to shrines kanchas cost almost double and can not generate one resource

That’s a pretty nice change since it lets Inca not be a powerhouse in the Industrial Age while letting Inca have a way to stop artillery

Of course

Yeah thats a good change

Yumi archer, being one of the only civs in the game with 2 culv shipment along with Inca, yabusame having 50% range resist when the unit that’s supposed to counter them is ranged, Japanese isolation consulate, and the best wonders of all the Asian civs. Also the way you say it has to be something no other civ gets seems really baised considering lots of the bonuses japan has are stolen from a bunch of other civs giving japan the power of 3 civs at once, if I were able to list the other advantages it would be torii gates being like Spain faster shipments, getting free advanced Arsenal like Sweden, and having the best musk in the game along with India.

If japan just got 3-4 of those things nerfed they would be fine

Japan get too much bonuses compared to other civs. I think each one of us only suggest to nerf 3~4 items would be already very kind.

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I would say -100 food would be good enough rather than reverting it.

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